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    Muhammad Furqan Ghazipura

    Manager Human Resource.

    United Franchises Company Limited (Swisshouse Restaurant & Cafe)

    Master's degree, Human Resource
    13 years, 1 month

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    Manager Human Resource.

    United Franchises Company Limited (Swisshouse Restaurant & Cafe)
    April 2014
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Medina
    • Start working from the ground up, established the complete HR Manual keeping in view Saudi Arab Labor Law, that covers but not limited to;

    o Formulize the Corporate Philosophy.
    o Classification of Employment Contract
    o Developed the Recruitment & Selection strategy.
    o Organize methodology for Orientation & Onboarding that includes onboarding training for operations staff.
    o Streamline the Benefits structure that comprises on various policies and procedures.
    o Stratagems Compensation structure by defining Pay-Slabs covering each position of the company.
    o Introduced Pool Incentive and Bonus Schemes.
    o D`efining the completely new payroll model and change all old strategies.
    o Buildup the career path structure in linked with Pay-Slabs.
    o Analysis the job nature and developed job descriptions for every position of the company.
    o Developed and Performance evaluation patterns for each segment.
    o Developed a strategy for Training and Development.
    o Planning for building Training Manuals for each position.
    o Developed standing orders for staff accommodations.
    o Drafted the Separation procedure, and much more.

    Crucial Responsibilities:
    • Apart from all above I remain involve in;
    o Administering the leaves, visa, staff movements and mainlining the record of their official ID’s such as IQAMA, Passport, GOSI, BALADIYA.
    o Taking care of Employee Health Insurance Schemes.
    o Attendance management.
    o Payroll management.
    o Responsible to highlight and finalize the recruitment agencies, as per company terms and conditions,
    o Responsible for filling the required position by newly hiring or transferring the residency.
    o Responsible to Obtaining the Visa and documentation processing with concern embassies.
    o Travel management.
    o Responsible for resolution of complaints and conflict management.
    o foreseeing the employees exits and manage the team accordingly.

    Head of HR / Manager HR - Admin

    Converge Technologies (Private) Limited.
    December 2009
    To March 2014
    Pakistan - Karachi
    Chronological Designations:
    • Manager Human Resource & Administration -- December 2009 till June 2011.
    • Head of Human Resource & Administration -- July 2011 till to-date


    • Develop & introduce HR as new Function.
    • initiate, formulate, implement and ensure HR systems & things are driving
    • Introduce Health policy (OPD / IPD) Scheme (internal).
    • Introduce Grading and Pay Structure, career path policy, traveling policies, Timing policy, and leaves policy.
    • Introduce Training Series “Team Grooming”
    • Initiate, Lead & ensure the purpose of Clubhouse Converge, the social forum of Converge.
    • Performance Evaluation, KPI & key resources identification steps introduced.

    Generic Responsibilities:

    • By this role, I am the Board HR secretary as well as the member of the Board HR committee.
    • Developing an HR system includes HR manual, various Operational & Strategic HR policies and employee’s facilitation schemes (terminal, monitory and non-monitory).
    • Ensure adherence & implementation of HR system throughout the organization.
    • Completely administers Recruitment & Selection function at all level nationwide and ensure hiring of a right candidate for the right job at right time.
    • Developed & implement company-wide Grading & Pay Structure to minimize the hiring hassles and clearly defining pay plan with 8 years forecasts.
    • Developed & implement company-wide Career Path Plans to give the clear direction of resources at time of hiring & their career.
    • Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives.
    • Perform difficult staffing duties, including dealing with under-staffing, cure disputes, firing employees, and administering disciplinary procedures.
    • Assign Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) throughout staffing in liaison with respective Business unit head’s.
    • To provide clear direction and clarify organization-wide expectations by defining Job descriptions in liaison with respective Business unit head’s for every level to analyze the gap between expectation w.r.t. achievements of KPI’s.
    • Highlighting the Key Resources of the Company BU wise and identify the obstacles, company assets and surplus head count BU wise.
    • In the light of identification, develop Career Path & Succession Planning for the obstacles and assets.
    • In liaison with BU heads responsible for submission of resource planning and budgeting to BHRC for succeeding years keeping in view business growth and need.
    • Ensuring proper HR resource pool within the organization, effective performance appraisal and high motivation level among employees.
    • Defining Hierarchies Company-wide that clearly shows who reports to whom and chain of command throughout the organization.
    • About to launch patterned Training series Team Grooming Series 1 & 2.
    • About to launch Company’s CSR Policy.
    • Head’s the company’s social Committee Named as “Clubhouse Converge” where we have annual engagement programs for our entire team’s and ensure 100% cross-functional​ mingling to provide motivated environment, create an organization-wide​ culture where one O one interaction does matter.
    • Compile statistical reports concerning personnel-related data such as hires, transfers, performance appraisals, and absenteeism rates.
    • Analyze statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization's personnel policies and practices.
    • Managing separation procedure for separated employee’s either-ways.
    • Responsible for all administrative & procurement activities this includes utilities, housekeeping, office maintenance, security, traveling, printing, accessories & all kind of procurement's etc...

