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    Eric Firkel

    Sole Practitioner

    Eric Firkel, Esq.

    United States
    Doctorate, Law
    9 years, 3 months

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    Sole Practitioner

    Eric Firkel, Esq.
    June 2011
    To Present
    United States
    Legal counsel for individuals and businesses in Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. I primarily handled real estate, estate planning, trusts & estates, contracts, business formation/advising, and domestic relations cases.


    Law Offices of Christian T. Mattie III
    August 2010
    To June 2011
    United States
    Worked as an associate in the Law Firm of Christian T. Mattie III, handling many cases ranging from School Law/Governmental Compliance to Estate Planning and Domestic Relations cases.

    Certified Legal Intern

    Allegheny County Family Court Division
    August 2009
    To May 2010
    United States
    Represented pro se clients before the Allegheny County Pennsylvania Family Motions Court.

    Summer Associate

    Damon Morey LLP
    May 2009
    To August 2009
    United States
    Worked as a summer associate with Damon Morey LLP, handling a number of different types of legal issues from various departments at the law firm. The work ranged from corporate due diligence to negligence defense cases.

    Certified Legal Intern

    Southwest Legal Services
    August 2008
    To May 2009
    United States
    Represented underprivileged clients in Washington County, PA before the Washington County Common Pleas Court. We primarily handled domestic relations issues.

    Summer Law Clerk

    McKean County District Attorney's Office
    May 2008
    To August 2008
    United States
    Worked as a summer law clerk doing research and preparation for criminal prosecutions in McKean County Pennsylvania.


    Cattaraugus County Public Defender's Office
    August 2006
    To May 2007
    United States
    Investigative Intern with the Cattaraugus County Public Defender's Office. I helped with case prep and investigations for criminal cases in Cattaraugus County, New York.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Doctorate, Law

    at University of Pittsburgh School of Law
    Pittsburgh, PA, United States
    Grade: 3.4
    May 2010
    3.4 GPA
    Certified Legal Intern with Allegheny County Family Law Division
    Certified Legal Intern with Southwest Legal Services
    Contributor to JURIST Legal News
    HJ Heinz Scholarship Award Winner

    Bachelor's degree, Government

    at Georgetown University
    Washington, DC, United States
    Grade: 3.6
    August 2006
    3.6 overall GPA
    3.7 major GPA
    Cum Laude Honors
    College Academic Council Member 2003-2006
    Active in Student Government
    Volunteer ESL teacher Arlington County, Virginia
    Intern With US House of Representatives 2003-2004

    Specialties & Skills

    MS Excel

    Draft/Review Contracts

    MS Powerpoint

    Typing 90wpm

    West Law Research

    LexisNexis Research

    Microsoft Word

    Microsoft PowerPoint




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    New York State Bar Assn.
    January 2011
    Pennsylvania Bar Assn.
    April 2011
    McKean County Bar Assn.
    April 2011