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    Mahmoud Mohamed El-Sayed Hassan

    Graphic Designer

    شركة مسكنك العقارية

    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Bachelor's degree, Mass Communications
    17 years, 2 months

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    Graphic Designer

    شركة مسكنك العقارية
    August 2013
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Graphic Designer

    Graphic Designer

    Art Season
    June 2013
    To August 2013
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Design Flex and banner and seals, shields and company Identify
    all gifts and all kinds of printed publicity on various of raw materials

    Graphic Designer

    January 2013
    To July 2013
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Graphic Designer

    Graphic Designer

    Binairy Integrated Technology Solution BITS
    January 2013
    To June 2013
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Graphic Designer, Public Relations Specialist, Data Entry Clerk

    Office Manager

    MAR, Mousa Almousa Real Estate Group
    November 2011
    To January 2013
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Office Manager, Graphic Designer, Data Entry Clerk

    Managing the main office of the Group
    & the supervisor of all employees
    + Official campaign advertising + principal designer of the ads: billboards and Brochures
    مصمم جرافيك :
    كوريل درو
    فلاش بروفشنال
    سويش ماكس
    إيزي جيف أنيميتور
    وأدوات برمجية أخري ومتعددة للتصميمات

    + Graphic designer of the web site for the group
    Using programs
    Photoshop CS 5
    Flash Professional CS 5
    Corel Draw
    Easy GIF Animator
    Swish Max
    And many other system tools
    + Supervisor of Department of ads via the Internet and SMS messages
    + Supervisor of the data entry section
    +, In charge of training marketers and sellers the old staff also marketing strategies adopted in the Group
    EXactly I was do that:
    1.Coordination and follow-up and preparation of the necessary data for the employment offices of the High from the company to get work visas for new employees.
    2.Coordinate schedules artistic and personal interviews and inform candidates and managers involved in punctuality.
    3.Preparation of identification cards for employees after being approved by the Administration.
    4.Coordination with recruitment offices for issuing work visas and the issuance of letters of visit visa.
    5.Coordination with the Ministry of Labour and interested parties Saudization of radiation and staff procedures for travel and vacations, and to come and take them.
    6.Reload data companies who have staff to ensure that the company.
    7. Issuance of medical insurance cards for employees.
    8. Prepare the forms for passports and work permits and preparing revealed pay Passports Office of Labor and Social Security.
    9. Follow all government relations, insurance and follow-up stays before expiry of 45 days for renewal.
    10. Reload guarantors data for employees who are not on bail and keep Passports and follow-up requiring companies to transfer employees and guarantee giving notice, with sponsorship transfer procedures.
    11. Keep all the company's documents and follow-up renewal and pay.
    12. Keep legal staff documents and evidence in their files and is always updated.
    13. Preparation of the necessary data for electricity and telephone and water bills.
    14. Follow the special problems in government entities and Delegates government departments passports municipal traffic police recruitment office work. . . Etc.
    15. Overseeing the housing conditions for staff and provide them with the necessary needs.
    16. Preparation warnings and draw attention and career rewards for staff.
    17. Receive new employees from the airport or places of arrival and housed and secure their needs.
    18. Preparation of the required forms for personnel and other restraint and supervision commensurate with the system configuration.

    Trustworthy Treasurer
    I was responsible for group Cash & Bank transactions; . Everyday I check the outstanding Cash & Cheque Collection from customer and instruct the Marketers to the right way of the group payments
    Its all coming from ( brokerage ) of real estate or Selling schemes neighborhoods
    \ Keeping & Reviewing the Cash Receipt Vouchers & Sales Invoices prepared by the Sales . Confirm and replying the email of Sales, Sales Man & Sales Accountant regarding the Customer transfer amount and customer direct Cheque deposit as per their request. Or Via The Saudi Payments Network (SPAN)

    Marketing Consultant

    HEART BEACH العربية الدولية للإنشاءات والتنمية السياحية
    June 2011
    To October 2011
    Marketing Agent In the Site
    Marketing Broker for the non our assets Properties

