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    habte rezene

    site engineer

    segen construction company

    Sudan - Khartoum
    Bachelor's degree, civil engineering
    1 year, 5 months

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    site engineer

    segen construction company
    August 2012
    To February 2013
    Major duties and responsibilities include:
    • Implementing all the details at the site being involved in the entire project.
    • Sharing responsibilities with site security, supervision of materials, safety and health of human resources.
    • Checking the plans, drawings and calculations to insure that the overall project has been laid out on the actual ground according to the plans and programs out lined.
    • Oversee the daily activity and systems of management in the entire project.
    • Making routine supervision to insure that the overall progression of the project is being done effectively and efficiently.
    • Take immediate and corrective measures for any deviation seen in the site.
    • Acting as a main advisor on the site with sub contractors, operative and craftspeople.
    • Verifying whether resources have been used as intended for the intended program or project and within the intended span of time.
    • Communicate with architects, engineers and surveyors of the company.
    • Reporting to the company manager the overall activities, progression and status of the entire project.
    In short I was responsible for the actual implementations of all the operations on the ground according to the plans, rules and regulations, and safety operating procedures of the company.


    segen construction company
    September 2010
    To February 2011
    Major duties and responsibilities included:
    • Reading blue print to implement on site.
    • Ensuring that the right employee is assigned to a right place/job.
    • Supervise employees to ensure that the work is getting done efficiently with quality standards.
    • Determine the time in terms of working hours, intervals of break and quite for a day.
    • Reporting the progression of the entire work in the site to the manager.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 6 Months   


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    Bachelor's degree, civil engineering

    at asmara university
    asmara, Eritrea
    Grade: 3.63
    June 2012
    • July 2012 - Great Distinction Award of the University standing 3rd from the graduating batch.
    • January 2008 - Winner of Awards, given by the Eritrean National Youth and Students Union Association to the highest scorers from the freshman students of the batch.
    • October 2006 - Zagre Awards, given to the higher scorers of Eritrean Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination, i.e national examination to the university.

    Specialties & Skills

    • MS-Word, MS-Excel and Power Point

    • Graphics, Ulead Photo Express 3.1 and PrintMaster15

    • Stadd Pro

    • Ephanet

    • Prokon,

    • Punch Home Architecture

    Design Control

    Quantity Surveying

    Structural Analysis



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    eritrean blood donation group
    March 2010

    Training And Certifications

    first aid

    March 2005

    Bsc in civil engineering

    eritrea institute technology
    January 2007