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    HR Assistant/Coordinator


    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    Bachelor's degree, Business Administration
    12 years, 4 months

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    HR Assistant/Coordinator

    January 2013
    To Present
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES : On-boarding and Leaver Process
    • Assist the Regional HR Manager in improving operational HR efficiency to achieve high standard of support.
    • Supports on a provision of a professional HR service to the Middle East offices (i.e. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar).
    • Visit different office locations like Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar on a bi-monthly basis in order to facilitate the execution of Communication Plan activities like the Food for Thought and Project Delivery Workshops.
    • Maintain a comprehensive Performance Development Review tracker and ensure General Managers are reminded as well as completed the PDR review within the timeframe provided.
    • Constant communication with Accounts on payroll activities and other transactions like final dues settlement, overtime calculations, and other recoveries/deductions.
    • Prepare monthly payroll cut-off report to ensure recoveries and deduction on a monthly basis is captured.
    • Generates a Bradford Factor report on a monthly basis in order to monitor status of sick leave for all staffs and action whenever necessary.
    • Monitors the Absence management report. Updates tracker by monitoring staff’s sick leave and ensure self-sickness form and medical report is submitted.
    • Assist in commencement of new staff and ensure relevant documentations and mandatory trainings are completed.
    • Input, maintain and update staff data in Lawson HR database.
    • In charge of cost model report checking to assist accounts in reconciling payroll and the balance sheets to the cost model.
    • Set-up payroll and bank account details in Lawson for future salary or expenses.
    • Assist in the relocation of employees whether on secondment or permanent transfer from different MM group entities.
    • Assist in preparing HR documentation and letters for contractual changes, contract extensions, permanent transfers, secondment, rehires and site assignments.
    • Process rental advance for new staff’s accommodation and liaise with accounts for the release of payment.
    • In charge of medical insurance enrolment for new joiners and cancellation for leavers.
    • Liaise with insurance providers for the processing of medical claim reimbursements and other queries related to medical insurance coverage.
    • Supports in the renewal process of the Middle East Medical Scheme prior to its expiry by coordinating all renewal requirements with the brokers to avoid potential delays.
    • Prepares calculation of final settlement for leaver staffs and liaise with the General Managers for the approval.
    • Initiate approvals and release of the final settlement payment for all leavers.
    • Monitors visa cancellation process through coordination with local PROs and ensure leaver actions are followed/completed.
    • Understand and apply visa procedures in compliance with UAE, Qatar and Bahrain Labour law/policy in coordination with the local PROs.
    • Organize and undertake exit interviews, review feedback with the appropriate management team to help improve retention.
    • Attend redundancy and/or performance management meetings, and record information based on what has been agreed and discussed.
    • Ensure timesheet bookings are correct and project job codes are inputted correctly in the timesheet.
    • Prepares employment certificates, salary certificates and loan letters to banks, etc.
    • Handles employee verifications from banks and other entities.
    • Maintain and organize filing system and observe confidentiality on staff records.
    • Acquired administrator rights on the company Intranet Webpage (Compass) to be able to create HR homepage, upload HR record and post announcements.
    • Handles day to day staff queries independently, ensuring a fast response to different employee relations issues, etc.
    • Provides overall administrative and HR support across UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.
    • Involves in organizing major company activities like Staff Party and other recreation and staff engagement activities.


    CCC / Client: Al Hosn Gas
    June 2011
    To January 2013
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    • Monitors daily attendance and prepare weekly and monthly timesheets for all Project Management Team.
    • Ensures processing and approval of all leave requests, overtime forms, and travel request forms.
    • Compile, transcribe and distribute letters, memos and all other correspondences.
    • Prepare responses to letters, memos and/or otherwise carry out necessary action.
    • Ensure documentations are updated, allowing rapid and efficient retrieval of documents.
    • Distribute and transmit all correspondences to Project Management Team via ACONEX.
    • Handles travel arrangements, hotel reservations and bookings for executives and other staffs.
    • Attend meetings, record minutes and ensure distribution to all attendees.
    • Organize and prepare meeting invitations to be distributed to all required attendees via Outlook Calendar and follow-up their confirmation.
    • Coordinates with Core Team regarding proper document management and disseminate information relevant to the Project.
    • Coordinates and remind daily scheduled engagements like meeting and appointments of the Project Manager.
    • Assists Project Manager on the preparation of weekly and monthly reports through the use of MS Office Applications.
    • Receives incoming telephone calls, faxes and emails, and handles its proper distribution.
    • Filing, labeling and maintaining document register on all reports and correspondences as per Project file index procedures.
    • Coordinates with the PRO in processing the Project Management Team’s CNIA passes and other travel requirements.
    • In-charge of the transportation/vehicle allocation requests and ensures that all transportation is well organized and arranged as per schedule.
    • Carries out general administrative works in the Home office as well as proper coordination at the Project Site office.
    • Performs routinely office works and other functions as required.


