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    shatha bitar

    مهندسة كهرباء
    Syria - Damascus
    Master's degree, High Voltage Systems
    8 years, 8 months

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    مهندسة كهرباء

    at GCEC
    October 2008
    To Present
    Syria - Damascus
    شركة حكومية للدراسات والاستشارات الهندسية

    مهندسة كهرباء

    at The General Company for Engineering
    February 2008
    To January 2013
    Feb2008-Present GCEC (The General Company for Engineering &Consultaion) Damascus-Syria
    Work Position: Electrical Engineering
    GCEC: last company for technical studies and consultancies, whereby the company singled out the following tasks: 1 - Prepare Visibility studies the technical and economic projects and determine the payback of economic, technical, and select the best methods have
    2 - The company studies, engineering, technical and technological designs and differential for new projects.
    3 - Check the studies and engineering designs and technical terms of pursuing its integrity, accuracy and commitment to business and avoid economic waste and the health of her memoirs calculations.
    4 - to oversee the implementation of projects and operation and testing of the initial and final delivery within a specific program
    My main job responsibility include: • Conducting studies of electrical engineering projects and networks of high-voltage and medium voltage transformer stations and distribution center and plants of all kinds.
    • Study and design under the regulations and international standards and that for industrial projects - Residential - Gallery - oil - sanitation - and the infrastructure of cities and villages- public buildings - hospitals - Ministries - universities - street lighting and public spaces - road lighting contract and tunnels and bridges.

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    Master's degree, High Voltage Systems

    at Damascus University
    April 2012
    Oct 2007-Apr 2012 Damascus University Damascus, SYRIA
    Master Degree in High Voltage Systems

    Bachelor's degree, Electric Power Engineering

    at Damascus University
    Syria - Damascus
    September 2007
    Sep 2002 - Sep 2007 Damascus University Damascus, SYRIA
    BSc Degree in Electric Power Engineering


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    September 2012