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    Esam Majrashi

    Health & Safety Superintendent

    Maaden Aluminum

    Saudi Arabia
    Master's degree, MBA
    10 years, 10 months

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    Health & Safety Superintendent

    Maaden Aluminum
    November 2015
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province
    Prepare the HS plan
    Monitor EHS metrics and KPI's
    Prepare and deploy Safety Policies, Programs and Procedures
    Prepare EHS Management Weekly Report
    Supervise the Safety Professional's team
    Manage the Safety lead teams(Committees)
    Contractor Safety Management
    Lead internal audits and follow up on action plans
    Review MOC requests

    Senior Safety Engineer

    Maaaden Aluminum
    July 2015
    To October 2015
    Saudi Arabia - Jubail
    Manages safety projects
     Conduct monthly site audit
     Leading positive safety culture
     Supervising day-to-day activities
     Human Performance Advocate/Trainer
     Acting as subject matter expert in Safety
     Resolving conflicts with Ops/Maintenance .
     Counselling and mentoring of trainee engineers
     Inspiring the team to get the most of each team member
     Influence operations management to meet/exceed Maaden safety standards

    Safety Engineer

    Maaden Aluminum Company
    February 2013
    To June 2015
    Saudi Arabia - Jubail
     Acting as Health &Safety Superintendent in case of his absence
     Develop and deliver basic & advanced safety training
     Procurement and budgeting of capital items
     Supporting Industrial Hygiene programs
     Mentoring and guiding new graduate safety engineers
     Support Safety committees (PTW, Fall prevention & LOTOV) activities
     Emergency Response team member
     Perform regular audit to ensure compliance to local regulations and MAC standards
     Perform daily site inspection
     Follow up of incidents and corrective actions
     Conduct incident investigations as needed

    Senior (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) Engineer

    Cooper industries Middle East
    November 2011
    To January 2013
    Saudi Arabia - Dammam
     Incident Reporting (FIFI)
     Waste management
     Full process inspection
     Contractors management
     Deliver Safety & Quality Training
     Maintain ISO 9001 & UL certification
     Welding & coating inspection
     Daily management meeting (DVM)

    Project Engineer(Design)

    Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project
    June 2011
    To November 2011
    Saudi Arabia - Khobar
     Assists PMT in compliance to the Safety standards
     Lead the development of engineering specification Rev 0
     Acts as the project design engineer on assigned projects,
     Conformance with design specifications, codes and standards

    Technical Support Engineer

    Baker Hughes Incorporated
    December 2009
    To June 2011
    Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province
     Preparing the first alert form for each incident
     In-process and final inspections of products
     Preparing JSA's and risk assessments for each assignment
     Analyze quality control and product assurance tests
     Maintain high standards of quality, reliability and safety for products.
     Ensure that all nonconforming products are identified and initiated NC reports

    Quality Inspector

    baker hughes incorporated
    November 2008
    To December 2009
    Saudi Arabia - Dammam
    Key Responsibilities as Quality Inspector (Nov '08 - Dec '09):
    • Analyzed and monitored quality control and product assurance tests to ensure products exceed quality and reliability standards.
    • Ensured that all nonconforming products are identified and initiated non-conformance reports as required as well as evaluated corrective and preventive actions to resolve the same.
    • Oversaw the use of calibrated monitoring and measurement devices by BOT operations.
    • Supervised product testing, maintained high standards of quality, reliability and safety for products as well as provided appropriate recommendations in relation to operating parameters.
    • Accountable for the documentation related to in-process and final inspections of products including but not limited to dimensional sheets, functional tests, high pressure testing, drifting and checklists.
    • Worked with quality assurance team as well as ensured that product assurance test is completed and are in compliance with ISO standards.

    Site Engineer

    Saudi Aramco/Khursaniah Project
    July 2007
    To November 2008
    Saudi Arabia - Jubail
    Key Responsibilities:
     Aramco work permit receiver
     Pipe spools fabrication and erecetion
     Erected > 1000 tons of spools successfully.
     Hydro-testing and pre-commissioning of pipelines
     Led 40 team members of Saudi national welders
     Handled fabrication of large size spools using saw machine.
     Efficiently handled the water flushing and air blowing process pipelines.

