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    Abrar Salamah

    Sr. HR Analyst - Organizational Development


    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Bachelor's degree, English Languge
    8 years, 7 months

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    Sr. HR Analyst - Organizational Development

    September 2011
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    - Implementing HAY Group System.
    1. JOB Analysis
    2. JOB Evaluation
    3. JOB Families
    4. Reward Management
    5. Performance Appraisal
    - creating the job title and grades matrix
    - doing all the analysis needed in HR
    - establish a new policy
    -creating a new forms
    -designing Organaisational Charts for each project
    - recommend a grade, salary and title for new higher
    -working in the saudiazation program
    - doing the Comp. transaction.

    Seeking a new job in Dubai

    Seeking a new job in Dubai
    June 2013
    To Present
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    , My work at (Sr. HR Analyst (Concentrating on Compensation and Benefits) was to propose and classify jobs to the employers. I also develop competitive salary and other benefits and ensure that it attracted the candidates. I was aware of the market changes and kept myself abreast of it. I am good with professional skills such as I am detail oriented and highly organized. I am extremely strong with oral as well as written communication skills which are extremely important for such a position.

    Group Compensation and Benifits Administrator

    Olayan Financing Company
    November 2008
    To November 2010
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Compensation and Benefit Department:
     Prepares employees profile, verification the recommendation  Responsible for the job evaluation process, involves review of job evaluations from other subsidiaries.
     Undertaking job evaluations to ensure that the differences in pay between those doing different jobs within the organization are fair and are perceived to be so.
     developing and implementing new benefit packages, ensuring that these are current and competitive and in line with legal requirements
     negotiating with union representatives on issues relating to pay and benefits
     Prepares C & B monthly and weekly status report.
     Prepares employees profile, verification the recommendation received from the companies’ within the group according to the policy.
     Process all transactions after obtaining final approval from C&B manager.
     developing and maintaining personnel record systems in accordance with current legislation.
    Personnel Department:
     Reviews and audits all personnel elements and associated benefits (i.e. vacations, loans, end-of-service, compensation, final clearance, Allowances, GOSI…etc)
     Maintains the employee’s end of service benefits, including Conducting a final Interview with employees upon leaving the company and issuance of service certificate after obtaining proper clearance.
     Provides guidance and leadership to the Personnel function’s employees to ensure effective and efficient flow of work and ensures that all employees recognize their fundamental role in the department.
     Updates HR system by interring and approving employees data change.
     Prepares weekly and monthly manpower report

    HR Officer

    Ahmad Mohammed saleh Baeshen & Co.
    February 2008
    To August 2008
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Holds a position of "HC Officer" in the company responsible for a wide range of tasks include:

    Human Capital Department:
     Working as Acquisition & Retention Manager assistant.
     Assists in conducting and analyzing training needs, develops new training programs and initiatives, modifies and improves existing programs based on training and development priorities.
     Conducts new employees’ training programs including induction plans in Training & Development policies and procedures.
     Participates in defining appropriate policies, procedures and standards for the recruitment and selection activities at the AMSB & Co.
     Preparing job offer for new employee.

    Administration Department:
     Executes all administration related activities at the head office including cleaning, preventative and corrective maintenance, mail room, stationary, and office equipment.
     Updates and maintains the employee’s medical insurance scheme, issues the medical cards adding /removing employees and dependants.
     Handles the filing and archiving for all documents and invoices related to the administration activities in compliance with the set procedures.

    Administration Officer

    March 2007
    To November 2007
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Holds a position of "Office Administration" in the company responsible for a wide range of tasks include:
     Assisting the Director of Human Resources in several projects which include standardization of documents and procedures that will enhance the Companies efforts in responding to Clients Requests.
     Translating company's documents from Arabic to English
     Issuing and mailing letters related to administration issues like offer, Invitation, and governmental procedure letters, and other routine office work such as arrangement and storing company's archive,

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Bachelor's degree, English Languge

    at King abdul Aziz univ.
    Maddenah, Saudi Arabia
    May 2006
    college of Translation & Languages in English Language.
    King Abdul Aziz University (Taiba University (now)

     Graduation Date: May. 2006
     Bachlor Degree in English Language
     Cumulitive GPA is 3.60 out of 5.0


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