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    Abdullah Sheikh Al-Sagha

    Head of Commercial Marketing
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Bachelor's degree, Business Administration – Marketing and Management
    13 years, 2 months

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    Head of Commercial Marketing

    at Bieresdorf
    May 2016
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

    Marketing Manager

    at L'Oreal Saudi Arabia
    January 2015
    To April 2016
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Managing and leading the Marketing department of N.1 Make up brand in the world, Maybelline, and L’Oreal Paris Make Up Brand

    • Defined the strategic directions and the 3-year marketing plan, guide portfolio priorities (new launches, pillar products’ renewal and animation of core catalogue)
    • Taking ownership of international launches and creating the right angle of attack locally to build integrated, engaging consumer brand experiences locally. Supervising the entire development process and the respect of deadlines
    • Managing the budget (sales forecast; price strategy, profitability of the brand, P&L, etc.)

    Brand & Operational Marketing
    • Insuring all New Launches are happening on time and in line with the brands strategies
    • Analyzing the sell-out/sell inn and the trend of the biggest accounts and setting the action plan
    • Securing & negotiating the best locations that drive the business to growth
    • Running monthly forecast/sales/marketing meetings across all functions making sure all strategies set are at action
    • Developing annual marketing strategies (ATL and BTL) with the rest of the markets, communicating these down the line for proper implementation; enhancing brand image and visibility through sustained efforts.
    • Identifying current and future customer needs, and aligning marketing and product development initiatives to that.
    • Develop a marketing database including client and prospect information, mailing list, applications to assist the Make Up
    • Assisting the Sales team by providing National/Regional and Tailor made promotions to ensure best brand exposure and sales return amongst competition
    • Organizing several promotional campaigns, special events and beauty schools to promote products and ultimately impact sales positively.
    Trade Marketing & Merchandizing
    • Developing a Master Data File that includes all elements in market supporting the trade marketing team in their functions of changing visuals/elements for better exposure
    • Forecasting the needed elements of the Wall Units/Merchandizing tools making sure we are running as per the brands yearly plan
    Team Management & Recruitment
    • Managing and mentoring the marketing team to achieve /exceed expectations; identifying gap in performance of team members and suggesting effective corrective actions.
    • Assisting HR Department in recruiting and training Marketing Intern to become Full time team members

    National Key Accounts Manager - Modern Trade

    at L’Oreal
    April 2012
    To December 2014
    Saudi Arabia
    Spearheading the development and execution of Modern Trade Channel and taking ownership for a large portfolio that includes 400+ accounts with an annual turnover of 32 MS for L’Óreal, Garnier and Maybelline brands, driving 25% business growth.

    • Developed and executed customized client strategies that enabled the organization to meet company goals, increase market share and maximize product servicing.
    • Managed and fostered relationships with key accounts so as to achieve long-term sustainable and profitable growth consistent with the company `s overall strategy.
    • Successfully handled the channel from various dimensions of forecast, availability, listing, merchandising, shelf - care, and pricing.
    • Directed the monitoring of customer service levels in close collaboration with category managers and logistics.
    Key Accounts Management
    • Planning and managing personal business portfolio as per agreed market development strategy.
    • Responding to and following - up sales enquiries with appropriate methods.
    • Communicating, liaising, and negotiating internally and externally using apt methods to facilitate the development of profitable business and sustainable relationships.
    • Attending external customer meetings and internal meetings to present and discuss ideas for new business development.
    Operations Management
    Implementing effective go-to market model for Saudi Arabia modern trade channel. Monitor and analyzing the channel sales activity against goals vis-a’-vis performance.
    • Achieving sales operational objectives as per strategic plans and accordingly reviewing and contributing the channel sales information and recommendations for preparing sales plans.
    • Sufficing to modern trade sales financial objectives by forecasting requirements, preparing an annual budget, scheduling expenditures, analyzing variances and initiating corrective actions.
    • Providing timely, accurate, market intelligence to formulate pricing strategy and implement approved pricing structure on all company products, whilst striving to maintain maximum profit margin.
    Team Management
    • Assisting HR Department in recruiting and training modern trade regional key accounts managers, sales men, supervisors and merchandisers in the channel.
    • Confirming that salesmen are provided with enough selling tools and ensuring their utilization effectively; checking modern trade supervisors field visit plans.
    • Developing effective sales teams, supervise personnel and coordinate modern trade supervisor`s activities and motivate them on a continual basis.

