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    Hussein Dowlut

    Senior Systems Analyst

    Bank of Cyprus

    Great Britain (UK)
    Master's degree, Ms
    9 years, 7 months

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    Senior Systems Analyst

    Bank of Cyprus
    June 2011
    To Present
    United Kingdom
    - A swift and in-depth analysis undertaken of a vast and ageing reporting system based on Access97, VB6 and SQL Server 2000.
    - Carried forward the design, coding and implementation of the safest of the recommended restructuring strategies using SQL Server 2008 R2. Used SSIS to import data from AS400 iSeries Equation database (the bank’s source data) and redeveloped the entire “Overnight Process” (gathering and computation of data downloaded from DB2 database for the core bank’s reporting system), using mainly stored procedures, triggers, UDFs, and tested for performance and integration of zero-impact on the remaining reporting system. This was successful with a performance increase, without exaggerating of 2400% !
    - Designing various reports using SSRS to replace numerous reports.

    Software Engineer

    Business Systems Limited
    July 2007
    To February 2012
    United Kingdom
    - Developed the Imaging & Document Management System (doc-i), an electronic document filing system, using ASP.NET/VB.NET 2010, .NET framework 2.0 and SQL-Server 2008 backend (stored proc./triggers using T-SQL).
    - Developed web based systems, Hotel Management System (HMS), Technical Support System (TSS) and Staff Holiday Planner (e-planner) using ASP.NET/VB.NET 2008, .NET framework 3.5 and SQL-Server 2005 backend (stored proc./triggers using T-SQL).
    - Developed an intranet system, Referral and Approval System (RAS), for Bank of Cyprus using ASP.NET/VB.NET 2005, .NET framework 2.0 and SQL-Server 2000 backend (stored proc./triggers using T-SQL).
    - Developed the Warehouse Inventory Tracking System (WITS), an intranet system focused on automating Warehouse Inventory flows with barcode readers in order to provide inventory management in more efficient and controlled way. The system track Goods In, Goods Out, and Goods Moves along with checks/confirmations, exceptions and reports on shipments received and moved. ASP.NET/VB.NET/C#.NET 2005, .NET framework 2.0 and SQL-Server 2000 backend was the technology used.

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    Master's degree, Ms

    at London School of Commerce
    United Kingdom
    December 2003

    Specialties & Skills

    VB6, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Access, SQL Server 2008, SSIS, SSRS

    SQL Server 2000 2008


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