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    vamsi mithra madepalle


    Trk Immortal Infra tech India Pvt. Ltd

    India - Hyderabad
    Bachelor's degree, electrical & electronics engineering
    0 years, 8 months

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    at Trk Immortal Infra tech India Pvt. Ltd
    December 2012
    To March 2013
    Project details:
    Title: Feeder separation project of Madhya Pradesh (Neemach, kannode)
    Objective: This project is to provide commercially viable continuous supply of electricity for house-hold use in rural area of the state while restricting supply for agricultural use to facilitate only sustainable exploitation of ground water. Eventually, accelerate socio economic development of rural area and pursue the larger objective of sustainable ‘inclusive growth’.
    Description: First step of the project is conducting survey for Domestic and agriculture loads
    By using device called ‘Gps’ and the data is sent into system and that data is open by a ‘map -source application’ and convert to cad files and that cad files open with ‘auto cad software’ .And make separation of files by the load wise using survey excels sheets either agriculture or domestic loads.
    Second step of the project Proposal is conduct for domestic by using Google earth for the new lines of transmission of power. By using ’Arc gis’ software proposal lines taken into cad files.
    Final step is analysis using software ‘Cymdist’.

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    Bachelor's degree, electrical & electronics engineering

    at JNTU
    ananthapuram, India
    Grade: 66.36
    May 2012
    Stream Institution Board/University Duration Performance
    B-Tech (E.E.E) Ananthalakshmi Institute of Technology & Sciences JNTU Anantapur 2008-2012 66.36%

    High school or equivalent, mathematics. physics & chemistry(m.p.c)

    at Board of Intermediate Education
    ananthapuram, India
    Grade: 83.00
    July 2008
    10+2 (MPC) P.R.K Junior College, Anantapur Board of Intermediate Education 2006-2008 83.00%

    High school or equivalent, english

    at ari vani high School, Tadipatri
    tadipathri, India
    Grade: 71.67
    April 2006
    10th standard Sri Vani english medium high School, Tadipatri State Board of Secondary Education 2005-2006 71.67%.


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