    Category Manager - Health and Beauty

    at Savola Group - Al Azizia Panda United
    January 2011
    To March 2012
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Panda is the largest chain of FMCG Hypermarkets, supermarkets and groceries in the region with up to 200 Stores. Recruited to lead the category with 80M$ T/O that was growing at an average of 20% Year to Year

    Highlights u**
    • Key person to define the category role, strategies and opportunities required to market space and prices, plan assortments and promotions, increase market share, contribute to category growth and meet / anticipate the current and future consumer demands.
    • Developed and nurtured vendor alliances, promoted mutual growth, maximized resources, ensured consumer focus and capitalized on market opportunities; partnered with supply chain to identify best distribution and vendor practices and principles.
    • Successfully partnered with consumer insights and vendors to conduct consumer research needed to meet category objectives, conducted competitive market research required to maximized, monitor, evaluate and benchmark the progress of category business plans and financial performance.
    • Drove improvements by establishing collaboration with finance and I.T departments to implement analytical tools in the category planning and execution - space, price, assortment and promotion.

    Responsibilities u**
    Operations Management
    • Instrumental in the designing strategies for the overall purchasing business plans and the development of category plans. Responsible in delivering overall business objectives enhancing the business performances.
    • Managed end-to-end operations for the health and beauty products category, with focus on achieving defined result.
    • Identified product and category growth opportunities and creates plans to support execution for major category assignments.
    • Communicated regularly with procurement and distribution team to ensure a robust understanding of the marketplace, issues & opportunities to continually update the clients.
    • Monitored the stocks and segregated them as aged or slow moving stocks by employing effective liquidation plan and achieved an excellent planogram.
    Vendor Management
    • Ensured enterprise-wide needs for due diligence, risk assessment and continuing vendor monitoring are being accomplished.
    • Managed the contract life cycle and the commercial parts of vendor relationship.
    • Monitored and improved the performance of vendor and mitigated the vendor risks and fortified the relationships.

    Marketing Manager (Givenchy)

    at Chalhoub Group
    January 2010
    To December 2010
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Highlights u**
    • Secured position as market leader among make-up brands and 4th full house brand by directing day-to-day functions of the marketing department to drive consistent revenue growth, unwavering enforcement of marketing/brand standards, and seamless cross-functional coordination. Responsibilities: u**
    Strategic Business Planning
    • Oversaw operations of the business unit and participated in the strategic planning process with primary focus on marketing initiatives and product planning.
    • Participated in setting short term and long term goals and objectives in conjunction with the top management; chalked out specific plans and on-ground implementation to achieve these.
    • Geared the entire company growth initiatives towards surpassing the targets after gaining a strong foothold in the regional markets and target customer segments.
    Business Development & Retailer Management
    • Identified and proposed potential business deals, brought on board partners and retailers and explored new business opportunities.
    • Screened potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements and financial aspects.
    • Developed annual marketing strategies (ATL and BTL), communicated these down the line for proper implementation; enhanced brand image and visibility through sustained efforts.
    • Identified current and future customer needs, and aligned marketing and product development initiatives to that.
    • Focal person to develop a marketing database including client and prospect information, mailing list, applications to assist the Make Up artist in tune with their operations.
    • Conceptualized and planned several promotional activities that also included creating promotional material as a part of market development effort.
    • Organized several promotional campaigns, special events and beauty schools to promote products and ultimately impact sales positively.
    Marketing & Corporate Communications
    • Developed Marketing Communication guidelines and ensured that these guidelines were adhered to for all marketing material developed.
    • Created marketing materials, collaterals and presentations to be used across media platforms.
    • Developed and executed communications strategy for key media contacts and customer references by effectively researching media coverage and industry trends.
    • Identified resource requirement in line with the company growth plans; analyzed existing talent gap and initiated actions to reduce it.
    • Managed and mentored the marketing team to achieve /exceed expectations; identified gap in performance of team members and suggested effective corrective actions.

