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    Ghada El Kurd

    Strategic Development Director

    Jawsaq Media & Art Production

    Jordan - Amman
    Diploma, Knowledge Management
    26 years, 1 month

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    Strategic Development Director

    Jawsaq Media & Art Production
    September 2013
    To Present
    Jordan - Amman
    Strategy Planning,
    Tender Management
    Proposal Writing
    Content Development
    Documentary Research
    Documentary Scripting
    Resources Development
    Programming Concept Development

    Empowerment Coach - Certified Professional Coach

    May 2010
    To Present
    Jordan - Amman
    oaching is a practical tool for personal discovery and development and I can help you unlock and release the potential within you, to bring about major positive improvements in your life. It is a practical and forward looking way for you to gain clarity on what you don't like about your life and what you can do about it.

    My life and business coaching programs are about creating permanent and fundamental shifts in your view of yourself and your business. As your coach I can help you move from where you are now to where you want or need to get to. Empowering you into your full potential.

    I have coached & mentored over 300 individuals

    Individual Coaching: Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Communication Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Motivational Coaching, Personal Development, Personal Finance Coaching, Self-Esteem Coaching, Stress Management Coaching, Success Coaching Women's Empowerment Coaching

    Group Coaching Workshops: Be What You Want To BE - Goal Setting - Reducing Stress - Become Debt Free - My 2011 Road Map - 7 Steps to NLP Business -Launch Pad - Business Coaching Program

    Managing Director

    Decapolis Consulting
    October 2010
    To October 2013
    Jordan - Amman
    Managing the overall operation and day-to-day management of my company; Decapolis Consulting is dedicated to providing high quality professional support services to clients in various industries across the region. The company with its regional business experience focuses on practical short and long term solutions with independent perspectives to the business and organizational issues facing our clients.

    Our clients include SMEs and large corporations for which we provide consulting & management support services. Decapolis Consulting specializes in the following areas:

    Management Consulting
    Organizational support & consulting.
    Business Planning, Market research & Feasibility Studies.
    Translations, copyediting, copy-writing, proofreading and content development.
    Training, Coaching & Mentoring.

    Strategic Development Director

    Jamjoom Production & Distribution
    December 2012
    To July 2013
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Developed and implemented comprehensive strategic and tactical plans for business development., income generation, and resources development.& management.

    Technical Writer

    January 2002
    To October 2010


    Why take chances with your writing project?

    Writing is a difficult and time consuming task. If not done properly, it can waste your time, money, and create a poor image of you or your organization. Don't allow inferior writing to tarnish your professional image.

    You're best at what you do—administrator, executive, manager, engineer, medical professional, scientist, educator, researcher, marketing professional, etc.

    Let me do what I do best—writing!

    I have experience writing articles, booklets, brochures, pamphlets business plans, curriculum, user manuals, and technical data—including corporate documentation from a company profile to company policy manuals.

    I can write your articles, research studies, booklets, books, brochures, e-books, fliers, newsletters, press releases, public relations and sales literature, web pages, and white papers.

    As your freelance writer, I offer you quality and experience, a fresh perspective, convenience and affordable, on-call service. Whether you need a small brochure or a company profile, a user’s guide or a technical manual, I can help.

    Business Consultant / Recruiter

    July 2006
    To September 2010
    Jordan - Amman
    Business Consulting
    Success in business comes as a result of planning. My Business Consulting services include: Research, Developing Business Plans, Organizational Structure, Process Evaluation and much more.

    My ability to seek, screen, and interview qualified candidates of the highest caliber benefited quite a few firms from different industries.

    Our mission at Concise Consulting is to offer our clients quality and experience, with a fresh perspective, convenience and an affordable on-call service.

    Personally, as your Business Consultant and Recruiter my goal is to make your life easier.

    Director Advisory Services & CKO

    November 2009
    To January 2010
    Jordan - Amman
    Director Advisory Services
    Chief Knowldge Officer
    Special Advisor to the Chairman
    Organizational Restructioring
    Performance management

    Techncial Writer / Acting Knowledge Manager

    August 2008
    To October 2009
    Jordan - Amman
    Main Duties and Responsibilities as Technical Writer:

    Edited, standardized, and made changes to material prepared by other writers (consultants); Reviewed published material and recommended revisions or changes in scope, format, and content; Researched, Analyzed, developed, wrote, updated and edited Procedures Manuals, technical proposals and client deliverables; Created, updated and enhanced documentation, adhering to format, content and style guidelines, giving consideration to usability and readability and ensuring accuracy, consistency and quality; Developed writing standards and guidelines to help others develop high quality client deliverables.

    Coordinated Business Analysts Assignments, acting as KM developed an action plan and tool kit for the company's KM initiative, amongst other internal projects which I lead to improve the departments processes and ultimately my team's overall performance.