    Receivers customers in the tourist village site and the initial signing contracts with them and mobilize all their data and their means of communication, and to encourage new customers to purchase (installment) or mortgage installments
    Tourism marketing differs from other types of marketing in the field of real estate marketing
    While a home I have a normal human necessity of life
    Do not exceed is having a special chalet or villa overlooking the sea directly Swe well-being for many
    But in Matrouh in the north coast of Egypt sunlight is located on the sands of the north coast is gold
    And blocks the smell of iodine in the sea noses with a strong sense of warmth and the desire not to depart from these beaches never
    knows on the north coast this well so the tourist village units promote them easily
    The prices and its easy installments and facilitator
    Reputable and serious for the owners to meet delivery deadlines units of various kinds
    In our catalog specialist hotshot
    Encouraged many people to make a purchase decision
    All the goodwill and simplicity
    All this in the tourist village, which was an old known as Mondiana
    The name has become the more modern:
    Hart Beach
    Location: north coast: Kilo 89
    Marina ago
    Beside of Green Beach

    Real estate agent

    El Barqy Real Estate Marketing
    November 2010
    To April 2011
    Egypt - Cairo
    Real estate agent
    Commercial Real Estate
    Description Function real estate marketer
    Or Real estate agent
    : The collected data of the property, such as residential units (flats) villas residential land and commercial land and shops of various purposes, farms and small houses and arable land for reclamation farming, agricultural land and even gas stations, stores, warehouses and plots of land in industrial areas (Hangres) and all what might be called the term real property, whether the purpose of residential, commercial or agricultural or industrial new construction or old, new so have not used before, or used
    The purpose of marketing to the appropriate customer segment each separately

    Real estate agent

    El Akkad Real Estate Marketing
    August 2010
    To November 2010
    Egypt - Cairo
    Real estate agent ...
    Commercial Real Estate

    I was buying and selling operations and leasing of real estate
    And field visits
    And also real estate data entry clerk



    Real Estate Marketing

    1 - a chain of restaurants Macdonald
    2 - chain restaurants believer
    3 - Felfela restaurant chain
    4 - Gad Restaurants
    5 - Saudi Market
    6 - Group of Companies Continental
    7 - Moroccan Group of Companies
    8 - Vodafone
    9 - banner
    10 - Kodak

    Real estate agent

    T.G real estate
    July 2010
    To August 2010
    Egypt - Cairo
    Real estate Broker
    The T.G. Philosophy: Make A Difference
    In the past, geographical boundaries were the uppermost limit of entrepreneurial activity and the exchange of information. Now, the world has changed and ‘Globalization’ is now a key word for many companies. T.G. General Services has responded to this advancement and incorporates the principles of globalization into the company’s strategies and our approach to business.

    At T.G. General Services we know that to be the leading property professionals -‘~ We have to excel in everything we do!” This is the sentiment that is still understood and endorsed within our company.

    The T.G. Vision
    The core of our vision at T.G. General Services is to give the customer the best product, coupled with excellent service and value provided by the most professional people.

    The T.G. Statement of Purpose:
    Our company has served the community for over 15 years and is one of the most successful “private company’s “today. Our tradition of success comes from our commitment to fostering close relations with partners based on mutual respect fo- the idea of quality of work at competitive prices delivered with high standards of business practices.

    As a “private company” we are dedicated to the provision of high-quality services and are committed to customer satisfaction.

    We believe that our proven track record shows that we know what is essential to develop successful business relation. And in keeping with this tradition we work hard to keep our standards high and strive for quality in all areas of our business.