    January 2007
    To March 2011
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    • Receive and control all documents such as correspondences, memos, quotations, job orders, method statements - manually and electronically.
    • Compile and maintain both manual and computerized data records with prescribed procedures.
    • Prepares enquiry letters/forms to be sent to material suppliers and subcontractors for tender projects and follow up there quotations from time to time.
    • Arranges shipment of the enquiry packages to be sent out to Suppliers and Subcontractors via following couriers: ARAMEX, DHL, FEDEX, etc.
    • Uploading and downloading of tender documents on an ftp site.
    • Process incoming mail; open, stamp, sort for priorities. Distribute and/or handle items not requiring Manager’s attention.
    • Helps prepare comparison sheets of various materials and estimated prices to be sent to the Estimators in our main office.
    • Arranges transportation, ticket and hotel bookings for the Manager and the Engineers during business trips.
    • May compile and prepare various reports for Manager’s use (requires analysis and comparison of data).
    • Ensure all documents/quotations are updated and transactions are coordinated to CCIC main office in Athens, Greece via VBC (Visual Byblos Cyberspace) and Procurement System.
    • Coordinates with other departments for any documents, scheduled appointments and distributed internal correspondence.
    • Scrutinize and input document data into the procurement system, ensuring that the information entered is accurate and up-to-date at all times.
    • Takes charge with the staffs and document transmittals while the Manager is on leave or out of the office.
    • Ensures continuance of office routine in Manager’s absence. Writes reports, letters, memos, etc. for supervisor’s signature.
    • Monitors the attendance of the department’s staffs and assume secretarial responsibility for other executives as necessary.
    • Obtain Manager’s signature on all contract, subcontract and change-order documents as required.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  2 Years, 5 Months   


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    Bachelor's degree, Business Administration

    at University of San Carlos
    Cebu City, Philippines
    March 2003

    Specialties & Skills

    Microsoft Office

    MS Office Automation

    Office Administration

    MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, FTP, ACONEX, VBC Dashborad, PDF Professional, HR Lawson, Kenexa

    HR Consulting


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    Training And Certifications

    Team Building Seminar and Training

    San Carlos University Gymnasium
    May 2002

    Hobbies and Interests

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    Listening to Music, Cooking, Hanging Out friends and family


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    As HSE Manager in CH2MHill / Veco Engineering

    By jason drelaud (COLLEAGUE) on 2012-10-29
    "Juliecarl is known to me in her current position. I have no hesitation in forwarding Juliecarl as a highly efficient, cooperative person who is always willing to help, and always has a smile on her face. Juliecarl is a hard working, trustworthy young lady who is destined for more senior positions in her career. I have no hesitation in personally recommending her for employment with any organisation. Dr Jason Drelaud"

    As PMC Engineering Manager-Pkg 11 Shah Gas Program in VECO

    Paul Leavitt
    (CLIENT) on 2012-10-29
    "Juliecarl has provided administrative and clerical support for the project management contractor (PMC) management and engineering teams working here in the CCC engineering office. She is quick, accurate, attentive to detail, and has performed all tasks we have asked of her very professionally. Her language skills are excellent, her clarical skills are outstanding, and she has consistently been thorough in her approach to a very complex assignment. She is cheerful and punctual, and would add to any team she might choose to join. I would personally recommend her highly."

    As Quality Advisor, PMC in CH2M HILL

    Manoj Kalita
    (CLIENT) on 2012-10-29
    "“I have been working for more than a year in the same project from Client side and Juliecarl is found to be very sincere, efficient and dedicated to her duties and responsibilities. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a person with good interpersonal skills who can organize things efficiently and do multi tasking with ease”."