    Senior Brand Manager

    at Chalhoub Group
    June 2006
    To December 2009
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    • Projected a very positive brand image and positioned it as market leader in MUP among beauty brands through a well-defined effort which catered to key customers and their specific requirements; ensured brand expectations were fulfilled.
    • Compiled detailed analyses and reports as a tool for informed decision making, which facilitated revenue achievement and generated significant profit margins.
    • Verifiable achievements in the full scope of B2B sales and marketing, operational management; responsible for region`s forecasting / sales tracking and setting a territory business planning.

    • Utilized consumer-insights to drive long-term growth of the brands; translated insights into profitable product innovations.
    • Strengthened brand value, tracked and monitored the brand performance and built an understanding of brand perception.
    Marketing :

    • Generated and collated vast data from the market on competitors’ products and their performance, geographic product preferences, marketing trends, customer demands; analyzed data and made informed decisions on resources to be assigned and strategies to be implemented.
    • Developed and implemented master marketing plans with the aim of expanding market share and making inroads into competitors’ market share; delivered high level presentations and conceptualized promotional events during product launches.
    Media & Advertising:

    • Focal point of contact for advertising decisions; coordinated with several advertising agencies to design and implement advertising programs, selected media (print and electronic) and decided on frequency of advertisements for each media.
    • Headed the company’s corporate campaigns, maintained and subsequently enhanced brand visibility by running advertising campaigns across various media.
    Team Leadership:

    • Led and managed a team comprising 75 Promoters, 3 Sales Supervisors, 1 Trainer and 1 Make-up Artist.
    • Organized and conducted training programs for the team to close skills gap and meet performance expectations.
    Others: :

    • Led negotiations for sponsorships, local PR initiatives, channel specific promotional activities, key account programs, and signage development activities.
    • Eliminated bottlenecks in the operations by ensuring uninterrupted logistics, on-time deliveries and optimum inventory levels.

    Brand Manager - FMCG

    at Chalhoub Group
    December 2004
    To June 2006
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    • Coordinated with sales managers and expanded the network to reach 1, 100 P.O.S inclusive of Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Departmental Stores, Retailers and Wholesalers.

    Responsibilities: u**
    Operations Management
    • Developed a plan that achieved company targets, inclusive of but not limited to advertising, program/promotions, and research.
    • Established performance specifications, cost and price parameters, market applications and sales estimates.
    • Managed the status of projects, product testing and the evaluation of external agencies.
    Market Analysis
    • Provided consumption based data analysis for the brand and provided insight and support to the enterprise to better understand market trends and dynamics.

    Previous Assignments
    • July 2004 - September 2004, Marketing Manager - Internship, Ramex Biram Trading Est
    • June 2003 - May 2004, Key Accounts Executive, NettResults PR Co
    • January 2003 - June 2003, Marketing Executive - Part Time, House of Marketing & Advertising

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  1 Years, 8 Months   


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    Bachelor's degree, Business Administration - Marketing and Management

    at The American University of Sharjah (AUS)
    United Arab Emirates
    April 2004
    Professional Development:u**
    • One year of English and Maths Studies - Lebanese American University - Lebanon - 1999

    • Trainee certificate in Marketing Strategies and Prediction of Sales - European Business Centre Studies and Training.
    • Trainee certificate in Business Etiquette, Protocol and Public Relations - European Business Centre Studies and Training - 2004
    • Certificate in Leadership +, Chalhoub Group - 2007
    • Certificate in Presentation Skills. Chalhoub Group - 2008
    • Certificate in Applied Performance Management. Devoitel Training Center in association with Chalhoub Group - 2008
    • Certificate in Financial Awareness. Chalhoub Group - 2009
    • Certificate in Advanced Key Accounts Management. L’Oreal Middle East - 2013


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