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    elbekar karim

    Sales responsible / logistic manager GLF

    le group aksal

    Morocco - Casablanca
    Master's degree, Commerce & Marketing
    15 years, 7 months

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    Sales responsible / logistic manager GLF

    at le group aksal
    July 2011
    To November 2012
    Morocco - Casablanca
    July 2011- present: Sales responsible / logistic manager GLF

    ✓ work a flexible Schedule of night, d'ays, weekends, and Holiday.
    ✓ Strong project management and time management skills; ability to juggle changing priorities and work Under tight deadlines in a fast-paced environnement
    ✓ Demonstrate excellent team leadership skills
    ✓ Incredible Customer service skills & the ability to create and maintain a Customer focused culture
    ✓ Morocco Mall project coordinator
    ✓ Provides timely feedback to senior management regarding performance.
    ✓ procurement management and followed orders door to door
    ✓ Supervision of operating tools and followed daily import operations and delivery of 450 brands
    ✓ Purchase / sale and managing simultaneous negotiation with several parties


    at Group OCEAN
    April 2010
    To May 2011
    Morocco - Casablanca
    April 2010- may 2011: Consultant -Group OCEAN
    Followed-up on customer inquires not immediately resolved. Excellent reputation with customers as a competent knowledgeable and helpful Professional

    quality manager operations manager

    at Followed-up
    September 2005
    To March 2010
    Morocco - Casablanca
    SEP 2005 - MARCH 2010:Quality agent - Executive Agent - assist of production-operations Manager (BUSINESS SERVICES CUSTOMERS)
    •Follow the evaluation of each agent Answered phones and respond to customer requests..
    • Identified, researched, and resolved customer issues using the computer system. Performed other duties as assigned.

    Quality control -Tele- OPERATOR Millenium call Usa

    at mullinuim call
    May 2004
    To September 2005
    United States
    May 2004: Quality control -Tele- OPERATOR Millenium call Usa
    13 sep 2005: - creation of computerised customer management procédure
    - direct marketing and TELE - MARKETING
    - Setting up a new reference system for 400 products
    - optimisation of order preparation times: Study of various suppliers for the issue of a call for tenders
    - logiciel of work: Hermes -CG Agent

    manager of the tourism operations

    April 2001
    To July 2003
    Morocco - Casablanca
    Airline Ticket Agent (SORAYA TOUR usa) april 2001-july 2003
    • Examine passenger ticket or pass to direct passenger to specified area for loading.
    • Plan route and computes ticket cost, using schedules, rate books, and computer.
    • Read coded data on tickets to ascertain destination, mark tickets, and assign boarding pass.
    • Sell travel insurance.

    Floor Manager at almouachraji catring

    at almouwachraji catering
    May 1999
    To June 2000
    Kuwait - Hawali
    May 1999: Floor Manager at almouachraji catring ( Kuwait)
    June 2000 • Provides timely, accurate, competitive pricing on all completed prospect applications submitted for pricing and approval, while striving to maintain maximum profit margin.
    • Maintains accurate records of all pricings, sales, and activity reports submitted by Account Executives.

    Successfully managed and staffed not only business START - UP but also period of rapid, sustained corporate GROWTH


    at ANFA Hotel
    March 1997
    To February 1999
    Morocco - Casablanca
    MARCH 1997: Supervisor. idou ANFA Hotel **** Stars
    Feb 1999: Coordinated rental of commuter lockers and locks
    Extensive involvement managing client relationships

    Sales manager

    February 1995
    To February 1997
    Morocco - Casablanca
    Feb 1995: Sales manager ( receipt dep) APOSTROPHE TRAVEL
    Feb 1997: Develop and execute promotional plans
    - Visiting potential customers on a monthly BASIS

    Executive Agent

    at Alice congress Paris
    January 1995
    To December 1995
    Jan 1995: Executive Agent: Alice congress Paris
    Apr 1995: Responsible for planning operations and deadlines.
    Responsible for the administrative process and the distribution of tasks

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Master's degree, Commerce & Marketing

    at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 - France university
    lyon3, France
    August 2002
    Aug 2002: Master 2 Commerce & Marketing Jean Moulin Lyon 3 - France university

    Master's degree,

    at HEM casablanca
    Morocco - Casablanca
    September 2000
    Sep 2000: Master 1 Affaires administration HEM

    Diploma, Professionnel

    at microsoft company
    new york, United States
    July 1998
    July 1996: MCP MICROSOFT Certificate Professionnel

    Bachelor's degree,

    at bretagne SUD University
    lyon, France
    June 1998
    June 1998: Professional licence from. BRETAGNE-SUD University

    Bachelor's degree, tourism management and Hôtel

    at pigier school
    paris, France
    June 1992
    June 1992: Technical of tourism management and Hôtel - BTS -Casablanca


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    casablanca scootching
    March 1994

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