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    Christian Hazel Antonio Cenita

    Account Manager/Sr. Recruitment Executive – Healthcare


    United Arab Emirates
    Bachelor's degree, Bachelor of Science in Computer
    13 years, 8 months

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    Account Manager/Sr. Recruitment Executive - Healthcare

    November 2015
    To April 2016
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    • Account Management for Healthcare Clients under DHA and HAAD
    • Have 2 Sr. Recruitment Consultants and 3 Jr. Recruitment Consultants working with me in sourcing profiles for various healthcare assignments.
    • Main point of contact of Clients for - requirements, feedback, interview scheduling, offer negotiation, documentation, billing and collection.
    • Involved in the recruitment of Physicians, Allied Health Professionals and Nurses.
    • Spearheaded healthcare recruitment projects for SEHA clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar and Ireland.
    • Able to submit 8 - 15 profiles for project based assignment in week.

    Account Manager/Sr. Recruitment Consultant - Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

    December 2013
    To November 2015
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Reason for Leaving: End of Contract

    • Account Management for Private Medical Facilities in Dubai.
    • Well verse in healthcare medical licensing DHA/HAAD/MOH/DHCR
    • Recognized to be one of the best performer and part of the best team of the company
    • Involved in the international recruitment drives for various clients in the Middle East recruiting mostly Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Physicians with American Board (ABMS), UK (CCST/CST/CCT/CESR), German Board (Facharzt), Australia (RACP), Canada (RCPSC), Ireland (CSCST), South Africa (CMSA), Austrian Board (ÖSTERREICHISCHE ÄRZTEKAMMER), Belgium Board (Diplôme de médicin/Master in de geneeskunde OR Belgian Ministry of Public Health or Communaute Francaise De Belgique), Swedish Board (A Läkarexamen AND a Bevis Om Legitimation), French Board (Diplôme de fin de deuxième cycle des études médicales OR Conseil National de L'Ordre de Médecins) Etc.
    • Recruiting, Mobilizing, Deploying for Hospitals and Medical center healthcare sector for UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and other GCC Countries.

    For the first 3 months in Styracorp I was then involved in the international recruitment of Relationship Managers, Sr. Relationship Officers, relationship Officers, Property Consultants, Sr Property Consultant in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.
    Able to receive 10 offers in a week for the first month of the drive.

    Note: Gap year Maternity Leave (August 2012 to November 2013)

    HR Officer

    October 2010
    To July 2012
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Reason for Leaving: The Company is restructuring

    • Nao staffing is an HR Consultancy based in Paris and Dubai.
    • Reporting to the General Manager of the company.
    • Perform documentations and other required task of the General Manager about daily operational concerns.
    • Recruitment through daily sourcing, qualifying of CV’s, conducting interviews, short listing, submission of profiles
    • Perform recruitment coordinating Technical professional from mid- level to managerial positions for private and government sectors.
    • Client/Requirement management industrial accounts
    • Perform HR solutions as per requirement of the client concerning mobilizations, deployment and recruitment
    • Recruiting and mobilizing professional for Middle East and GCC countries such Qatar, Oman, UAE and KSA
    From different sectors such as Transportation, IT, Electronics, Telecom, Power energy, Oil and Gas.


    Recruiting, Mobilizing, Deploying Technical Professionals such as Westerner, European and Asian Nationals for different part of the Middle East and GCC such as UAE, KSA, Qatar and Oman mostly for military/government accounts from 50% to 80% closure per quarter.

    - IT Electronics Engineer
    - Construction Engineer
    - Engineering Manager
    - Construction Manager
    - Head of Bid Department
    - Telecom Engineer

    Office Administrator/Recruitment Specialist

    September 2008
    To August 2010
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Reason for Leaving: Recession

    • One of the pioneering human resources consultancies in U.A.E that provides training, consultation and recruitment services
    • Perform end to end recruitment procedures clients from private, government and military sectors qualification, mobilization, deployment different countries in Afghanistan, Iraq, UAE and KSA.
    • Managing and Supervising the whole office, client and projects/accounts
    • Perform Business Development for the company as needed
    • Directly reporting to the Managing Director
    • Work closely to the Managing Director and make Strategic planning for all the operational
    • In charge in all clients’ management and coordination different sectors such as F&B, Banking and Finance, Aviation, Constructions, Engineering and others sector, from mid to managerial level.
    • In charge in implementation of office policies and procedures.


