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    jumana abu_summaqa


    Housing Bank for Trade and Finance

    Saudi Arabia - Khobar
    Bachelor's degree, B.A degree in English – English for specific purposes.
    7 years, 6 months

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    Housing Bank for Trade and Finance
    June 2011
    To July 2011
    Jordan - Amman
    Manage e banking services, and deposit department

    Senior Customer Services Officer

    August 2005
    To June 2011
    Jordan - Amman
    1- Ensure that the incoming queries and requests are handle in an efficient manner. monitors responese and plans
    2- Provides the department a comprehensive information system by maintaining relevant records/ statistics
    3- Answering telephone calls and dealing with enquirers
    4- Making appointments and keeping diaries for several people
    5- Using computer fo word processing, spreadsheets and databases internet and email
    6- Dealing with post
    7- Meeting visitors
    8-Sell bank products and services to customers to achieve business targets. 
 9-Receive and Advise customers and non-customers in order to satisfy their needs and build a long-term business relationship with them. 
Cross-sell other bank’s products and services to existing customers to maximize bank’s profitability.
    10-Follow up with existing and potential customers to attract them.
    11-Follow up on delinquent customers to ensure full payment of the overdue amounts to minimize Risk exposure.
    12-Prepare, and review all required reports and KYC forms to ensure that all transactions are adhered to the bank’s policies and procedures.
    13-Coordinate with all departments of the bank to finalize sales process.
    14-Receive, handle and resolve customer complaints in a timely manner to maintain or increase customer satisfaction.
    15-Develop ideas and create offers for direct marketing for all types of Customers from Salaried to Self Employed.
    16-Respond to and follow up sales by post, telephone, and personal visits.
    17-Performing daily office responsibilities alongside other staff members to maintain the efficient operation of the financial center.
    18- Market the credit cards, loans, electronic channels services and other services
    19- Deal with different deposits department works such as moneys order, opening accounts viza cards and checks


    May 2005
    To August 2005
    - Participate in teaching process, English and computer materials
    - Using a computer of word processing . spreadsheets and databases and email
    - Deal with business and secretarial work and keep the important files on computer


    Education Ministry of Education. Governmental School
    September 2004
    To November 2004
    -Participate in teaching process, English, sport and art materials
    -Improve my English skills by being fully engrossed in an environment in which English is the best communication tool, and extend my social relationships
    -I was forced to actively engage and dialogue in English and as a result I have noticed dramatic improvements in my English conversational capabilities. Consequentially, I feel that such an experience is the most beneficial method for anyone wishing to truly improve their language skills.
    -Use computer to save students marks and their personal information


    Public relations Dept king Abdullah University Hospital, )
    February 2004
    To June 2004
    Jordan - Irbid
    -Translate an Arabic brochure into English about all departments
    -Receipt any guest to the hospital from Jordan or outside Jordan (e.g. Jordan health minister, or Bahrain health minister) and show him the main hospital departments. Receipt any guest that wants to collect any information about the hospital
    -Organize the conferences and the shows which happen inside the hospital
    -Choose medical news and specific news which are related to the hospital directly or indirectly and keep them in archives
    -In addition, deal with business and secretarial work and keep the important files on computer
    - extend my social relationships, Since the administrators and staff of the king Abdullah university Hospital are mostly graduated from my university

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 7 Months   


    What's your educational background?
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    Bachelor's degree, B.A degree in English - English for specific purposes.

    at Jordan University of Science & Technology
    irbid, Jordan
    June 2004
    i have taken several courses in English for specific purposes e.g Secretarial practical, hotels course, principles in commerce and accounting, tourism courses, and mass media course

    High school or equivalent, ( in the Tawjihi National Secondary Examination.science degree

    at Rayah bent AlHussien Secondary School
    jordan- mafraq, Jordan
    August 1999
    Grade of (74.00%) in the Tawjihi National Secondary Examination.

    Specialties & Skills

    Knowledge of programming in visual basic.

    Practical Knowledge in Using DOS, Windows Operating systems.


    Good in typing (In both Arabic and English documents


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    Are you a member in any organization or professional club?
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    Jordan Federation of Badminton
    member/ bursar
    December 2009
    Aisa Federation of Badminton
    October 2010