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    Osman Attia

    Contract Management.

    Coastal Shipping Agencies Co. Ltd. - Sudan

    Sudan - Khartoum
    Diploma, Development Studies & Research Institute
    7 years, 4 months

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    Contract Management.

    Coastal Shipping Agencies Co. Ltd. - Sudan
    May 2010
    To September 2012
    Establish and maintain long-term working relationships between CSACL and clients, partners and stakeholders.
    o Assist in the negotiation of contracts with an optimum mix of price and quality
    o Identify and analyze economic developments in the market
    o Manages the competitive bidding and selection process
    o Negotiate contract terms, pricing and payment schedule, ensuring that the agreements with the vendors / suppliers are commercially advantageous
    o Intervenes, analyzes, manages and resolves business conflicts between the company and the vendors / suppliers
    o Change management, training and staff improvement

    Base Manager

    Samaritan's Purse International Relief (SPIR).
    November 2009
    To March 2010
    support program staff in the coordination and facilitation of all program activities in the Hamesh Koreb areas. I also maintain and support SPIP activities in the zone through maintenance and management of the Hamesh Koreb base.
    - Base Administration/Logistics/Finance
    - Government/Community Liaising.
    - Security Management

    Communication & liaison Officer.

    Enfants du Monde - Droits de l'Homme (EMDH) (Children of the world -Human Rights).
    November 2005
    To November 2008
    Sudan - Khartoum
    Focal point between EMDH and governmental bodies, (federal & state authorization)
    - Responsible for providing weekly updates to Head of Mission’s assistant regarding new political developments and matters related to NGOs.
    - Follow up and updating of time table and reporting to the General Administrator regarding all kind of visas and agreements.
    - Co-responsible for security management

    Team Member

    Nutrohealth for Development Co.Ltd
    January 2008
    To February 2008
    Member of the Evaluation team at rural Kassala State. The evaluation was done for International Rescue Committee, ( IRC) USA. By Nutrohealth for Development Co.Ltd

    Team Leader

    October 2005
    To December 2005
    Team leader Kassala State, Sudan. I was appointed as team leader of Kassala State for this registration project in conjunction with the Afro Center Company for U.K. Plan Sudan Organization.

    Team Leader

    January 2005
    To December 2005
    Sudan - Khartoum
    Team leader for Khartoum State. I was appointed as team leader in this nationwide survey in conjunction with the Afro Center Company for UNICEF Sudan country office.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 10 Months   


    What's your educational background?
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    Diploma, Development Studies & Research Institute

    at University of Khartoum
    August 2012
    Graduated Diploma, Subjects included:
    Development Theories
    Economic Development theory
    Rural Developments
    Research Methodology
    Environmental Issues

    Master's degree, Public Administrative and Federalism Studies Institute

    at University of Khartoum
    July 2007
    Masters Degree. Subjects included among others;
    - Systems of Governance and Administration
    - Administrative Law
    - Development Administration
    - Control and Accountability
    - Emerging Challenges in Public Administration
    - Dissertation, “Change Management"

    Diploma, Political Science Department

    at University of Khartoum
    April 2002
    Graduated Diploma. Subjects included among others:
    - International Relations.
    - International Politics
    - Competitive politics
    - Public Administration

    Bachelor's degree, Political Science Department

    at Al Neelian University
    April 1999
    Bachelor of Arts. Subjects included among others:
    - Political Theory
    - Economic Theory
    - International Relations
    - International Organizations
    - Sudan and Neighbourhood
    - Area Studies
    - Dissertation, “Ethnic Struggle in Eritrea."

    Specialties & Skills

    computer usage and internet

    Information Search

    Communication Analysis

    Change Management

    Analytical Skills

    Research Papers


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    Training And Certifications

    English Langugae for Advanced Improvers

    Issued in: January 2005 Valid Until: - May 2005

    Women and Decision Making in Formal Sector

    Issued in: August 2000 Valid Until: - August 2000

    Management of Sustainable Development

    Issued in: July 2000 Valid Until: - July 2000

    Project Formulation and Proposal Writing

    Issued in: April 2000 Valid Until: - May 2000


    Issued in: May 1999 Valid Until: - July 1999