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    المبادئ التوجيهية

    1. قم بتحميل صورة لنفسك فقط.
    2. سيتم رفض صور الأطفال أو المشاهير أو الحيوانات أو صور الشخصيات الكرتونية.
    3. سيتم رفض الصور التي تحتوي على عري أو الصور العنيفة وقد تؤدي تلك الصور إلى إلغاء حسابك الخاص.
    4. سيتم رفض صورة جواز السفر أو صورة عن بطاقة الهوية أو تلك التي تحتوي على أي معلومات شخصية مثل عنوانك ورقم جواز السفر، أو أرقام الاتصال الخاصة بك وذلك من أجل أمنك الشخصي.

    حذف المبادئ التوجيهية

    وسام أبو الحسن

    Business Development Manager
    Thomson Reuters
    الإمارات العربية المتحدة - دبي
    بكالوريوس, Bachelor of Administration, Minor Marketing
    8 سنوات, 9 أشهر

    الخبرة العملية

    ما هي خبرتك المهنية؟ في الواقع، إن الخبرة المهنية هي من أهم أقسام سيرتك الذاتية.
    يمكنك ذكر كافة مهاراتك والمسؤوليات، والمشاريع والإنجازات التي قمت بها في كل دور وظيفي. إن كنت قد تخرجت مؤخراً، يمكنك إضافة الأعمال التطوعية أو فترات التدريب التي قمت بها.
    إضافة الخبرة

    Business Development Manager

    في Thomson Reuters
    فبراير 2013
    إلى حتى الآن
    الإمارات العربية المتحدة - دبي
    • Developed strategies in the MENA region
    • Executed appropriate sales strategy and business plans in collaboration S&M management
    • Met clients and presented our services and solutions
    • Attained new business in different markets
    • Prepared campaigns to reach out to mass client database
    • Involved in the hiring process of the sales team
    • Trained business development coordinators on their pitches
    • Performed monthly reviews for business development coordinators
    • Achieved customer interest through value propositions
    • Prepared customized solutions for corporate clients
    • Performed monthly team presentations on new business development strategies
    • Identified new opportunities and defined potential customer target lists
    • Developed new products sales campaigns within target market segments

    Business Development Executive

    في Move One Inc.
    نوفمبر 2011
    إلى فبراير 2013
    الإمارات العربية المتحدة - دبي
    At Move One I identified prospect clients where I started the sales process. After meeting with the client, I conducted the sale and after sales support for our services. Additionally, I explored new market opportunities in and out of the UAE. Our day to day operations included speaking with current or prospect clients on the phone, heading out to meeting with them, working on developing quotations and building stronger relationships with the clients. At Move One, we are highly dedicated professionals in the relocation/transportation industry. We have been serving clients for a long time and this is what we were trained to do.

    Business Development Manager

    في Saudi Pan Gulf Trading Company
    أكتوبر 2009
    إلى نوفمبر 2011
    المملكة العربية السعودية - الدمام
    Saudi Pan Gulf, piping division is involved in trading of Carbon Steel Pipes used for oil, water and gas. My job as an Operations Supervisor was to oversea the purchasing/sales and on-time delivery of our products to the customer, including, but not limited to cleaning, shipping, overseas shipping, certifications, etc. At most times, I was directly involved in the budgeting and financial accounting of the company.

    Investment Specialist Team Leader

    في StockTrak Group
    يونيو 2008
    إلى سبتمبر 2009
    StockTrak Group is a USA based small business which provides financial training for university students in areas of stock and commodity trading. Our company would create accounts for students and allow them to use our platform in order to trade virtually and learn about the benefits and risks of trading the stock market. My job was to assist students with their questions, explain to them the investment vehicles they were allowed to use, how to use them and provided support throughout their course. Also, I was directly involved in the monitoring of company applications for errors and areas of improvement. I was involved in sales as well as I trained and helped hire new staff, supported our online community.

    Senior Account Executive

    في Marcus Evans
    يونيو 2007
    إلى فبراير 2008
    My work was based on contacting the big heads of major US & Canadian companies in order to offer them an invitation to one of our conferences. These conferences included (but not limited to) to DoD, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

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    ما هي خلفيتك التعليمية؟
    اسمح لأصحاب العمل بالإطلاع على المزيد حول خلفيتك التعليمية. كن واضحاً ومختصراً.

    بكالوريوس, Bachelor of Administration, Minor Marketing

    في Concordia University
    Montreal, كندا
    أبريل 2007
    My years at Concordia University were very typical of most University Students. I studied for a Bachelors of Administration and gained much knowledge about most types of &quot;businesses&quot; which includes management, marketing, finance, international business and accounting. Most of my exposure was directed towards Marketing major classes which included Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, e-Marketing, Advertising and more. My GPA at graduation was 2.75 which is considered very good of a person graduating from the John Molson School of Business, which is rated as one of the top business schools in North America. I was known by my teachers as a hard worker and a dedicated student.


    كم من لغّة في رصيدك؟
    إن تكلم لغات متعددة من الأمور الأساسية في بعض الوظائف لذا عليك إضافة المهارات اللغوية من أجل تحقيق نتائج أفضل.

    تدريبات وشهادات

    Sales Training
    MaxSales Solutions
    January 2013