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    Cely Ana Cruz

    Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
    Mangatarem Pangasinan, Philippines
    Qatar - Doha
    Doctorate, Dental Medicine
    17 years, 9 months

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    Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    at Mangatarem Pangasinan, Philippines
    June 2009
    To March 2010
    Mangatarem Pangasinan, Philippines
    Kindergarten Assistant Teacher (2009-2010)

    ● Provide support to the teacher in preparing the learning environment and materials.
    ● Assist the students in their written activities and aid them in understanding the lessons.
    ● Create a classroom environment to facilitate a positive learning experience.
    ● Employ a variety of teaching methods to capture students' interest and to maximize individual learning.
    ● Build good relationships with colleagues, parents and students.

    Dental Assistant

    at Evangelista - Passion Dental Clinic
    January 1998
    To December 2008
    Evangelista - Passion Dental Clinic
    EEC Commercial Complex, Mangatarem Pangasinan, Philippines
    Dental Assistant (1998-2008)
    Artemio A. Santos Dental Clinic

    Dental Assistant

    at Camiling Tarlac, Philippines
    January 1993
    To December 1996
    Camiling Tarlac, Philippines
    Dental Assistant (1993-1996)
    ● Record patients' personal data and dental history to be used as reference
    ● Schedule and confirm appointments for the patients
    ● Carry out necessary preparations before every dental session
    ● Sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipments to be used by the dentist
    ● Assist the dentist and perform oral prophylaxis to patients
    ● Ensure that sanitary procedures are observed during dental treatments
    ● Maintain a positive, harmonious relationship with clients and colleagues

    Sales Officer

    at Ever Gotesco Grand Central
    May 1992
    To December 1992
    Ever Gotesco Grand Central
    Caloocan City, Philippines
    Sales Officer (May - December 1992)
    ● Communicate and assist customers in their shopping needs for their convenience\
    ● Deal with customers' queries and complaints professionally
    ● Demonstrate good knowledge of the store's products and services
    ● Process payments for customers' purchases
    ● Provide excellent customer service skills

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  1 Years, 7 Months   


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    Doctorate, Dental Medicine

    at Lyceum Northwestern University
    dagupan city, Philippines
    January 1991
    • Lyceum Northwestern University - Philippines
    Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.D.M.)
    Year Graduated: 1991

    High school or equivalent, Secondary Education

    at Mangatarem National High School
    January 1984
    • Mangatarem National High School - Philippines
    Secondary Education
    Year Graduated: 1984

    High school or equivalent, Primary Education

    at Bogtong Silag Elementary School
    January 1980
    • Bogtong Silag Elementary School - Philippines
    Primary Education
    Year Graduated: 1980


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    Gano iTouch Philippines
    Ruby Director
    February 2007

    Training And Certifications

    Basic Leaders Training
    Issued in: September 2007 Valid Until: - September 2007