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    Abdul-Rahman Al-Rawi

    Projects Manager

    Ummet Al Salam Co for General Trading & Contracting

    Bachelor's degree, B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
    37 years, 3 months

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    Projects Manager

    Ummet Al Salam Co for General Trading & Contracting
    February 2011
    To Present
    Iraq - Baghdad
    Key Project to Credit:
    • Supervision & Installation of Austrian Forging Machine (GFM-SX-00-55) in Al Sumood Co for Steel Industries, Ministry of Industry & Minerals, Al Taji District, Baghdad, Iraq.

    Key Responsibilities:
    • Directing project activities from inception to completion, including preparation of service maintenance and construction budget requests using systematic, standardized procedures.
    • Planning, controlling, monitoring and managing assigned project resources to best meet project objectives while adhering to project scope, time, cost and quality constraints.
    • Assimilating project metrics data (baseline, actual values for costs, schedule, work in progress and work completed), and reporting on project progress, milestones, budgets and other project specific information.
    • Reviewing and analyzing project on a continual basis, initiating feasibility studies, evaluating risks and effecting measures to eliminate the same and resolve project issues.
    • Performing periodic safety audits and ensuring operational readiness of all safety/emergency equipment by executing monthly maintenance checks as per checklist.
    • Monitoring progress of project at various stages to ensure completion within time/cost constraints while simultaneously complying to established quality standards.
    • Producing detailed client reports enumerating causes of delay and variance in budgetary projections. Arranging regular meetings with clients, engineers and consultants to apprise them on project progress.
    • Appointing appropriate personnel, contractors and consultants, delegating responsibilities among subordinates, organizing time guidelines/schedules for various stages of project completion, and executing handover.

    Projects Manager

    Rawafid Al Arab Co for General Trading & Contracting
    December 2009
    To January 2011
    Iraq - Baghdad
    Key Project to Credit:
    • Supervision & Installation of (Kunkel-Wagner Automatic Molding Plant no.486) in Nassir Co. for Mechanical Industries - Ministry of Industry & Minerals, Al Taji District, Baghdad, Iraq.

    Key Responsibilities:
    • Directed, monitored and coordinated, sectional processes, evaluations and plans to guarantee standard running conditions and optimum process productivity at all times without interruption and in accordance with daily/monthly production plans/schedules.
    • Conducted weekly/monthly preventive maintenance checks and follow ups of automated production equipment/machines to avoid unscheduled production stoppages.
    • Initiated safety policies/procedures and enforced obedience to the same, reviewed safety manuals and conducted monthly safety audits. Ensured operational readiness of all safety/emergency equipment.
    • Liaised with industrial consultants to effect modifications in the layout of production area to optimize production process of products and troubleshot critical installation problems based on inputs.
    • Evaluated contracts for equipment maintenance, reviewed the same to ensure conformance to organizational standards, oversaw contract work during forced/scheduled outages and established priorities for the same.
    • Devised plant modifications to augment efficiency, consistency and availability of plant for smooth/uninterrupted operations.
    • Audited logbooks, notified immediate superiors of possible anomalies/technical emergencies, and took requisite corrective measures promptly.
    • Computed operational/maintenance cost estimates. Devised section budgets, and effected cost cutting measures to maintain adherence to budgets.

    QA/QC Manager

    International Relief & Development-USAID
    August 2009
    To November 2009
    Iraq - Baghdad
    Inducted as M & E Engineer Officer and subsequently posted as QA/QC Manager.

    Designation Chronology:
    • Aug 2009 - Nov 2009: QA/QC Manager
    • Oct 2008 - Aug 2009: M & E Engineer Officer

    Key Responsibilities as QA/QC Manager (Aug 2009 to Nov 2009):
    • Directed a team of QA/QC officers responsible for site visits and follow up inspections, ensuring advancement of program activities, compiled status report for QA/QC Director and Iraqi Community Action program management..
    • Checked accuracy of a spectrum of tasks handled by QA/QC team including verification of BOQ specifications against conditions on site documents and reporting discrepancies, confirmation of completion of contractual requirement before final payment, conducting spot checks, reporting misuse of donated equipments.
    • Superintended the procedures, work processes, manuals and policies required by the system in compliance with quality standards, ascertained the system performance and scrutinized the related documents.
    • Evaluated and reported on the adequacy and performance of instituted quality management systems, ascertaining their capabilities to provide for sustainable development and recommending improvement measures.
    • Identified problems/issues/obstacles in project implementation along with Community Senior ICAP staff, evaluated risks to IRD and suggested solutions to minimize them.
    • Inspected project site, evaluated results as per performance standards. Identified irregularities, updated tracking sheets/database of QA/QC, documented problem areas and followed up for resolution.
    • Established and developed quality policy and process definition, oversaw implementation, ensure professional documentation of recommendations for resolving any problems or managing thorny issues.

    M & E Engineer Officer

    International Relief & Development-USAID (Continued)
    October 2008
    To August 2009
    Iraq - Baghdad
    Key Responsibilities as M & E Engineer Officer (Oct 2008 to Aug 2009):
    • Supervised and evaluated all engineering department projects such as rehabilitation and new construction at the final project stage to ensure complete satisfaction of end user as well as resolve any pending follow up issues.
    • Updated all project files so as to make them auditable and serve as proof of implementation.
    • Guided and resolved legacy issues arising from chaos and disorder between various IRD projects implemented in Baghdad and Baquba.
    • Compared initial end user requirements for rehabilitation, new construction, and supply with PAC approved BOQ to ensure fulfillment of all commitments to end user.
    • Checked and verified accuracy of prices and specifications of material listed in BOQ’s submitted to PAC committee and then to the TRG.
    • Acted as a fair intermediary for resolution of any differences in technical approach between QA/QC and Engineering department.


