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    Fazal Alvi


    Banque Saudi Frasnsi

    Saudi Arabia
    Diploma, Chartered Financial Analyst
    7 years, 7 months

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    Banque Saudi Frasnsi
    January 2013
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
      Assigned to manage credit portfolio of SAR 3, 871 Million.
     Participate in joint visits to new/existing clients with ROs / Regional Manager.
     Sound understanding and knowledge of credit policies and procedures.
     Structuring, evaluating and reviewing the credit proposal, analyze the clients’ financial and risk limitations, ensure the procedures are followed and participate in the decision making process together with the Senior and Regional Manager.
     Assigned to manage corporate accounts involving investment holding and investment companies, large corporate accounts due to the sensitivity of relationship.
     Perform financial analysis with focus on key accounts and ratios.
     Thorough understanding of granted delegation applicable to clients including the delegation for overstepping and exceptional transactions;
     Monitor the credit risk of the clients by constant update, regularization and initiate corrective action for the concerned WMG clients.
     Prepare summary of credit proposals for WMG Head to be discussed in Management Credit Committee to facilitate client credit decision making.
     Responsible for initiating and submitting prior to the due/expiry date Annual Review, loan roll-over tickets, deferral, overstepping and extension request to Senior Management for approval.
     Follow up with the Credit Administration Department (CAD) for preparing the required documentation for the approved credit facility (ies) and subsequent implementation of credit limits.
     Monitor performing loans maturity schedule, covenant, securities and conditions for the existing facilities and report discrepancies to ROs on monthly basis.
     Liaise with the Trade Finance Department for the transactions pertaining to export, import and guarantees
     Possess full command in operating Algorithm Credit Administrator (ACA) for credit proposals, Anadefi Risk Rating System and Business Object for management reporting.
     Provide backup support to the WMG Head in absence of Head of Credit (Kingdom wide) and represent the group in meeting with Credit Committee, Risk Management Committee.

    Financial Analyst

    Middle East Metal and Wood Ind. Co. Ltd. (METALCO)
    May 2011
    To December 2012
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Subsidiaries: Mawad international Door Hardware Manufacturing Company, Alufab, Doors and Hardware Solution (DnH), Mawad Technology Co. Ltd.

      Handle receipt and disbursements of funds and ensure the same are made in accordance with procedures and policies laid down.
     Monitor financial performance for fulfilling obligations under loan covenants.
     Preparation of projected cash flow statement.
     Negotiate with bankers for provision of services in accordance with the company requirements.
     Liaison with treasury department of banks in getting good rates for document discounting.
     Liaison with the purchase department for opening of LC’s.
     Close working relationship with sales department for timely issuance of Bid bonds, Performance bonds and Advance Payments bonds.
     Working in liaison with the Finance Manager, the Accounts Manager, the Internal Auditor for upgrading the Financial Structure for the sister concern(s) DNH (Dubai) and Mawad Technology (Qatar).
     Updating routine transaction through NET SOFT (ERP).
     Study cost and revenue data of various departments and compare with standards/targets/budget, investigate variances and present the result of investigation to immediate superior.
     Prepare performance report department wise, comparison with actual and budgeted figures, distribution of costs according to profit centre’s, and arriving at profit by profit centre
     Receives account statement from banks and reconcile with the company records of payroll, interest/profit of bank deposits and other bank charges (for LC’s, LG’s, Commission).
     Arrange for collection of data on salaries, commission and other related information from the concerned department, ensure completeness and accuracy of data received, prepare payroll.
     Calculate and prepare reimbursement billings and tracks receivables; reconciles monthly accounts receivable.
     Preparing financial statements on periodic basis.

    Asst.Finance Manager

    ATS Training Institute
    July 2009
    To January 2011
    Pakistan - Karachi
     Prepare budget schedules providing details of activities to be undertaken towards the preparation of budgets including circulation of budget forms, time of answering queries, deadline for completing and returning budget forms, data for budget review and circulation of approved budget.
     Supervise distribution of budget forms along with comparative data to appropriate departments and locations for their completion according to budget schedule guidelines.
     Study cost and revenue data of various departments and compare with budget, investigate variances and present the result of investigation to immediate superior.
     Preparation of projected cash flow statement.
     Negotiate with bankers for provision of services in accordance with the company requirements.
     Preparing and monitoring Bank Reconciliation on daily basis.
     Preparing financial statements on periodic basis.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 3 Months   


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    Diploma, Chartered Financial Analyst

    at CFA Institute
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    June 2017

    Master's degree, Finance

    at Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi.
    Pakistan - Karachi
    January 2009

    Bachelor's degree, Commerce

    at University of Karachi
    Pakistan - Karachi
    December 2005

    High school or equivalent, Higher Secondary Certificate in Commerce

    at Commecs Institute of Business Education
    Pakistan - Karachi
    June 2003

    High school or equivalent, Secondary School Certificate in Commerce

    at B.V.S. Parsi High School
    Pakistan - Karachi
    September 2001

    Specialties & Skills

    Financial Planning

    Financial Reporting

    Bank Negotiations

    Cost Analysis

    Budget Forecast

    Financial Analysis

    Cost Analysis


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