    Manager Human Resource & Admin

    March 2008
    To December 2009
    Pakistan - Karachi

    • Initiate, formulate and implement Grading and Pay Structure Policy, Provident Fund Scheme, Motor vehicle Policy, Pool Incentives and Bonus Policy, Reward Policy, power delegation system and career path policy also made Amends in Traveling policies.
    • Prepare and Implement various SOP’s in-consultation with senior management such as purchase procedure, Dispatch Procedure, Re-ordering and import procedure, Store procedure.
    • Initiate and working on Employees Health Insurance, Career Path Policies, TND, Performance Management System, Recruitment, Selection and Induction system.
    • Prepared HR MANUAL & Employee Handbook

    Generic Responsibilities:

    • Entire Recruitment & Selection process from preparation of advertisement until induction of an incumbent.
    • Prepare and maintain attendance, leaves record, employees’ record and payroll formalities.
    • Preparation of various policies in consultation with management
    • Develop relationship with all staff and handle all employees’ grievances according to situation and on need basis.
    • Managing and arranging all pre and after traveling (international / national) related matter for staff, principals & guests.
    • Deals with various other admin related works i.e. (repair & maintenance office, vehicles, generator and any other task given frequently or required)

    Assistant Manager Human Resource & Admin

    Karachi Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd
    May 2006
    To February 2008
    Pakistan - Karachi
    Generic Responsibilities:

    • Develop and conduct training programs based on requirement.
    • Develop strong relationship internal and external.
    • Employee(s) record management.
    • Maintain CGMP with collaboration of Plant Manager.
    • To manage offset printing stationary and completely responsible of consumable purchase.
    • As being Deputy Management Representative, implement ISO standards / compliance's and coordinate with all departments for implementing those compliance's. Have done one Successful Audit without any NCR.
    • Monitoring maintenance workshop and responsible for all preventive repair and maintenance, during operations & routine.
    • Controlling and monitoring of General administration.

    Deputy Manager Human Resource & Admin

    Dr. Zaiuddin Hospital University
    February 2006
    To May 2006
    Pakistan - Karachi
    Generic Responsibilities:

    • Manage and Prepare Appointment, Termination, Contract Letters, Payroll, Advance against salaries, Loan Computations, Final Settlements, Increments, Promotion, Leave records, Provident Fund/ Gratuity of the employees as per Hospital Policy and Procedure.
    • Prepare Pay-Scales & Career path policy for higher Management.
    • Manage & Discuss frequent issues of employees.
    • Check security and housekeeping arrangements in liaison with their supervisors.

    Assistant Administrator/Labor Officer

    Al Munaf Corporation
    December 2003
    To December 2005
    • Prepare Payroll on monthly basis.
    • Labor records management.
    • Clerical works for administrator.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 3 Months   


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    Master's degree, Human Resource

    at Hamdard University
    Pakistan - Karachi
    Grade: 2.83
    September 2007
    Elective Courses:
    Recruitment & Selection,
    Salary & Compensation Management,
    Training & Development; and
    Business & Labor Law

    Specialties & Skills


    Employee Relations

    Benefits Strategy

    Team Spirit

    Performance Management

    HR Compliance & Administration.

    Organization Hierarchy Buildings (Org Charts)

    Grading & Pay Structures

    Performance Managemenet

    Career Path & Succession Planing

    MS Excel

    Team Building & Motivation

    Employee Wellness & Social Networking

    Salary, Benefits & Compensation Management.

    Labor Laws (Pakistan)

    Training & Development

    Recruitment & Selection

    Employee / Personnel Management

    HR Policies

    MS Powerpoint

    Grievance Handling


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    As Head of Project Management Office (PMO) in Sakonent

    Jawwad Kadir
    (COLLEAGUE) on 15-03-2013
    "Furqan is an extremely hard working and details oriented professional with excellent managerial skills and sound professional background. He was one of the most caring Human Resource experts, I know. By nature he went the extra mile to support his employees. On top of that he is qualified HR expert and can be the asset to any organization."