    Real Estate Services
    o Home finding
    o Independent Real Estate broker
    o Home Assessment

    T.G. Service Advantages:
    o Designs and feasibility studies (free of charge)
    o Latest technology available is used
    o All work is guaranteed
    o Superior quality at the best price
    o On time courteous service
    o Our staff is uniformed and carry I.D. badges
    o Individual training on use of any systems we install is included with our service


    Computer Technical Support

    My own Office
    November 2009
    To July 2010
    Egypt - Cairo
    Owner: Data Entry, Computer Technical Support & Book Covers Designer

    Technical Computer Support, Data Entry, Designer book covers

    Computer repair customers
    Virus scan, and solving electricity problems in desktop computers, laptops, as well as technical support to local Internet networks in small neighborhoods
    Comprehensive maintenance shops provide Internet services and games (Cyber​​)
    Writing lawsuits for lawyers and advisers, printing and photocopying relevant
    Written contracts of sale, purchase and rent Real Estate
    Writing decades of civil marriage, the marriage of Egyptians and foreigners documented
    Editing and writing papers legacies and inheritances
    Writing memos to students and school teachers as well as examinations and tests monthly and annual
    Writing novels on the computer for some novice writers
    Designer for book covers
    Providing e-government services to those who did not know how to deal with the Internet and the complexities of access to government networks
    As well as writing and assistance in the process of drafting and editing of some theses and doctoral
    Some family property management & Mediation

    Publicity campaigns and advertising via E-mail & the Internet Ads.

    Executive Creative Director

    Arab AD - Data
    July 2008
    To December 2009
    Egypt - Cairo
    A comprehensive guide to industrial cities and Egyptian industries.The first industrial directory in Egypt. The largest updated database incorporating a complete listing of Egyptian industries.


    Responsible for editing company's Business Guides
    * Business Guides are written information
    The most common example of a popular business directory on the level of the whole world
    Resembles the directory in which I am working on is: Yellow Pages

    These days that I have worked in this company I was working on 4 projects Business Guides at the same time

    And the grace of God I have completely finished all of the time

    1 - Egyptian Industries Encyclopedia.
    2 - Data Directory Of Industrial Cities.
    3 - Guide of Alexandria Public Free Zone.
    4 - Inter build: guide for building and construction

    Most of the projects were in collaboration with the Egyptian government, represented by the Ministry of Industry and the General Authority for Industrial Development


    Radisson Blu
    June 2008
    To July 2008
    Egypt - Hurghada
    Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir, Red Sea, Egypt
    A five-star luxury resort and spa, the Radisson Blu Resort is located in El Quseir on the western Red Sea coast of Egypt.

    Computer Technical Support

    Red Line Computer Systems / Egypt Laptop
    March 2008
    To May 2008
    Egypt - Cairo
    Maintenance & Technician Computer Support
    and also Laptop
    Computer Technical Support

    Also I support our supplies from Workstation, Home Theatre, Printers, Scanners, Cameras, Speaker, USB Flash memory, barcode machines, Copy machines, Faxes, Mouses, Keyboards, monitors, plazma Screen, all Types of Convertors, Inkjet inks & laser Inks

     (All with respect to PCs and laptops from parts)

    programs and the operating systems Installe & Support
    And chiefly responsible for company maintenance department
    And partly responsible for the company's sales movement
    And partly responsible for company purchases
    And is responsible for the promotion of sales through e-marketing using the Internet
    This is in addition to: after-sales services to customers - Support - Maintenance of State -
    Settlement needs of agents, distributors and suppliers
    Technician Computer Maintenance
    Making maintenance & techincal Support, Buy, sell
    Dealt with suppliers and authorized distributors and agents as a delegate for purchases for my company
    over than 100 Brand of computer & laptop & ther needd

