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    Mohammed Awad

    Supply Chain Director

    Golden Arrow

    Bachelor's degree, Information Technology
    21 years, 3 months

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    Supply Chain Director

    Golden Arrow
    January 2016
    To Present
    Jordan - Amman
    - Fully responsible for the overall operations of the company in relation to Supply Chain Management, Warehousing and Logistics.
    - Supervise the Procurement, Warehousing, Logistics department for a huge operations including but not limited to a production facility (pick/pack/ship) that includes the supply cycle from Planning to picking & QC towards delivery and customer satisfaction.
    - Lead the supply department in relation to one of the top three Cosmetic companies in the world as well for top food products companies.
    - Control a fleet of 70 vehicles.
    - Plans and implements different work plans and cost cutting/cost savings for the operations.
    - Delivers different KPI's in different food and none food products to cover through controlling a number of different warehousing facilities in Jordan.
    - Develop and implement different SOPs for the departments.
    - Report directly to the Managing Director and Owner of the business on daily basis to ensure smooth running of operations.
    - Prepare different reports. Meet with different department heads to ensure facilitation of work.

    Regional Supply Chain Director / Consultant

    Own Business
    April 2015
    To January 2016
    Jordan - Amman
    Provided a number of consultation projects in the MENA region.

    Providing training in a number of institutes.

    Supply Chain Manager

    Doctors Without Borders
    April 2012
    To March 2015
    Jordan - Amman
    - Leading and Responsible for the overall operations of the Procurement and Supply Chain Cycle for a number of projects.
    - Handles all Planning, Procurement, Logistics, Warehousing and Operations of the organization.
    - Responsible for the procurement function enabling the whole procedure to be followed from request to customer satisfaction for limited to a very high budgets.
    - Creating and Planned Supply Chain departments in other countries under the supervision of the organization.
    - Fleet management with drivers responsibility.
    - Deal with legal authorities in inspecting, legalization, clearance of different shipments in the pipe-line.
    - Implement best practices in supply cycles (Cold and Green).
    - Audit different SC and procurement documents, establish E-archiving for the departments.
    - Responsible for material and services quality check and items development.
    - Coordinate all Supply chain and financial matters with the Head office.
    - Initiated and Managed several cost control projects and process optimization automation in Imports and clearance management, Warehouse and Distribution operations
    - Was able to maintain Supply Chain costs/overheads as previous year while handling 15+% more inbound volume and 10+% more outbound.
    - Empowered middle management layers of Supply Chain to create tools and measures to control all process flows and ignite collaborative/cross functional teamwork.

    Supply Chain Manager / Procurement Director

    Luminus Group - FMCG / Catering.
    January 2011
    To September 2011
    Jordan - Amman
    -Fully Responsible for the over-all Procurement departments in different countries to procure all requirements for different projects under-going.
    -Place the whole Procurement and Logistical strategy of the group.
    -Main negotiator on behalf of the group for all contractual agreements with vendors/service providers.
    -Supervised oil and gas pipeline for a number of projects.
    -Supervise the procurement of all Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Steel Fabrication items/structures for the different projects including the Cement Factory in Egypt.
    -Visit different office locations to check on on-going system and implement different surveys to upgrade work process.
    -Assist the CEO of the group by providing advise on different aspects in relations to contractual agreements as well for negotiations.
    -Provide different reports to the board of directors.
    -Upgrade existing ERP/SAP system using different technologies to enhance the work of the Procurement Department.

    Supply Chain Manager / Procurement Manager

    Saudi Printing and Packaging Co. & Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill
    July 2008
    To August 2010
    Saudi Arabia
    - Management of all projects of the company under the Procurement departments.
    - Trainer of Senior Management on Procurement methodologies and SCM.
    - Negotiator of all contracts with suppliers.
    - Placed the whole Supply Chain Management procedures and strategies amending the old system which resulted in lowering cost as well to provide better quality which included the methodology of procuring, transportation, warehousing and delivery of FMCG products.
    - Managing all Procurement departments, Purchasing & Logistical requirements of the company and reporting directly to the General Manager.
    - Enabled in coordination with the Sales department a very success retail business of all finished products to be exported to buyers and other companies around the globe.
    - Responsible for local/global purchasing strategy, contract negotiations, new suppliers identification, evaluation of possible outsourcing opportunities
    - Managing the department team; and motivating them to meet deadlines.
    - Perform the ISO procedures in all supply chain matters.

