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    fatma essam

    Etisal International
    Egypt - Cairo
    Bachelor's degree, accounting
    1 year, 3 months

    Work Experience

    What's your work experience? Your experience is one of the most important sections in a CV.
    List all relevant responsibilities, skills, projects, and achievements against each role.  If you're a fresh grad, you can add any volunteer work or any internship you've done before.
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    at Etisal International
    March 2011
    To November 2011
    Egypt - Cairo
    ♦ Training in el Manar Company for stocks in summer 2009.
    ♦ Attended auditing simulation with Baker Tilly Firm.
    ♦ Attended auditing simulation and tax simulation with Price Water House Coopers.
    ♦ Attended stock market simulation.
    ♦ Attend accounting simulation at AUC with earnest & young.
    ♦ Taking course in accounting by using excel and peach tree
    ♦ Worked in BDO esnad call center
    ♦ Taking courses in accounting at accounting training academy
    ♦ Worked at etisal International offshoring etisalat account
    ♦ CMA candidate

    Soft Skills
    ➢ Interactive, smart and fast enough to learn new technologies and sciences.
    ➢ Advanced research abilities.
    ➢ Dynamic & self motivated.
    ➢ Ability to work in a group or individually according to the job requirement.
    ➢ Able to work under pressure.
    ➢ Accurate, honest and hard worker.
    ➢ Team player & work oriented.
    ➢ Good communications skills.
    ➢ Good presentation skills.
    ➢ Good negotiation skills.
    ➢ Good time management skills.
    ➢ Ability to work under stress.
    ➢ Learn quickly.

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    What's your educational background?
    Let employers know more about your education; remember, be clear and concise.

    Bachelor's degree, accounting

    at Misr International University
    Egypt - Cairo
    Grade: 3.22
    July 2010
    ♦ 2006-2010 graduate business student from Misr International University (MIU) Major: accounting.
    ♦ Cumulative GPA 3.22


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