    1 -  Packard Bell
    2 -  IPEVO
    3 -  Cam2Life
    4 -  Logitech
    5 -  Haier
    6 -  Sunvalleytek
    7 -  TrendNet
    8 -  Cisco
    9 -  Foscam
    10 -  Motorola
    11 -  Archos
    12 -  BlackBerry
    13 -  Gateway
    14 -  Olympus
    15 -  ID Watcher
    16 -  D-Link
    17 -  Coby
    18 -  Flip
    19 -  Pioneer
    20 -  Olkya
    21 -  Seagate
    22 -  Gigabyte
    23 -  Genius
    24 -  Casio
    25 -  Kodak
    26 -  IBM
    27 -  Apple
    28 -  SONY
    29 -  Lenovo
    30 -  HP
    31 -  Toshiba
    32 -  LG
    33 -  Fujitsu
    34 -  ASUS
    35 -  NEC
    36 -  Acer
    37 -  Hasee
    38 -  Samsung
    39 -  MSI
    40 -  DELL
    41 -  BENQ
    42 -  Brother
    43 -  Sandisk
    44 -  Viewsonic
    45 -  BELKIN
    46 -  Maxtor
    47 -  Lexmark
    48-  Xerox
    49 -  Epson
    50 -  Canon
    51 -  Philips
    52 -  Western Digital
    53 -  OKI
    54 -  Panasonic
    55 -  Kingston
    56 -  GIGABYTE
    57 -  Creative
    58 -  Metrologic
    59 -  Everon
    60 -  Zebra
    61 -  Datalogic
    62 -  Partner
    63 -  Symbol
    64 -  MMF Cash
    65 -  Microsoft
    66 -  SANYO
    67 -  Plus Tek
    68 -  Vivotek
    69 -  NAVMAN
    70 -  STAR Micronics
    71 -  Infosec UPS
    72 -  Compaq
    73 -  Siemens
    74 -  Acorp
    75 -  VIA
    And many other Brands

    Data Entry

    Sphinx for organizing international exhibitions and conferences
    November 2007
    To February 2008
    Egypt - Cairo
    Editing Industrial Guide Egypt
    (Provides information and complete data for all of the factories in Egypt)
    Novice Graphic designer

    Writing and editing the directory, which was divided into parts according to industrial sectors approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Arab Republic of Egypt
    We had to also search for and correct data on factories and industrial plants
    And specifically with regard to access to ISO international quality certificates or known in every country in the world
    Or obtaining HACCP in the event that the facility was related to the food industry
    You also help the designer to create new ideas for designs, especially for older customers dealing with us
    And I was doing some simple designs-cost small print in black and white or gray
    I oversaw in the way sometimes see the girls working in the directory of industrial data and their validity
    I was working on assembling complete contact data for all Egyptian embassies abroad and accessories business Egyptians abroad, which the more than the 64 Attaché business or commercial Representation
    In order to communicate with them on the distribution of the directory abroad
    I'd also had access to as much as possible of the exporters and importers in Egypt
    And also Egyptians working on the export and import from abroad
    In order to support "Directory of Egyptian Industries" and be a real guide them in their work
    & PC maintenance for the company

    Data Entry

    Shawki Office computer services
    March 2007
    To November 2007
    Egypt - Cairo
    Writing papers students apply for admission to the university for the first time

    Help lawyers to liberate their claims and their papers and their applications quickly before entering the court pleading and print documents quickly

    Liberation claims lawyers, issues and requests concerning workers in the field of law and justice and notary authentications, and the grievances of the Egyptian citizens with the Attorney General and the courts

    Writing lawsuits for lawyers and advisers, printing and photocopying relevant
    Written contracts of sale, purchase and rent Real Estate
    Writing decades of civil marriage, the marriage of Egyptians and foreigners documented
    Editing and writing papers legacies and inheritances

    Public Relations Coordinator

    Egyptian Armed Forces
    March 2005
    To February 2007
    Egypt - Cairo
    Public Relations Coordinator
    & follow up - Data Entry Clerk

    I was a conscript in the Egyptian army for two years
    (compulsory service the Egyptian Armed Forces) since 9 - 3 - 2005 and to 26 - 2-2007
    I was working in the army as
    Public Relations Coordinator & follow up
    All or most of the time I was working on my computer from seven in the morning until eleven pm

    My job was the official and main huh enter data quickly and professionally and in accordance with the principles and rules of action adopted
    I was also reviewing documents for internal financial management in the military that you
    I also supervised over the quality of the food!
    I was a supervisor in some cases on arms stores
    And I was bookbinding operations and converted into something like dictionaries
    I was working on a regular basis and almost daily to organize work files for full military facility
    As you are responsible weekly for a general stores that meet the needs of military facility administratively
    My job was field day for overseeing the quality of the food and supervise the distribution as well as for all people
    I assume the processing models for documentary session of the facility and sent to the printing press to print on the books
    Then I distributed to all administrative staff, and periodically treat spelling mistakes
    And be sure to print the presence of large margins commensurate with the nature of military work hand (parastatal) such as those I was working out
    I also do archiving operations daily and weekly, monthly and annually for all documents and photos


    Free technical computer support
    September 1999
    To December 2004
    Egypt - Cairo
    Since 1999 to the end of year 2004 I worked as technical computer maintenance not affiliated with a specific carrier.