    • Recruiting, Mobilizing, Deploying IT Technical, Administrative and Industrial/Engineering Professionals such as Westerner, European and Asian Nationals for different area of Middle East and GCC such as UAE, KSA, Afghan, Sudan and Iraq mostly for military account.
    • Recruiting, Mobilizing and Deploying 60 to 150 recruited positions monthly
    • Generate monthly billing of AED60, 000 to AED150, 000
    • Team management

    Human Resource & Recruitment Officer

    Future Gate Management and Economic Consultants
    May 2007
    To July 2008
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Reason for Leaving: Lost of project during recession

    • Future Gate is a recruitment/placement and human resources consulting firm for local and overseas
    • In- charge for recruitment regarding qualification and documentation for skilled professionals
    • In-charge managing the master file of all the applicants and candidates
    • Conduct administration support such as coordination and documentation verification
    • In-charge in planning and implementing events for company activities such as orientation, seminars, trainings and others
    • Supervision and monitoring of office and employees concern
    • Perform client management
    • Directly reporting to Office and HR Manager and Managing Director


    • Recruiting, Mobilizing, Deploying Medical and Skilled Professionals for Canada work permit.
    • Business Development for the company generate new clients
    • Mobilized hired 30 to 60 professionals quarterly

    Admission Officer

    AMA Computer Learning Center
    September 2006
    To May 2007
    Reason for Leaving: Contractual basis only (Government implementation of manpower employment)

    • AMA is an IT school or institution who caters services for education
    • In-charge in marketing of internal and external activities of the school with coordination to the
    School director
    • Make a marketing plan and marketing budget of the branch with the coordination to the school
    • Market the school to obtain new enrollees and maintain the old enrollees by performing new
    Activities and other marketing strategies.
    • Directly reports to the Managing Director
    • Implementation of marketing plan of the branch


    • Improve the number of new enrollees from 50% to 70% per semester
    • Improved the marketing retention in all areas of responsibilities from 30% to 60%
    • Improved Retention of existing enrollees from 50% to 80%

    Area Coordinator

    PCN Promo Pro Inc.
    February 2006
    To August 2006
    Reason for Leaving: Contractual basis only (Government implementation of manpower employment)

    • The advertising agency which deals with below the line promotional activities and events
    • Handle different projects/accounts such as Selecta ice cream Unilever products like Close up
    Toothpaste for below the line promotional activities like drop boxes, demo products, booth
    Activities and others
    • Troubleshoot any concern of the project and directly reports to Project Coordinator for the
    Development of the project
    • Conducts interview to promotional staff to be deploy for the project in every malls or outlet.
    • Complete monitoring and supervision of the project


    • Accomplished 2-3projects per quarter
    • Retention of the projects staff from 50% to 10%

    Marketing Officer

    Wharton Powers
    September 2005
    To January 2006
    Reason for Leaving: Contractual basis only (Government implementation of manpower employment)

    • Wharton Powers is a pioneering exhibit advertising agency conceptualizing events in different malls like
    bazaar And other
    • Create and submit different concepts as required for different projects for the approval of the
    • Supervisor and to be submitted to the management of the mall for approval of theme
    • Market the concept of the exhibit to new exhibitor and maintain the old exhibitor to generate profit for the
    • Trouble shoots any concern of the exhibit such as participation of ingress and egress
    • Perform conceptualization of the projects if necessary

    Account Executive

    Cyber Graphics Inc.
    July 2004
    To June 2005
    Reason for Leaving: Relocation of the company

    • The company is an advertising agency that caters with concept and design client with clientele such a
    Pfizer And Energizer and many others
    • Coordinate with Product and Brand Manager for specification of the projects like promotional
    Materials of the medical representative and others
    • Perform client call to market the ideas of the company to prospective clients for company
    • Coordinate with the Research department for the specification of the project
    • Participate and Coordinate to the Creative Department for the requirement of the Project and
    Brain storming

    • Retention of the client from 50% to 70%
    • Generate new clients of 20%

    Account Executive

    Philippine Graphic Magazine
    September 2002
    To May 2003
    Job Description
    • The company is One of the print media company which deals with advertising placement
    • Handles corporate accounts like Unilever, Mc Donalds, Nextel and others in terms of advertising
    Placement and supplements of any events with coordination with the Editorial Department for
    Write ups and others
    • Attends press releases, product launching and current events with the photographer
    Or writer to feature the event as require

    • Sell the advertising space of the magazine or placement of the magazine
    • Perform Conceptualization if necessary

    • Retention of the client from 50% to 70%
    • Generate new clients of 20%

    Reason for Leaving: Contractual basis only (Government implementation of manpower employment)

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  2 Years, 9 Months   


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    Bachelor's degree, Bachelor of Science in Computer

    at Siena College
    Taytay, Rizal, Philippines
    April 2002

    Specialties & Skills

    Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office

    Knowledgeable in Basic Adobe Photoshop

    Knowledgeable in Basic HTML web design

    Administrative Support

    Administrative Organization

    Recruitment Advertising

    Administrative Duties

    Mass Recruitment


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    Filipino Computer Club
    member graduate trainee
    May 2009