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    Shahid Ibrahim

    Structural Engineer

    AMEC Nuclear

    United Kingdom - Manchester
    Master's degree, Structural integrity assessments
    37 years, 10 months

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    Structural Engineer

    AMEC Nuclear
    June 2012
    To Present
    United Kingdom
    Stress/Structural engineer.
    Nuclear reactor structural calculations and assessment of graphite core to support the safety cases for plant life extension.
    Finite element analysis and hand calcs. Static & dynamic.
    Software: Abaqus and Mathcad.

    Aircraft Structures, Composites Stress Engineer

    Airbus Operations Ltd
    May 2011
    To Present
    United Kingdom
    May 2011 to now: Airbus Operations Ltd, Broughton, UK.
    Aircraft Structures, Composites Stress Engineer - A380 wing design and manufacturing support. Structural/Stress analysis, Airbus Stress Dossier, finite element analysis & fatigue analysis for composite wing components. Concessions & structural calculations. Provide advice on composite & metallic repairs according to Airbus structural repair manuals. Make judgements and carry our calculations to decide on the most safe, effective and suitable structural repair in the least amount of time. Substantiation of structural repairs. Fatigue & Damage Tolerance assessments. Hand calcs and FEA NASTRAN, PATRAN, DAMTOL, MATHCAD. Use of EXCDEL and WORD.


    Ruag Space
    January 2014
    To December 2014
    Ariane 6 and satellites space projects for European Space Agency and NASA.

    Stress Engineer

    Rolls-Royce Plc, Aerospace Group
    April 2008
    To May 2011
    United Kingdom
    Apr 2008 to May 2011: Rolls-Royce Plc, Aerospace Group, Derby, England.
    Stress Engineer - Stress analysis, finite element analysis and hand calcs for gas turbines. Linear & non-linear analysis, static, dynamic, fatigue, fracture, creep, thermal and oxidation analyses of engine core components. Manufacturing and in-service support. Resolve in-service turbine technical issues on Airbus A380 and A340. Review materials for cost reduction and structural performance. Training junior staff. Use of PATRAN, ABAQUS, ZENCRACK, SC03.

    Stress/Structural Engineer (Space)

    January 2007
    To March 2008
    Jan 2007 to Mar 2008: OERLIKON SPACE AG (RUAG), Zürich, CH8052, Switzerland.
    Stress Engineer (Space) - Stress analysis of light weight satellite structures and antennae pointing mechanisms. Metallic & composites. Static & dynamics. NASTRAN, PATRAN, ABAQUS & hand calcs. Sizing of fasteners and satellite structures. Performed structural stress work for Planck satellite for Thales Alenia Space in Cannes. Non-linear analyses of composite Payload Fairing for Ariane 5 launcher including contact & friction. Design was modified to reduce pyro-shock dynamic loads on the launcher during stage separation. Correlation with tests performed at NASA. Provided advice/stress support to designers.

    Aircraft Structural Engineer - Airframe sizing and Check Stress

    October 2005
    To January 2007
    United Kingdom
    Oct 2005 to Jan 2007: BAE SYSTEMS, Woodford, Cheshire, England.
    Aircraft Structural Engineer - Airframe sizing and Check Stress on primary structures and Vertical Tail for F 35 JSF, metallic and composites. Use of Lockhheed Martin IDAT stress tools and also CATIA to interrogate models. Static stress hand calcs using EXCEL/MATHCAD & NASTRAN/PATRAN finite element analysis. Also checking of stress calcs & provide stress support to designers. Used Bruhn, Niu.

    Aerospace Structural/Stress & Dynamics Engineer

    Rolls-Royce Plc, Aerospace Group
    October 2003
    To October 2005
    United Kingdom
    Oct 2003 to Oct 2005: Rolls-Royce Plc, Aerospace Group, Derby, England.
    Aerospace Stress & Dynamics Engineer, Gas turbine stress analysis, FEA, static, dynamic & fatigue analyses of Discs, Blades, Casings, Bolted flanges & other Turbine components. Linear elastic, non-linear plasticity & creep analysis, contact & friction, mechanical and acoustic vibration. Weight/Cost reduction of components and CAA Certification. Hand calcs & ABAQUS, NASTRAN, PATRAN, ZENCRACK, SC03.

    Aircraft Structural Engineer - Airframe structures stress work

    September 2001
    To October 2003
    United Kingdom
    Sept 2001 to Oct 2003: BAE SYSTEMS, Woodford, Cheshire, England.
    Aircraft Structural Engineer - Airframe structures stress work on primary structures Wing & Empenage for the BAE146/RJX100 Regional Jet. Hand calcs & NASTRAN/PATRAN finite element analysis. Also Fatigue and Damage Tolerance, Aircraft life extension work.