    Supply Chain Director

    Zad Industries and Services
    April 2006
    To June 2008
    Jordan - Amman
    A food production facility that produces up not less than 100 Thousand meals per day.

    Managing end to end Supply Chain / Sourcing / Warehouses / Distribution operation

    - Sourcing for 400+ local/international clients/suppliers
    - Import / Port clearance / transportation of more than 300 x 40 ft. containers (Frozen, Dry and Chilled) per month.
    - Control 11 Cold Stores: 3 main Distribution Hubs and 8 remote branches, ~40, 000 Pallet spots.
    - Looking after 300+ employees and operatives running the Supply Chain and Logistics operation.
    - Centralized main workshop in Jordan
    - Designed, developed and implemented Alerts and threshold mechanism in all Supply and logistics operation processes
    - Initiated a Supplier evaluation and performance model to rate Suppliers performance; Agreed with Suppliers on several metrics to improve for the overall B2B/Partnership and collaboration.
    - Designed, co-developed and implemented a Dashboard that includes KPIs across all functions in Supply Chain and Cost control and performance measures among all branches
    - Designed a new incentive program for all warehouse operatives and supervisors that relies of quality and achievement criteria
    - Lead or Co-lead new systems implementations.
    - Introduced and documented Service Level Agreements SLAs between Sales, Procurement and Supply Chain
    - Responsible for menu costing, different committees (tasting, product development, other).
    - Responsible for the costing of all menus provided by the company as well for the cost control department.
    - Negotiate all deals on behalf of the company enabling different entities within the organization benefit from savings made from such contracts.
    - Coordinated the retail business with the Sales department staff as well for other personnel involved.
    - Recommend, develop and manage supplier relationships in the interest of the company, to ensure appropriate stock levels (through a range of purchase agreements) and product standards to meet business needs.

    Regional Procurement and Supply Chain Manager

    January 1995
    To April 2006
    Jordan - Amman
    -Manage Procurement & Logistics for a number of countries within the operations of UNESCO.
    -Managed the Operations of different departments.
    -Procure all sorts of FMCG products to serve different refugee operations.
    -Provide food aids projects to different countries.
    -Assist other companies build their food industry.
    -Procure all food processing machineries and follow-up on their contracts and main.
    -Implement the overall strategy of the United Nations in different projects meeting deadlines within a critical and tight plan at the lowest cost with high standard quality available.
    -Negotiated deals with local & international suppliers in coordination with the head office in Denmark keeping low cost, high quality and shorter delivery time.
    -Supervise different teams in such countries and coordinate that through a wide network of communication to enable the implementation of such projects.
    -Provide advice to the General Director of UNESCO on methods to upgrade level of work and performance.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Bachelor's degree, Information Technology

    at Al-Neilain University
    Sudan - Khartoum
    Grade: 3.75 out of 5
    April 2003
    3.75 High good rank with Honour.

    Specialties & Skills

    Logistics Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Team Management

    Negotiation, Computer skills, Communication, Typing, Contracts writing, Team Leading.


    Body Language


    Logistics / IncoTerms


    Supply Chain Management



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    Training And Certifications

    CIWIM - Certified International Warehousing and Inventory Manager

    Charter of Warehousing and Supply Chain
    May 2014 (30 hours)

    • CISCM - Certified International Supply Chain Manager. IPSCMI-USA

    Issued in: January 2012 Valid Until: - January 2017

    Hobbies and Interests

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    I play Ping Pong almost daily and I love to play foot ball and I won several times getting silver and gold medals.


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    As CEO in Horizons International - UK

    By Ali (MANAGER) on 2014-01-22
    "I have worked with Mr. Awad for a good deal of time and has been able to discover that this person is very talented in many areas of his profission. He is an excellent Supply Chain Director and an upnormal negotiator. He can communicate with others like Magic and he is very social. He uses the best of his time and can achieve targets as simple as he breathes. Managing people is one of his best skills as he can plan very well and has the ability to handle projects from A-Z. I highly reccomend Mr. Awad in his proficien."