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    Radwan Haidara

    Civil Building (Finishing) Supervisor

    OMV Company

    Bachelor's degree, Civil Engineering
    8 years, 4 months

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    Civil Building (Finishing) Supervisor

    OMV Company
    May 2014
    To July 2015
    DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Ensure the project’s facilities are designed budgeted (via BoQ) in CPF(Central Processing Facilities). 2. Processed Request for Inspection (RFI) for finishing works in the building. 3. Checked non-conformances & initiated corrective actions. 4. Recording daily report's related to statue of each building in the site. 5. Acting as the main technical adviser on a construction site for subcontractors, crafts people and operatives. 6. Setting out, leveling and surveying the site. 7. Checking plans, drawings and quantities for accuracy of calculations. 8. Ensuring that all materials used and work performed are as per specifications. 9. Ever seeing the selection and requisition of materials and plant. 10. Agreeing a price for materials, and making cost-effective solutions and proposals for the intended project. 11. Managing, monitoring and interpreting the contract design documents supplied by the client or architect. 12. Liaising with any consultants, subcontractors, supervisors, planners, quantity surveyors and the general workforce involved in the project. 13. Liaising with the local authority (where appropriate to the project) to ensure compliance with local construction regulations and by-laws. 14. Liaising with clients and their representatives (architects, engineers and surveyors), including attending regular meetings to keep them informed of progress; 15. Day-to-day management of the site, including supervising and monitoring the site labour force and the work of any subcontractors. 16. Planning the work and efficiently organizing the plant and site facilities in order to meet agreed deadlines. 17. Over seeing quality control and health and safety matters on site. 18. Preparing reports as required. 19. Resolving any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems that may arise.

    Ciivil Engineer

    Organization: Community Livelihoods Project
    September 2011
    To May 2014
    DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Ensure the project’s facilities are designed budgeted (via BoQ). 2. Designing the small project by STAAD PRO 2006 program. 3. I am working with three sections in the governorates (Education, agriculture, health). 4. Checking and testing all concrete materials (water, cement, coares Aggregates, fine aggregates, hardened concrete, and fresh concrete). 5-Checking the trial mix design as per the specification. 6-Inspecting the dimensions, the formworks, rebar according the drawings of structure's. 7-Recording weekly report's related to statue of each project in the governorate.

    QA/QC(Quality Control) Civil Engineer Inspector

    Company: Dome Trading & Contracting
    October 2010
    To April 2011
    1.Checking and testing all concrete materials(water, cement, coares Aggregates, fine aggregates, hardened concrete, fresh concrete).
    2-Checking the trial mix design as per the specifiation.
    3-Checking the proctor test of soil and filed density test.
    4-Inspecting the dimension's, the formwork's, rebar according the drawing's of structur's.
    5-Recording daily report's related to statue of each building in the site.

    Site Engineer & Senior Surveyor

    Jabal Salab company (Zinc ox.), Yemen
    January 2009
    To June 2010
    My duties include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Instruct the Contractor on the necessary quality control requirements, and perform regularly controls that the requirements are fulfilled.
    - Supervise setup and review of Contractor’s Quality Control Plan and its compilation into a Quality Assurance Manual.
    - Monitor the implementation of the Quality Control Plan.
    • Assisting the team leader in administering the contract, delivery programs and storage, including measurement of work, approval of payments, variations to the contract and controlling retention monies.

    - Review documents for compliance with contractual requirements and completeness, and control their issue, revision and adjudication on their interpretation, such as:
    - basic design data,
    - procedures
    - general specifications and engineering standards.
    - Initiate and co-ordinate periodic reviews of construction activities by home office engineers to ensure that the construction is being carried out in accordance with design requirements
    - Co-ordinate transmission and recording of all construction requests to home office for design clarification, and for the transmission and recording of field changes
    - Assist the Contractor in identification of all applicable permits and approvals required for engineering and construction activities; control that procedures are developed to obtain the permits and approvals, monitor their production and their submission.
    - Witness testing of construction materials as required by the technical specification.
    - Conduct regular inspection on all installation and construction works, and control that these works are done in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents.
    Supervisor Civil Costruction in the Site and Senior Surveyor and Calculate The Quantities of the Plant(Manufacturing) and Checking the Elevation's and the postion of building in the Plant by (Coordinates).
    Checking for the Rebars and Dimensions according the drawings.


    Company : HAWK INTERNATIONAL Finance & Construction Limited
    February 2007
    To December 2008
    DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITES: 1. Superintendent Construction in the site.
    2. Processed Request for Inspection (RFI) for earthworks, foundations & pre-cast columns/beams erections .
    3. Prepared Inspection Checklists such as: Pre-pour & post-pour on the above structures.
    4. Conducted site inspections on formworks & re-bar installations.
    5. Monitored concrete pouring during day & night activities.
    6. Checked non-conformances & initiated corrective actions.
    7. Maintained daily activity & tracking of structures accomplished on site.
    8. Coordinated with Client regarding joint inspection, walkthrough & project queries.


    September 2006
    To February 2007
    DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. In-charged in the interpretation & implementation of plans.
    2. Supervised the execution of works. 3. Monitored the daily accomplishments, made quantity take-off & checked contractor’s billings.
    4. Coordinated with the Client regarding revisions & additional works.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Bachelor's degree, Civil Engineering

    at University of Aden
    Aden, Yemen
    July 2006

    Specialties & Skills

    Good experiences in the Microsoft system (Win7. Win 2000. Win xp).

    Good experience in Microsoft office (2000.xp) & AUTOCAD (2D)

    Good experience in Microsoft office (2000.xp) & AUTOCAD (2D)

    Good experience in STAAD PRO 2006 Designing Program


    Microsoft Office




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