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    Nitin Pradhan

    Manager - Sales & Commercial

    Metafrique Group

    India - Vadodara
    Bachelor's degree, Materials Management
    33 years, 10 months

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    Manager - Sales & Commercial

    Metafrique Group
    June 2014
    To Present
    Procurement & Materials Management,
    Sales & Marketing,
    Customer Services,
    Preparing MIS reports.

    Manager - Sales & Commercial.

    B 5 Plus Ltd.
    December 2011
    To March 2014
    To monitor sales, inventory & logistics at various branches. Travelled extensively in Ghana & Togo, Burkina Faso & Mali, where the company had branches/ distribution network.

    Manager - Commercial

    Rubamin SPRL
    February 2008
    To September 2011
    Republic of Congo
    Purchase of Engineering & Automotive Spares,
    Logistics: daily handling of 30/35 vehicles,
    Handling stores at mining sites & Production unit : Handling of Minerals/ packing Materials/ Automotive & Engineering stores/ Finished Goods,
    Liasion with govt. officers,
    Preparation of MIS reports

    Manager Commercial

    Amoli Organics Pvt. Ltd.
    December 2005
    To January 2008
    India - Vadodara
    Purchase of Raw Material, Consummables & spares, Packing Materials, Capital Goods.
    Managing Stores: Raw Material/ Packing Material/ Engineering spares & consummables/ Finished goods, Customs & Excise
    Preparing MIS reports.

    HOD Stores & Excise

    United Phosphorus Ltd.
    March 2004
    To December 2005
    India - Vadodara
    Managing stores: raw material, packing material & finished goods,
    Job Work,


    January 1997
    To March 2004
    India - Vadodara
    Trading of Chemicals & LT Swirchgears

    Asst. Manager - Marketing

    Chemox Chemical Industries Ltd.
    March 1990
    To August 1996
    India - Mumbai
    Marketing of Chemicals for 1st 3 years.
    Distribution & stores management for the balance period.

    Sales Supervisor.

    Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
    March 1985
    To May 1990
    India - Vadodara
    Markeing of LT Switchgears in South Gujarat.

    sales Officer.

    Monachem Corporation
    August 1982
    To February 1985
    India - Vadodara
    Marketing of Imported Chemicals & additives.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Bachelor's degree, Materials Management

    at Baroda Management Association
    India - Vadodara
    June 1986
    Materials management
    Business Finance

    Bachelor's degree, Physics

    at Pune University
    India - Pune
    June 1982
    B.Sc. (Physics) Degree.

    Specialties & Skills

    SAP MM & SD Modules



    Materials Management


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    net-surfing, travelling.

    Certified internal auditor for ISO. Received increment for consistently achieving/exceeding target while working with Larsen & Toubro Ltd.