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    Mosab Abrash

    Branch in charge
    Orientals Group
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Master's degree, Business and Management
    13 years, 9 months

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    Branch in charge

    at Orientals Group
    January 2011
    To October 2013
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Enduring Contribution
    • Preparing and discussing technical submittals and comparisons sheets.

    • Hiring sales team, training new sales engineers and representatives.

    • Assigning work to sales and support staff.

    • Meeting and maintaining effective relationships with contracting companies and governmental organizations.
    • Responsible for sales team performance and expanding market share through market studies and setting long term and short term goals.
    • Analyzing the market and seeking new business opportunities and channels.
    • Assuring the delivery and installation of sold items to the customers and develop the products and services through customers feed-back forms.

    • Arranging meetings with prospects to generate business for the facilities, seeking new investment opportunities, organizing exhibitions in the area.
    • Preparing and discussing technical submittals to consultants and clients and presenting various solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Sales Supervisor/ Cranes & Hoists

    January 2007
    To January 2010
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Enduring Contribution
    • Training new sales engineers and representatives.

    • Assigning work to sales staff, being in-charge for the sales team.
    • Studying and assessing Sales team performance and assist sales engineers to achieve the required quota via training and educational courses.

    • Preparing case studies and SWOT analysis to enforce the company's position in the market.
    • Reporting, scheduling and executing maintenance indoor and outdoor.
    • Assuring the highest output from all through cooperative multitasking.

    • Monitoring sales team performance and directing sales staff towards new markets and clients.

    Branch Officer

    at DHL
    January 1999
    To December 2007
    Syria - Damascus
    Enduring Contribution
    • Maintaining customer service, cash flow, purchases and the branch facilities.

    • Following up domestic and global shipments, communicating with clients, preparing and submitting reports to the head office.
    • To work across a defined geographical area writing and contributing to delivery of successful tender proposals of outstanding quality.
    • Working collaboratively with operational teams.
    To deliver an effective tender writing and consultation service with the operational team as customer.
    • Research and report key-outcomes, best practice, innovation and added value, to be used as appropriate in tender submissions as directed.
    • Be competitive, motivated and proactive in terms of their contribution towards the production of winning tender proposals.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


    What's your educational background?
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    Master's degree, Business and Management

    San Francisco, United States
    August 2013
    Masters Degree, Business and Management, Management \[Present\]

    Bachelor's degree, Electrical Engineering

    Syria - Damascus
    Grade: 65.89 out of 100
    September 2008
    Major in Renewable Energy

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    Toastmasters International
    Treasurer - CL
    April 2011

    Hobbies and Interests

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    Horseback Riding
    Member in Al Jazeerah Equestrian Club, Jeddah.
    Member of Western Bikers Group. Modifying Motorcycles to Bobber rides.
    Advanced in Guitar, Bass, Drums and music Composing. Two published tracks. More than 20 Live performances around Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Saudi.
    36th position in Jeddah Marathon 2012
    Knowledge is Power.