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    Expert PS (EPC)


    Pakistan - Islamabad
    High school or equivalent, Pre Engineering Maths, Physics, Chemistry
    7 years, 9 months

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    Expert PS (EPC)

    July 2012
    To Present
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    * Lead for all PS Core - PS Core Entities (SGSN/MME, GGSN/PGW/SGW, CG, DNS, PCRF, SPR )
    * Integration of PCRF to CMPAK Network
    * Configured and established SGs, S6a, Gx, Sp & Gy Interface Links
    * Pre and Post Launch test of 3G Direct Tunnel (DT) and 4G CSFB features
    * Rules and Scenario Testing for Packages to be launched according to Marketing recording
    * GGSN xDPI Function enabled to configure PCRF Packages based on services such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype with uplink/downlink limitations
    * Configured SMPP Connection between PCRF and SMSC for sending notifications to subscribers based on Volume Consumptions
    * Detailed DIAMETER Tracing on Gx, Gy, Sp and SMPP Interface on PCRF, GGSN and SPR to troubleshoot Packages Implementation
    * Tested following Packages on PCRF:
    o Volume Based Uplink/Downlink Limitation
    o Priority QoS based on service area
    o IMEI based QoS and Resource Sharing between FnF
    o URL Redirection based on volume consumed
    o Bandwidth Allocation based on services
    * Highly Critical Cutover of Charging Regime by Shifting from CAMEL(CAP) to GY(DIAMETER) to provide functionality for Content based Packages launch
    * Creation of Gr links with STP to enable signaling with HLR
    * Internet Gateway Planning, Designing and Implementation for Gi interface
    * MP-BGP and MPLS Core Deployment for IGW Core Layer
    * Addition of DNS Entries for newly configured APNs
    * CDR Analysis on Charging Gateway (CG) to point out release causes and sort out revenue related issues by comparing S-CDR and G-CDR with OCS CDRs
    * Ensuring PS Core KPI (Attach Success Rate, PDP Success Rate, Inter-SGSN Routing Handover Success Rate, IP Pool Utilization & Paging Success Rate )
    * RNC Integration to SGSN for 3G testing and Launch
    * New APN configuration on GGSN to cater Cooperate Clients
    * IP Pool expansion planning and execution for required APN according to the daily analysis on IP Pool utilizations
    * Taken up G-CDRs standardization to ASN.1 format and decoding issue with OCS team
    * Complete PS Core Links Audit to point out any redundancy issues in Gn/Gp, GRX, Gr, GI connectivity
    * Automation of Daily Dashboard Generation from Counters available in EMS for KPI analysis
    * Automated Worst 10 BSCs w.r.t Attach SR(%) to quickly point out problematic BSCs

    System Engineer

    DWP technologies (cisco gold partner)
    January 2012
    To June 2012
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    EMC Ionix (SMARTS) IT Operations Monitoring, Network & Storage Configuration, Mobilink

    *IONIX Server Hardware deployement
    * Installation and configuration of Dell R710 and R910 Servers.
    *Host OS Installation as per the desing document.
    *Host RAID Configuration as per the suggested configuration.
    *Configure the iDRAC and port bonding feature on all servers
    *Host partition layout verification as per the recommendations.
    *Host Network configuration verification.
    *Host OS patch verification
    * Installation of Service Assurance Manager, IP Manager, MPLS Manager, NPM Manager, NCM (Voyence)and watch4net
    * Provided the detail of testing scenarios that can be used to test for the operation hand over.
    *Update IVT documents for ITOI, NCM and W4NET

    Network Engineer

    DWP Technologies
    January 2010
    To December 2011
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    Key Responsibilities.
    • Installation, configuration, commissioning and support network in North region branch offices, Zone offices and Head offices.
    • Responsible for designing and implementation of customers network infrastructure
    • Build and maintain Visio documentations for Clients
    • Manage a team of engineers Technicians working on diverse technology areas, assign roles and Responsibilities and manage their time schedules to meet customer deadline.
    • Responsible for Technical Site Survey (TSS).
    • Responsible to make sure all process and parts before NRFU.
    • Responsible for NRFU (Network Ready For Test) and site Acceptance test
    • Coordinate between multiple vendors and follow escalation procedures to involve all concerns to ensure quick resolution of critical issues.
    • Assist Sr. Network Engineer in this project.
    • Provide support 24/7.

    Mobilink ORSCOM Telecom Core Network Project( SLA).
    • Involve in Installation, configuration, commissioning and support network in North region branch offices, Zonal offices and Head offices.
    • First point of contact of customer network support.
    • Resolve and implement routing (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP), switching(VTP, VLAN, STP, Trunking, Ether channel) and security issues.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve Call Center network issue.
    • Assist Sr. Network Engineer in this project.

    Telenor Pakistan Core IT Network Support (SLA).
    • Supporting core layer, distribution layer and access layer issues.
    • Update all data related to Network configuration & setup and Implement Microsoft Visio Topology
    • Implement customer routing, switching and security issues.

    Standard Charted bank(Team Lead).
    • Install, configure, commission and support network in the assigned territory (North).
    • WAN solutions for banks & corporate customers using Medias like fiber, microwave.
    • Implanting and verify EIGRP, OSPF, Frame Relay operations.


    March 2009
    To August 2009
    In NMC Network Maintenance Center; I was mainly responsible for fault management & Network Surveillance.
    Diagnose network faults and assign to appropriate groups for rectification

    Monitor the logging of Customer Problem Descriptions and resolve or escalate to the relevant support area.

    Ensure minimum Outage time in the network and at the same time maximize the grade of Services

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 2 Months   


    What's your educational background?
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    High school or equivalent, Pre Engineering Maths, Physics, Chemistry

    at OPF Boys College
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    Grade: 60 out of 100
    April 2012

    Bachelor's degree, Telecommunications

    Pakistan - Islamabad
    December 2009
    GPA 2.35
    Teacher Assistant for the course Data Communication and Networks.
    Achieved 2nd position in Debating Competition .

    Specialties & Skills


    Network Configuration

    Network Technology

    On site Support

    Technology Implementation

    New Technology Implementation


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    Training And Certifications

    CCIE Service Provider (CCIE # 44033)

    Issued in: June 2014


    Issued in: August 2012 Valid Until: - August 2012

    Tailored EMC Ionix Training

    Issued in: January 2012 Valid Until: - January 2012

    Tailored EMC Ionix Training

    Issued in: December 2011 Valid Until: - December 2011


    Issued in: October 2011 Valid Until: - October 2011


    Issued in: January 2011 Valid Until: - June 2011