    Stress & Dynamics Engineer (Space) - European space program

    ASTRIUM Gmbh
    November 2000
    To September 2001
    Nov 2000 to Sept 2001: ASTRIUM Gmbh, Bremen, Germany.
    Stress & Dynamics Engineer (Space) - European space program. Stress analysis of critical components for the cryogenic Upper Stage of the Ariane 5 launcher. Analysis of composite fairings on Ariane 5. Pyroshock vibration analysis of equipment using dynamic loads due to stage separation. Static, dynamic & non-linear analyses. Strain-based fatigue life predictions of attitude-control thrusters under thermal & pressure transients. Hand calcs & elastic/plastic FEA using NASTRAN, PATRAN, ABAQUS.

    Aircraft Structural Engineer - Airframe stress work for BAE SYSTEMS

    Hytek Services Ltd (Hyde Group)
    October 1999
    To November 2000
    United Kingdom
    Oct 1999 to Nov 2000: Hytek Services Ltd, Hyde Group, Stockport, Cheshire, England.
    Aircraft Structural Engineer - Airframe stress work for BAE SYSTEMS (Farnborough) on Nimrod. Hand calcs & linear/non-linear FEA. Analysis of Fixed Leading Edge for BOEING 767 at BAE SYSTEMS (Prestwick) . Composite aileron for CRJ-200. GE CF34-8D nacelles & thrust reversers for DORNIER 728. Responsible for Critical Design Stress Reviews at GE in Cincinnati. Static, vibration/random vibration, fatigue/sonic fatigue & damage tolerance analysis. Hand calcs using Lockheed, Bruhn & Niu methods. NASTRAN, PATRAN, ANSYS, MATHCAD.

    Gas Turbine Stress Engineer

    April 1999
    To October 1999
    Apr 1999 to Oct 1999: ABB ALSTOM POWER, Baden, CH5401, Switzerland.
    Gas Turbine Stress Engineer - structural assessment of industrial gas turbines. Static, dynamic & thermal transient loading conditions, fatigue lifing, non-linear finite element analysis of the GT24/26 combustor. ABAQUS and I-DEAS Master Series 6.

    Aerospace Stress & Dynamics Team Leader

    Rolls-Royce Plc, Aerospace Group
    January 1997
    To April 1999
    United Kingdom
    Jan 1997 to Apr 1999: Rolls-Royce Plc, Aerospace Group, Derby, England.
    Aerospace Stress & Dynamics Team Leader - Finite element analysis and structural assessments for aero-engine components, intermediate-casing, shafts, gearbox, transmissions, rotating equipment. Static, dynamic and thermal analysis, fracture mechanics, fatigue and damage tolerance analysis. Development of new methods. Supervision & advice to stress/design group. Approval of external suppliers stress work and signing-off concessions. Discussions with CAA on airworthiness certification. NASTRAN, PATRAN, SC01, SC03, SA16.

    Aerospace Stress/Structures & Dynamics Engineer - Gas turbine engineering

    B M W Rolls-Royce Gmbh
    July 1996
    To January 1997
    Jul 1996 to Jan 1997: B M W Rolls-Royce Gmbh, Dahlewitz, Berlin, Germany.
    Aerospace Stress & Dynamics Engineer - Gas turbine engineering (Whole Engine Mechanics group) . Stress analysis, static & dynamic analyses, finite element analysis using contact and friction, rotor dynamic analysis, non-linear transient dynamic analyses to calculate fan blade off loads for BR710 & BR715 on BOEING 717 and Gulfstream GV. NASTRAN & PATRAN.

    Structural Stress/Dynamics Engineer - Stress & structural assessments

    Rolls-Royce Naval Marine (Nuclear submarine division)
    October 1992
    To July 1996
    United Kingdom
    Oct 1992 to Jul 1996: Rolls-Royce Naval Marine (Nuclear submarine division), Derby, England.
    Nuclear Stress/Dynamics Engineer - Stress & structural assessments for Royal Navy and UK Ministry of Defence. Hand calcs, finite element analyses, Linear, non-linear, static, vibration, seismic & impact analyses of Nuclear Submarines and supporting structural steelwork during dry-dock refuelling. Supervision/Training of juniors. Provided advice to MoD on structural dynamics. ANSYS, DYNA3D, ABAQUS, PATRAN & HYPERMESH.

    Consultant Structural Engineer (Structures)

    British Nuclear Fuels Plc
    December 1989
    To October 1992
    United Kingdom
    Dec 1989 to Oct 1992: British Nuclear Fuels Plc, Warrington, Cheshire, England.
    Consultant Nuclear Engineer (Structures) - Stress analysis, finite element analysis, vibration analysis, response spectrum & time history seismic analyses, reviewing & approving engineering calculations. Structural steelwork & seismic assessment of the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant and internal cranes. Use of Crane design code BS2573 and Structural steelwork design code BS5950 and Concrete design code BS8110. Provided advice on use of SQUG and EPRI seismic experience databases for the Civil Engineering industry use. Specifying strength of structures to withstand building loads (dead load, wind load, snow load, seismic load and building vibration loads). Hand calcs and linear/non-linear analysis using computer code ANSYS.