    Previous Professional Experience
    February 1980
    To September 2008
    Iraq - Baghdad
    2007, AL-Karrada Consulting Company, Consulting Engineer, Jordan/ Mosul-Iraq
    Key Project to Credit:

    • Mosul Gas Turbine Power Station
    Overseeing the execution and installation of 2 nos. (25 MW) GTG (Hitachi) at Mosul gas turbine power station as consultant for Nippon-Koie company.

    2006, Ramz Al-Hadara company, Project Control Manager, Baghdad-Iraq
    Key Project to Credit:

    • Supervising the implementation of the project at Baghdad south Power plant consisting of 16 nos. of GTG each of 25 MW with all main & accessories buildings, workshops, fuel tanks, switch yard and 10 houses for the station’s employees.

    2005, Al-Hadeel Engineering Company, General Manager, Baghdad-Iraq
    Key Projects to Credit:

    • Accomplished supply and installation of central A/C units, ducts & electric duct heaters for Dar Al-Handasah Co. building (Lebanese Consulting Co.) in Al-Jadriya District -Baghdad.
    • Carried out Supply & Installation of (16) electrical boards for Directorate of Dams & Irrigation /Al-Suliamaniya Governorate.

    2004, Al-Kharafi National Co., Project Engineer, Kuwait/ Baghdad-Iraq
    • Planned, controlled, monitored and managed assigned project resources to best meet project objectives and adhere to project scope, time, cost and quality constraints.
    • Executed all mechanical works such as HVAC, Sanitary system, chlorination system, emergency egress etc. for rehabilitation of of Ibn-Sina Hospital -Baghdad.

    2002, Al-Hadeel Engineering Company, General Manager, Baghdad-Iraq
    • Carried out installation of water-cooled water-chillers, cooling towers, pumps, air-handling units, pipes & ducts with cold & deep freeze stores for the Ministry of Trade as a sub-contractor in Baghdad.
    • Executed the supply and installation of 243 KW electric duct heater for Al-Faw Co., Ministry of Industry & Minerals, Baghdad, Iraq.


    Previous Professional Experience (Continued)
    February 1980
    To September 2008
    Iraq - Baghdad
    2001, Al-Hawamdah Construction Company, Project Engineer, Aqaba-Jordan
    • Provided executive overview and technical evaluation for all mechanical engineering tasks including HVAC, pipes, ducts, sanitary system, firefighting system & swimming pool for the Royal palaces in Aquaba, Jordan.

    2000, Al-Shanti Engineering Group, Project Engineer, Amman-Jordan
    Key Project to credit

    • City Center Project -Amman /Jordan, a trading building with an area about 39000 sq m consisting of 5 basements & 8 floors
    Executed complete life cycle of all mechanical works right from preparing shop drawings for HVAC, pipes, ducts, sanitary system, fire fighting system, boilers, machines room & fuel storage tanks to work completion.

    1999 - 2000, Adnan Al-Mosawee Construction Company, Project Engineer, Baghdad
    • Small residential complex in Baghdad with 6 houses of 720 sq m each
    Design and supervision of central air conditioning
    • Small Residential Complex in Salah Al-Deen governorate with 7 houses of 840 sq m each
    Design and supervision of central air conditioning

    1991-1998, Maintenance & Site Engineer, Al-Zaytoon Engineering Bureau, Baghdad-Iraq
    • Supply and installation of Package A/C units and electric duct heaters for Al-Taji Power gas station, Baghdad and Electrical boards for the extension of the Drugs facory, Ministry of Health / Nainwah Governorate.
    • Installation of Deep freeze & cold stores in Abu-Ghariab/Baghdad.
    New A/C (air-cooled water chillers) & maintenance of the pump station for the directorate of air-defense/Ministry of Defense.

    1985-1991, Maintenance Engineer, Directorate of Antiquities & Heritages-Ministry of Culture & Information, Baghdad-Iraq
    • Maintenance of A/C systems & boilers of Iraqi Museum in Baghdad and of Al-Qadiseeya Panorama, Baghdad.
    • Maintenance of Central Air-conditioning systems in Nainwah Museum.

    Served in the army

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 3 Months   


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    Bachelor's degree, B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

    at University of Technology
    Baghdad, Iraq
    July 1980
    Training Courses Attended:
    •.Project Management Professional(PMP) Course, Amman, Jordan, Jan.21.2012-Jan.26.2012
    •Automatic Molding Plant No.486 - Kunkel Wagner Co, Hanover, Germany, 2010.
    • Community Based Planning & Action, TOT Training Program - IRD-USAID USA, Baghdad, Iraq, 2009.
    • Iraq Strengthening Local Governance Program (ISLGP) - RTI-USAID, Baghdad, Iraq, 2009.
    • Air Distribution - University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 1987.
    • Pumps Installation & Maintenance - University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 1986.
    • Non-Destructive Testing - Ministry of Industry & Minerals, Baghdad, Iraq, 1984.

    Specialties & Skills

    Project Management and Profitability, Project Constructability Reviews, Cost Estimation

    Corrective Maintenance & Commissioning of Heavy Duty Mechanical Equipments Installations & Repairs

    Equipment Failure Analysis, Quality Assurance Operation & Safety Engineering Budgeting

    Designing Processes, Contract & Vendor Negotiations, Technical/ Management Reporting

    Installation, Maintenance & Commissioning of Electrical & Mechanical Equipments & HVAC

    Leadership, Performance Evaluations & Appraisal, Team Building, Motivation

    Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Strong Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

    MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook), AutoCAD, 3ds Max

    Team Management

    Problem Solving


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    Iraqi Engineers Union
    September 1980
    Jordanian Engineers Union
    Mechanical Engineer
    November 1998