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    Ahmed Idris

    Admin Assistant

    Alissa Auto Company

    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    High school or equivalent, UNDERSTANDING IELTS
    2 years, 9 months


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    High school or equivalent, UNDERSTANDING IELTS

    at IELTS
    london, Great Britain (UK)
    June 2015
    English Course
    UNDERSTANDING IELTS BRITISH COUNCIL via online started 11th May 2015 till 21 Jun 2015>

    Bachelor's degree, adminstration

    at school of business managment, universiti utara malaysia(UUM)
    November 2013
    Courses have taken during my studies • Introduction to management • Organizational behavior • Strategic management • Research methodology • Management information system • Management ethics • Seminar in management thinking • Fundamental of Entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship • International business • Marketing and marketing management • Business Accounting • Financial management (learned for a year) • Computer applications management • Human resource management • Company and Business law • Business report writing • Business and Professional communication • Production and Operation management • Transportation Theory and Practice • Islamic Business, Ethics and social responsibility • Theory and practice in Islamic business • Mathematic for management • Elementary and Applied statistic • Economy • Ethic and scientific thinking • English for communication 1 • English for communication 2

    High school or equivalent, English course

    at IfLA certificate of English course level 3
    Kuala lumpur, Malaysia
    Grade: 61 out of 100
    September 2008
    I took this course in Kuala Lumbur before joined UUM to complete my bachelor study.
    This course took duration from 7th July to 19th September 2008. I had completed level Three at IfLA institute.

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    Soft Skills : Community Sustainable



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    Training And Certifications

    Soft skills Training: Community Sustainable

    school of business management (UUM)
    April 2012

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    football, basketball, swimming and gulf