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    anas rashid

    Key Account Manger

    Les Laboratories Servier

    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Bachelor's degree, الصيدلة
    7 years, 5 months

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    Key Account Manger

    Les Laboratories Servier
    October 2016
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    1- Development of hypertension market in ALHABIB hospital 2-Development of polyclinic Sector 3- Team leader

    Product Expert

    Les Laboratories Servier
    February 2014
    To September 2016
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Product Expert in hypertension line

    Medical Representatives

    les laboratories Servier
    June 2012
    To January 2014
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Medical Representative in Orthopedic Field

    Medical Representative

    Arab Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (APM)
    April 2011
    To May 2012
    Jordan - Amman
    Medical Representative in cardiovascular line

    Medical Representative

    Middle East Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries
    June 2010
    To March 2011
    Jordan - Amman
    Medical Representative in Antibiotic Line

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    Bachelor's degree, الصيدلة

    at Jordan University
    Jordan - Amman
    Grade: 3.21 out of 4
    June 2009

    Specialties & Skills

    presentation skills


    Account management

    Team management

    KOLs Development

    Communication Skills


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    As Med. Rep. in Novarts

    By Rasheed Ghoul (COLLEAGUE) on 07-12-2011
    "I do think due to my level of experience that anas is consedered one of the top pharmasutical marketing reps, starting from the call,handeling any objections that the Dr.have/had in a verey scientific way in discribing the ditailes and the differences between his product and other, then taking the commetment on every call to gaurentee the prescribtion on every close as always. So at the end I hopfully wish that you will get that chance by working with him as I did and I know he will give you 100% to acchive his gouls and target."