    Business Consultant / Recruiter

    October 2007
    To December 2007
    Jordan - Amman
    Worked with General Manager in Consultant capacity on Organizational Restructuring, defining company short and long term goals, and the requirements for achieving those goals, inluding recruitment needs, and in turn, held ownership of the full recruitment process, and successfully fulfilling phase I recruitment needs, as per my assignment. Also, guided marketing reserach for a new ITD software application.

    Interviewer / Consultant

    Primepoint Consulting
    May 2005
    To December 2005
    Jordan - Amman
    Contracted Agreement - by the hour

    Business Consultant / Information Architect / Technical Writer

    April 2004
    To May 2005
    Jordan - Amman
    Contracted Agreement - by the project

    Resource Development Manager

    PrimePoint Consulting
    January 2005
    To March 2005
    Jordan - Amman
    Contracted Limited Assignment

    Business Planner, Executive Director

    ProgRAMS Cultural Center
    March 2002
    To December 2004
    Jordan - Amman
    Part Time

    Technical Writer, Translator, Private Tutor, & Information Architect

    January 2002
    To November 2003
    Jordan - Amman

    Technical Writer

    Al-Ghasaq Computer Systems
    April 2001
    To December 2001
    Jordan - Amman
    Full Time
    Writing technical documents and User Manuals. Translation (Arabic / English -English / Arabic) of legal documents and User Manuals. Software Arabization . Proofreading documents in both languages. Designing User Manual templates. Proofreading internal and external correspondance.

    Course Evaluator

    March 2001
    To April 2001
    Jordan - Amman
    Contracted Assignment
    IT Auditing Principles & Technologies

    Technical Writer, Translator, & Information Architect

    November 2000
    To March 2001
    Jordan - Amman


    ALBARQ Training Center
    February 2001
    To March 2001
    Jordan - Amman
    Instructing Windows98 & WinWord to novice computer users.

    Freelance Writer

    Arabia On Line
    August 2000
    To November 2000
    Jordan - Amman

    General Manager and Head Designer

    Almaseh Fashions
    July 1994
    To July 1999
    Jordan - Amman
    Oversee daily operation. Manage all banking transactions - Supervise employees' production output and quality - Handle payroll and employees' affairs - Design - Hands on problem solving - Direct customer contact - Ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction - Control expenses and purchase of raw materials - Hold monthly Inventory - Responsible for wall displays and decoration.


    July 1996
    To June 1999
    Jordan - Amman
    Arabic to English
    English to Arabic

    Private Tutor

    March 1997
    To June 1998
    Jordan - Amman
    English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, History, Social Studies

    Assistant Office Manager

    United International Est.
    June 1992
    To April 1994
    Jordan - Amman
    Part Time

    Translator & Correspondence Officer

    United International Est.
    May 1991
    To May 1991
    Jordan - Amman
    Part Time

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  2 Years, 6 Months   


    What's your educational background?
    Let employers know more about your education; remember, be clear and concise.

    Diploma, Knowledge Management

    at AKMS
    Jordan - Amman
    March 2009

    Diploma, Microsoft Certified Professional

    at Compubase- Microsoft Certification Center
    Amman, Jordan
    September 2002

    Diploma, IT Auditing

    at COMNet
    Amman, Jordan
    April 2001
    Principles and technologies of IT Auditing

    Diploma, MCSE NT 4.0 track

    at Compubase
    Amman, Jordan
    September 2000

    Bachelor's degree, Computer Information Systems

    at Henry Ford Community College
    Dearborn, Michigan, United States
    May 2000
    completed 14 credit hours towards degree
    GPA: 4.0

    Bachelor's degree, Computer Information Systems

    at Oakland University
    Rochester, Michigan, United States
    December 1999
    completed 12 credit hours towards degree
    GPA: 3.25

    Bachelor's degree, Business Administration

    at Washington International University
    Pennsylvania, United States
    May 1998
    Graduate - Bachelor of Science
    GPA : 3

    Diploma, Fashion Merchandising

    at International Correspondence Schools
    Pennsylvania, United States
    March 1995
    Grade: Excellent

    High school or equivalent, GCE - General Certificate of Education

    at University of London / British Council
    Amman, Jordan
    May 1993
    One A'level subject and Eight O'level subjects

    Specialties & Skills

    Management Consulting

    Strategy Development

    Technical Writing



    Recruitment & Selection

    Technical Writing


    MS Office

    Windows/9x/ XP


    Microsoft Certified Proffessional

    Analytical Ability

    Organizational Skills

    Knowledge Managemnt


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    Are you a member in any organization or professional club?
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    The Writers Bureau
    October 1995
    Poets' Niche
    Memeber Poet
    January 1998
    March 2009

    Training And Certifications

    Film Making

    August 2015

    Film Making

    August 2015

    Certified Professional Coach

    Issued in: May 2010

    Knowledge Management

    Issued in: March 2009 Valid Until: - March 2009