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    Fahd Cheema

    Lecturer – Faculty of Electronics Engineering

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah University

    Pakistan - Islamabad
    Master's degree, Communication Systems Engineering
    8 years, 3 months

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    Lecturer - Faculty of Electronics Engineering

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah University
    July 2014
    To Present
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    • Using my previous experience and exposure to educate students
    • Course organizer & Instructor: EE 3513 - Electromagnetic Fields & Waves
    • Making students understand the important concepts and basics of waves propagation
    • Making them understand static electric and magnetic fields as well as time-varying fields
    • Course organizer & Instructor: EE 4532 - Microwave Engineering
    • Making students understand the basics of Microwaves propagation & their behavior in field, basic theories of MW equipment like waveguides, couplers, LNA, etc.
    • Express scattering parameters and application to analyze the multiport microwave components
    • Analyze the effects of mismatch of generator and load with transmission lines on power transmission and design the matched transmission line systems
    • Course organizer & Instructor: EE 4533 - Antenna Theory & Design
    • Making use of above mentioned courses to reach this important course related to design antennae
    • Analyzing fundamental parameters of antenna, linear wire antennae, loop antennae, and finally arrays
    • Design of different antennae types in simulation tool & their analysis.
    • Course organizer & Instructor: EE 2213 - Circuit Analysis
    • Basic components, voltage & current laws, nodal & mesh analysis, op-amp, RLC circuits

    TXN Optimization Engineer - MW Access Network

    November 2013
    To July 2014
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    • Responsible for 2G microwave re-design for existing sites
    • Traffic re-engineering for sites where 3G/4G services are not to be offered
    • Upgrading 2G sites KPI’s by taking care of Fade Margin and Availability
    • Making new hub sites, decreasing tower loading & planning new back bone routes
    • Planning to segregate 2G network & backbones from new 3G/4G network to make E1 data tagging & O&M operations easy as well as quick

    Performance Test Engineer

    SHARP Electronics
    July 2011
    To October 2013
    ○ Performance acceptance testing of different electronic products
    ○ Execution of test procedures according to the company standards
    ○ Preparation of detailed analysis reports of performed testing procedures
    ○ Formed, led, and managed a team of 12 engineers to perform rectification of 3D sound bar systems by changing the surface mounted chips (transistors & capacitors) under magnifying glass
    ○ Customer specific configurations like interface board installations, SW/ HW upgrades, of different products like cash registers, sound systems, street lights, and IP configuration for wall TV et al.

    Transmission Planning Engineer - MW Access Network

    Mobilink (Orascom Telco)
    April 2008
    To September 2010
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    ○ Responsible for microwave design for new sites rollout
    ○ Traffic engineering for 2G/2.5G GSM, GPRS, EDGE services
    ○ NEC, Alcatel, & Ericsson transmission access microwave network
    ○ Huawei RTN 600 PDH/ SDH/ Ethernet integrated microwave transmission system
    ○ Network design for 10GHz, 18GHz, and 23GHz bands as per terrain and hop capacity requirements.
    ○ Planning TXN repeaters for areas where direct MW connectivity is not possible
    ○ Link budget analysis & preparation using Path Loss, Aircom Connect, MapInfo, & GIS tools
    ○ Interference analysis, repeater planning, & preparation of LOS survey plans
    ○ Site integration/ routing plans for Ater & Abis traffic
    ○ Design of new backbone connectivity/ shifting from lease lines and VSAT by proposing new connectivity solutions
    ○ Contingency plans to avoid service degradations and unforeseen outages
    ○ Hands on experience of NEC configuration and management tools PNMT and PNMSj.
    ○ Performing network optimization to reduce CAPEX/ OPEX
    ○ Maintaining LOS and technical site survey teams/ reports


    July 2006
    To August 2006
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    •Carrying out LoS surveys of sites
    • Physical verification of tributary information
    • Mirror test, balloon test and flash test as per requirements

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Master's degree, Communication Systems Engineering

    at University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Bremen
    Bremen, Germany
    March 2013

    Broadband Low-Noise Microwave Amplifier Design & Realization

    ○ Design using AWR Microwave Office suite
    ○ Design using BFP420 bipolar transistor
    ○ Detailed RF impedance matching and transformation
    ○ Lumped elements analysis and inclusion
    ○ Stabilized narrow line low noise amplifier design at 2.2 GHz
    ○ Feedback network design for broadband operation (1 - 4 GHz)
    ○ Minimizing unwanted harmonics by optimization
    ○ System stability analysis for required gain balance and noise figure
    ○ PCB design for 2.5cm x 2.5 cm, 32mil (0.83mm) substrate
    ○ Circuit realization on RO 4003c substrate using micro strip technology
    ○ Results verification using Vector Network Analyzer
    ○ Prototype analysis, review and optimization
    ○ RF measurements & lab Investigations
    ○ Success in achieving desired results

    Bachelor's degree, Telecommunications Engineering

    at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    Grade: 3.25/4.0
    March 2008
    Bachelor Thesis:

    Analysis, Design, Implementation and Fabrication of a pair of Standalone Pager Devices able to Transmit/ Receive Text Data using FSK Technique after Encryption/ Decryption being done using Digital Encryption Standard (DES) Algorithm.

    Specialties & Skills

    RF circuit design, realization, & testing

    GSM transmission network planning & optimization

    Technology performance testing

    Transmission Network Rollout

    Implementation Management

    Project Management

    Subcontractor Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    CAPEX/ OPEX reduction

    Access Networks



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