    Work began at the beginning with relatives and friends:
    Repair computers that have problems
    Then I started to solve the biggest problems in some devices, which was represented to me a bigger challenge
    Until it became old computer problems in the small peripheral social
    After that I took three intensive courses, accredited courses in Computer Maintenance in 2001
    Began in professionalism diagnose problems and crashes computer software and hard-ware, and work to solve these problems in a scientific manner based on what studied in courses computer maintenance and to my readings in most periodicals, pamphlets, magazines and books maintenance available in libraries, including the A.
    I had trained for a further period in a large factories on how to solve computer problems, maintenance and technical support for operating systems (Windows) all copied
    Have worked on the environments
    Windows 10.3
    Windows 3.11
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows Millennium
    Windows 2000 Server
    Windows XP beta version
    Windows XP Service Pack 1
    Windows XP Service Pack 2

     

    And then I use

    Windows XP Service Pack 3
    Then Windows Vista
    Then Windows 7
    Then Windows 8

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


    What's your educational background?
    Let employers know more about your education; remember, be clear and concise.

    Bachelor's degree, Mass Communications

    at Cairo University
    Egypt - Cairo
    November 2011
    Cairo University '15
    Deferred, Delayed Entry Program, faculty of mass communication

    High school or equivalent, Scientific

    at High School
    Egypt - Cairo
    July 2002
    Holds a high school diploma Al Azhar scientific discipline Science (math Science)
    For the academic year 2001 - 2002


    Specialties & Skills

    Microsoft Small Business Specialist

    Communication Skills

    Public Relations

    Adobe Photoshop

    Real Estate Operations


    Google Images

    Internet Upload Sites

    Adobe Acrobat

    Business Card Designs

    Adobe InDesign

    Roll up design

    Public Relations Skills

    IDs Card Designs

    Presentation Preparation


    Contract Negotiations

    Logo Design

    Computer Technical Support

    Technical support

    Graphic Designer

    MS Office Skills

    HR Coordinator


    Adobe Creative Suite

    Talent Acquisition

    Administrative Support

    Digital Marketing


    Real estate financing

    Real Estate Agent

    follow up

    Supervising Employees



    Communication skills

    Real Estate Training Skills


    Public Relations Specialist

    Positive attitude

    Microsoft Office

    Ability to work under pressure

    Banners & Logo Designer

    Design Stickers

    Self motivated

    Quick learner

    Able to work under pressure

    Managerial Experience

    RealEstat Skills

    Solving Problems

    Critical Thinking


    Multi-tasking ability

    Exceptional Organizational & Communication Skills

    Microsoft Office 2007


    Microsoft Publisher

    Microsoft Outlook

    Microsoft Power Point

    Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Excel

    Advertising Campaigns

    Human resources

    Google Earth

    Advertising Campaigns

    Real estate photography

    Administrative Control


    Attract customers


    Microsoft Office 2013

    Microsoft Access

    Microsoft info path


    Convincing Skills

    Adobe Flash Professional

    Adobe Illustrator


    Microsoft offoce 2010

    Easy GIF Animator

    Graphic Production

    Fax Campaign

    Microsoft OneNote


    Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

    Data Entry Clerk

    Computer System Validation

    Computer Industry

    Microsoft Sharepoint

    Microsoft Project



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    Training And Certifications


    Issued in: September 2011 Valid Until: - October 2011

    Technical computer support

    Issued in: June 2001 Valid Until: - August 2001

    Microsoft Windows

    Issued in: July 2000 Valid Until: - August 2000

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    As Legal Translator in Cairo International Airport

    Elsayed Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed
    (COLLEAGUE) on 17-04-2013
    "He is very good at technical support and windows maintainance"