    Principal Structural Engineer (Team Leader)

    ABB Impell Ltd (now Vectra Technology)
    February 1986
    To December 1989
    United Kingdom
    Feb 1986 to Dec 1989: ABB Impell Ltd., Warrington, England. (Now: Vectra Technology)
    Principal Nuclear/Structural Engineer - Structural steelwork analysis & design for buildings and nuclear power plants. Also design of concrete foundations and buildings. Performing calculations and specifying concrete strength to be used for building construction purposes. Soil-structure interaction assessments. Calculate loads for each floor in the building based on dead loads, wind loads, snow loads, seismic loads and building vibration/deformation loads. Review of appropriate building sites and soil data from bore-hole information. Linear/non-linear structural and impact analysis for Nuclear facilities at Sellafield reprocessing plant, Rosyth & Davenport Royal Navy Dockyards, Sizewell-B PWR nuclear reactor and others. Detaild seismic analysis with soil-structure interaction for civil structural building design. Performing/reviewing and approval of engineering calculations, Provided seismic advice. Supervision/training of junior staff. Used Structural Steel design code BS5950, Crane design code BS2573, Concrete design code BS8110. PATRAN, ANSYS, SHAKE, SASSI, EDSGAP and Fortran programming.

    Structural Engineer

    ABB Impell Ltd (Vectra technilogy)
    January 1986
    To January 1989
    United Kingdom
    During 1986-1989 I represented ABB Impell Ltd at NAFEMS * meetings and conferences. * National Agency for Finite Element Methods & Standards, England.

    University achievements:
    During my 1st degree, I wrote my own finite element computer program to perform stress analysis on carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) - composite materials.

    Structural engineer

    ABB Impell Corporation
    January 1986
    To December 1986
    United Kingdom
    Published Paper: European Community, Report No.EUR10592EN, 1986, by: Mr.S.Ibrahim & Dr.M.Dostal.
    National Nuclear Corporation Limited, Warrington, England. (Computer code ABAQUS used for this work)

    Automotive Structural Analyst

    H.W.Structures Limited
    May 1985
    To February 1986
    United Kingdom
    May 1985 to Feb 1986: H.W.Structures Limited, Leamington Spa, England.
    Automotive Structural Analyst - Design & stress analysis of car components. Structural dynamics & vehicle crash analysis. Linear elastic/non-linear plastic analyses using complex finite element methods. Vehicle design mods. ABAQUS & PATRAN used. Crash tests performed at MIRA to correlate computer models. Worked in collaboration with General Motors, Detroit, USA.

    Structural Stress Engineer

    National Nuclear Corporation Ltd
    January 1980
    To May 1985
    United Kingdom
    Jan 1980 to May 1985: National Nuclear Corporation Ltd., Warrington, England.
    Nuclear Stress Engineer - Worked on numerous nuclear power plant projects including Fast Breeder Reactor in Dounreay. Stress analysis, structural mechanics & elastic/plastic finite element analysis. Static, dynamic, seismic, thermal, fracture & damage tolerance analysis. ANSYS, ABAQUS & NASTRAN. Fracture mechanics, Fortran programming.

    RELEVANT INFORMATION: (1) Paper published in the field of Nuclear Applied Mechanics
    Nuclear - 'Benchmark Study of Shear Buckling of a Cylindrical Vessel', Commission for the

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 9 Months   


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    Master's degree, Structural integrity assessments

    at University of Sheffield
    Sheffield, , United Kingdom
    July 2003
    M.Sc (Eng) Structural Integrity, with Distinction (overall more than 75 marks), University of Sheffield, England.
    Major subjects: Structural integrity, Fatigue, Fracture mechanics, Assessment of integrity of cracked structures, general structural analysis, Finite Element analysis and theory.

    Bachelor's degree, Aeronautical Engineering

    at The City University
    London, , United Kingdom
    July 1977
    B.Sc (Hon) Aeronautical Engineering, The City University, England.
    Major: Aircraft structures, Mechanics of flight, Aerodynamics, Helicopter theory, General structural assessments from first principles, Finite element analysis, Wind tunnel testing for subsonic and supersonic structures, managing aerospace projects.

    Specialties & Skills





    CIVIL STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING (Building Design/Analysis)


    Structural Engineers

    Finite Element Analysis

    Aircraft Structures

    Structural Dynamics


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    The Institute of Nuclear Engineers
    Chartered Engineer
    December 1988
    The Institute of Mechanical Engineers
    Chartered Engineer
    January 1988
    The Royal Aeronautical Society
    Affiliate member
    January 1980

    Training And Certifications

    Team Building Skills

    Wilson Institute, USA
    January 1987

    Effective Reading

    Wilson Learning, USA
    February 1987

    Effective Writing

    Wilson Learning, USA
    March 1987

    Project Engineer (Quality Assurance)

    Impell Corporation, San Francisco, USA
    May 1986

    Fast Reactor Training & Operations (Nuclear)

    United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, UK
    August 1983

    Time Management

    Wilson Learning, USA
    March 1988