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    Nour Alkhalil

    Technical Consultant


    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Bachelor's degree, Computer Science
    6 years, 3 months

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    Technical Consultant

    at Bayt.com
    August 2015
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    - HR Solutions consultation
    - Technical Integrations with various internal HR systems (Oracle, SAP, iRecruitemnt etc..)
    - Manage communication with clients to understand their technical requirements
    - Suggest solutions and alternative solutions to solve clients needs
    - Requirements documentation (preparing system analysis, BRSDs, technical integration guides)
    - Integrating with client's Authentication / Authorization systems for Single sign on, like ldap, identity managers, oAuth, etc..

    Technical Team Lead

    at Bayt.com
    October 2014
    To June 2015
    Jordan - Amman
    - Managing a team of 5+ resources
    - Lead team effort to finish projects and meet deadlines
    - Designing and implementing new projects
    - Site performance and database fine-tuning
    - Prepare design documents and project plans
    - Prepare various team performance measurement statistics

    Senior Software Engineer

    at Bayt.com
    March 2011
    To September 2014
    Jordan - Amman
    - Managing a team of 6 resources minimum.
    - Analyzing and designing new modules and feature
    - Code optimization and sites performance fine tuning
    - Documenting new features and modules for future use
    - Integration with third parties and Web services
    - Centralizing code to make it reusable
    - Mentoring and training new joiners along with doing design inspection and conducting code reviews.
    - Recruitement agencies integration with our partners
    - Enhancing recruitment process on Bayt.com and partners sites by managing, designing and implementing new features
    - Project planning, and managing reports that measures team productivity.

    Key Project:
    - Bayt.com Payment gateway implementation, by assessing various payment gateway, designing and implementing the integration between Bayt.com and a payment gateway to enhance the user experience when it comes to online transactions.
    - Bayt.com Revamp \[New look and feel\]: responsible for the CV Builder area revamp, managing a team of 2 developers.
    - TAQAT : Saudization project by Saudi government, i've implemented many modules in this new website including introducing different types of employers.
    - SQL Tuning : Enhancing Oracle performance by tuning sqls to reduce execution time.
    - Implementing APIs for 3rd Parties integration, like Bayt Mobile app.
    - Working on e-government integrations
    - Jobs Abu Dhabi portal
    - HRMS integration

    Software Engineer

    at Bayt.com
    March 2010
    To March 2011
    Jordan - Amman
    Key Projects:

    - SSO: Single Sign On feature with our cleints websites.
    - LiveHire: Chat application that allows interaction between employers/Jobseekers directly.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


    What's your educational background?
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    Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

    at University of Jordan
    Jordan - Amman
    Grade: 3.63 / 4
    June 2010

    High school or equivalent, Scientific Stream

    at AlQuds High School
    Jordan - Amman
    Grade: 90.9 / 100
    June 2006


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    Professional Member
    June 2008
    October 2012
    Technovation Mentor
    February 2013
    State Alumni
    September 2012

    Training And Certifications

    Technical Writing
    Challenger Team
    April 2012
    Time Management Skills
    Genome Consultation
    May 2013
    Negotiation Skills
    Genome Consultation
    August 2013
    Think , Plan , Lead, Turning ideas into actions..
    US Embassy Morocco
    October 2013
    LinkedIn Inc. - United States
    September 2012

    Hobbies and Interests

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    Learning new technologies
    Empowering Women in Technology


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    As QA in Bayt.com
    By Rasha (COLLEAGUE) on 03-12-2012
    "Godd team player"