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    Imo State Government FCT

    United Arab Emirates
    Master's degree, International Business Management
    8 years, 4 months

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    Imo State Government FCT
    July 2014
    To Present
    Team lead for various events organized by the Imo state Liaison office
    • Planned, organized, managed and delegated duties for the successful commissioning event of the Imo State House and Liaison office, town planning meeting with the Governor of Imo state, Imo state liaison office end of year party.
    • Represented the Liaison Officer and effective public speaking at top level executive meetings and events.
    • Resourcefully managed relationships with Imo State indigenes, guests from the private and public sectors, Government officials and diplomats.
    • Administrative Coordination; managed itinerary, administered meetings, wrote reports and correspondences, proof reading of speech, data management and travel coordination for Imo state Liaison Officer.

    Relations Manager

    Earthwind Company Limited
    November 2010
    To August 2012
    Ensured clients were satisfied, managed roll out of change initiatives and successful completion of project work and tasks.
    • Maintained awareness of serious customer complaints and attended to resolution by mediating and negotiations.
    • Efficiently assisted in identifying and accessing risks faced at project sites and communicated to the managing director for effective and immediate action
    • Liaised with team to ensure change initiatives were implemented at project sites as requested by clients and proficiently wrote reports and correspondences on project work to the Managing Director.
    • Assisted in verifying and validating project work, attention to details of tasks and effectively managed project timeline to ensure successful and timely completion of projects.

    Executive Assistant

    Kaonne Services
    June 2007
    To June 2009
    Successfully coordinated with other departments to implement organizational initiatives and achieve organizational goals.
    • Administrative Coordination; managed itinerary, administered meetings, wrote reports and correspondences, proof reading and editing of speech, data management and travel coordination for managing director/CEO.
    • Team member responsible for planning and development of Kaonne Global Services Tourism Package to promote cultural and natural resources for investment and international business opportunities.
    • Verified project work by effective communication and attention to details. Effectively provided feedback to the Managing Director/CEO on verified work.
    • Synchronized activities, resources and information between senior management and staff. Mediated in conflict between junior staff and organized team building activities which created an effective work environment for successful completion of assignments

    Personal Assistant

    Ministry of Aviation / Culture and Tourism FCT
    June 2006
    To May 2007
    Competently managed the minister’s office and supervised employees to achieve organizational goals, Effective communication between the honorable minister and top executives of public and private sector organizations i.e. Agency’s Liaison Officer. Advised on impact of project issues and provided information on status of projects.
    • Managed the Minister’s office efficiently and was retained as the Personal Assistant when the Minister of Culture and tourism was transferred to Aviation ministry in 5 months.
    • Assisted in decision making processes and negotiations with contractors for concession of the Murtala Mohammed airport 2, restructuring of runway and purchase of equipments at Murtala Mohammed airport 1, Murtala Mohammed international airport, Port Harcourt International airport and Abuja carnival and also proposed recommendations for tenders.
    • Part of the budget team for the year 2007 for the ministry of Aviation and assisted in sponsoring the project administrators in gathering financial information and execution of projects costing $1.25Million for Abuja Carnival in the ministry of culture and Tourism, also ensured effective distribution and use of funds by administrators.
    • Administered meetings with other ministries, airline operators, organizations and embassies. Efficiently collected project work progress and communicated information to Board of Directors and Minister.
    • Coordinated administrative matters; managed itinerary, administered meetings, wrote reports and correspondences, editing and proof reading speech, data management and minister’s travel coordination.
    • Successfully prepared the report, provided records, information and status of projects which exonerated the Minister of Aviation at the Intervention Fund public hearing in the National Assembly.


    Presidency, Office of Public Affairs
    August 2005
    To June 2006
    Presidency, Office of Special Assistant on Public affairs FCT, Nigeria 2005 to 2006
    Assistant to Chief of Staff
    Assisted in the management of the office of special assistant to the president on public affairs, professionally controlled staff matters such as conflict resolution, team building and motivation.
    • Monitored the daily cleaning of the facility and also ensured office equipments were functional and well maintained.
    • Successfully organized quarterly events such as mine field, tug-of-war and all aboard to enhance team building amongst staff which created an effective working environment.
    • Mediated in conflict between junior staff and assisted the chief of staff in conflict negotiations during union meetings.
    • Organized meetings with companies, organizations, embassies and media effectively, editing and proof reading of speech, effective communication and record keeping. Managed the office efficiently and was promoted to Personal Assistant to the Minister of Culture and Tourism after a year.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Master's degree, International Business Management

    at American Intercontinental University
    United Kingdom
    Grade: 3.44 out of 4
    June 2010

    Higher diploma, Management studies

    at Business and Technology Education Council
    United Kingdom
    April 2010
    I opted out from re-seating one of the courses because my MBA exams were in view so i wasn't awarded the Diploma but i received my certificate/ transcript with 3 points, Level 7 BTEC in Advanced professional management studies (PASS) for 8 courses instead of 9.

    Bachelor's degree, Zoology

    at University of Lagos
    Grade: 2.37 out of 5
    December 2003

    Specialties & Skills

    Project Management

    Team Leadership

    Customer Relationship Management

    Meeting Planning

    Executive Management












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    Project Management Intstitute
    February 2012
    The Association of Personal Assistants
    October 2009

    Training And Certifications

    Project Management Professional

    June 2012 (35 hours)


    Association of Personal Assistants
    April 2010 (28 hours)

    Project Management Professional

    Albert and Benjamin Ross
    February 2011 (35 hours)

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    humanitarian service, meeting people and networking

    Compiled the report that exonerated the former Nigeria minister of Aviation at the Aviation Intervention fund Public Hearing at the National Assembly in 2007, Successfully organized an event called Lifestyle, Arts and Fashion (LAF) in 2013, Managed the organizing team for the commissioning of Imo state Liaison office, Abuja, Nigeria

    Humanitarian service, meeting people and networking


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    As Logistics Supervisor in Exxonmobil / Hyprops

    (CLIENT) on 27-06-2015
    "I had an opportunity to liaise with Chioma when she was organizing an event called Lifestyle, Arts and Fashion (LAF) in 2013. Her Leadership skills and her team spirit made the event a huge success. She was always willing to take on board opinion from the team even though she had the final say. She is a believer that in a team everyone has something to bring to the table. She managed the project with great communication and attention to every single detail. Her administrative skills are impeccable. Every document was well recorded no matter how small the information seemed. I will recommend her to any organisation at anytime because I know she will be of great asset."