    SHE Officer

    United Carton Industries Company
    April 2006
    To July 2007
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Key Responsibilities:
     Certified First aider
     Fire marshal & Evacuator
     Conduct Work place inspections
     Accident prevention and investigation
     Carried out random checks for compliance
     Firefighting equipment maintenance coordinator
     Safety trainer for both company employees & visitors

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Master's degree, MBA

    at University of Liverpool
    United Kingdom
    Grade: 3+ out of 4
    December 2013
    Fully Accredited Degree
    Ranked top 50 Worldwide
    Interactive learning

    Diploma, Project Management

    at Project Management Institute
    August 2009
    Other Training and Certifications:
    • Mar '10: Real Estate Evaluation Fundamentals, Arab Real Estate Academy, Saudi Arabia
    • Mar '10: Rig Components, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Apr '10: Introduction to Technical Literature, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Jun '10: Liner Hanger Systems, Baker Hughes Inc, UAE
    • Jul '10: Smith Systems - Small Vehicle Forward Motion, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Jan '09: Proactive Driving, MATRIX I.S.C, Saudi Arabia
    • Feb '09: Back Safety - Awareness - Historical, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Feb '09: Hand Safety - Operations and Manufacturing, Introduction to Pressure Testing Certification, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Feb '09: Fundamentals of Hydraulics, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Feb '09: Inflatable Element Hydraulics, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Feb '09: Pressure Testing Awareness, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Mar '09: Packer Hydraulics, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Apr '09: Quick Start Ware House Training, Baker Hughes Inc, UAE
    • Apr '09: Hydrogen Sulfide Hazards & Awareness Sebai Est. for Safety Training, Saudi Arabia
    • Aug '09: Project Management Professional, PMI, US
    • Nov '09: Engineering Development Program, Dubai
    • Nov '09: Quick Start Program, Dubai
    • Nov '09: Engineering Development Program, Baker Hughes Inc, UAE
    • Nov '09: Petroleum Fundamentals, The University of Texas, Asutin, UAE
    • Dec '09: BHI Ethics and Compliance Overview, Information Security, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Dec '09: Environmental Orientation, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Dec '09: HS&E Observations, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Dec '09: BHI General Onboarding, BHI High Performance Culture, Introduction to Baker Oil Tools, Baker Hughes Inc.
    • Feb '08: Motivation, Consolidated Contractors Company, Saudi Arabia
    • Mar '08: TOEFL IBT (73), ETS, Saudi Arabia
    • Jul '08: Certified Associate in Project Management, PMI, US
    • Nov '08: Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness Training, Electrical Safety, Emergency Planning and Evacuation, Fall Protection, Fire Safety, Fire Prevention and Control - Awareness, HS&E Orientation, Security, Baker Hughes Inc.

    Bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering

    at Umm Al-Qura University
    Saudi Arabia - Mecca
    Grade: 1.45 out of 4
    February 2006

    Specialties & Skills


    Problem Solving

    Team Work

    Reading Isometric & P&ID Drawings, Knowledge in Welding Process

    Knowledge of OHSAS18001, ISO14001,

    Windows & MS Office

    Fabrication/Erection of Spools

    SAP Application

    Ms Project

    Ability to Infelunce and inspire people

    Project Management

    Problem Solving

    Safety Management

    Safety Audits

    Convincing Skills


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    Saudi Engineer Council (SEC)
    March 2006
    American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME)
    July 2007
    Project Management Institute (PMI)
    August 2006

    Training And Certifications

    Six Sigma Certificate - Green Belt

    Issued in: August 2012 Valid Until: - August 2012

    Engineering Development Program

    Issued in: November 2010 Valid Until: - November 2010

    PMP (Project Management Professional )

    Issued in: August 2009 Valid Until: - August 2012

    Quick Start Training

    Issued in: February 2009 Valid Until: - April 2009


    Issued in: March 2008 Valid Until: - March 2008

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    Reading, learning new skills and football


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    As Manufacturing Engineer in Cooper Industries

    (COLLEAGUE) on 2012-05-14
    "Esam is a dedicated person with full passion on his work. He is focused on his line of duty, making sure everything runs as per what is required, in terms of Quality, Health and Safety. He also devotes time and concentration on improvements and wide varieties of Engineering ideas. I would like to recommend him for a position that suits best his talents."

    As Account Coordinator I in Baker Hughes Incorporated

    Abdullah Al-Jamaan
    (COLLEAGUE) on 2012-05-14
    "Esam is a high talented young engineer who's dedicated to his work, I have been working with him for more than 30 months and he always had passion to his job, his loyalty to the company was so obvious, Esam performance never be less even on the peak times, I know that he will make it to the management level earlier than his colleges'' Good Luck in your career"

    As Plant Manager in Cooper Industries

    Ashraf Sharoni
    (COLLEAGUE) on 2012-06-30
    "Essam is meticulous and detail oriented. Applies solid knowledge base and practices to his tasks. He is professional and goal oriented. My interaction with Essam proved to exemplify his commitment level to the accuracy and quality of work performed"

    As Project Engineer in Cooper Industries

    Fayez Al-talib
    (COLLEAGUE) on 2012-11-20
    "Esam has excellent communication skills which lead him into good work environments. He is also committed to his work. In addition to that, he has such a good technical background with supporting knowledge."

    As Sourcing Manager in Cooper Middle East Industries

    Mohammed Al-Marzoug
    (COLLEAGUE) on 2013-01-13
    "Esam is one of the active team members within Cooper plant and he has very good potential in quality, safety and health. Also, he can work in different work environment and different nationalities’. So, he can manage his tasks properly and act in professional ways that will give him the capability to work on continue improvement projects."

    As Oil & Gas Middle East Development Manager for Cooper B-Line in Cooper Industries

    Zuhair Almaskeen
    (MANAGER) on 23-06-2012
    "Essam is a hard worker, team worker and supportive. Also he is cooperating and concentrating in his responsibilities very well. I recommend him to any vacancy which needs team work, hard work, cooperation, concentration and integrity."

    As Manager - Projects & Engineering in United Carton Industries Company

    By Ashok Kumar Swaminathan (MANAGER) on 13-11-2011
    "Esam is very dedicated & sincere in his work. He is very proactive and always on the lookout for introducing changes for having safe work practices. He is eager to learn new developments in the field of Safety. He has accomplished all his assignments well within the target schedule. He will be a valuable asset to whichever organisation he works for."

    As lead engineer in Saudi Aramco PMT in Saudi Aramco

    By Abdullah (MANAGER) on 23-10-2011
    "Essam is a good engineer and he showed very high cooperation during his work in my team. Essay has business ethics that made him distinguished . He showed high flexibility and can adapt quickly with business need and schedule . Also he has team work intent ."

    As E.H.S. Coordinator in United Carton Industries Company

    By Romeo (MANAGER) on 24-10-2011
    "Essam is a good safety officer, and showed excellent performance in implementing, and monitoring safety norms on site, during his tenure with my department. He is strong and aggressive in driving company rules on site in adherence to ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards."

    As Project Engineer in Aramco Overseas Company

    By Anas (COLLEAGUE) on 24-10-2011
    "Well done. It's really amazing CV."

    As Line Engineer in COOPER industries

    By AHMED A. (COLLEAGUE) on 23-06-2012
    "Esam is one of the most active Engineers in COOPER Dammam Saudi Arabia. Even though Quality and Safety are two distinctive areas and requires an effort of two qualified engineers but Esam could successfully master the both areas in in COOPER Dammam. You can get a lot out of him and he is the type of engineer who you would make sure including him in your team."