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    Raghid H. Al Halawani

    Administration & Procurement Manager

    QNB Syria

    Syria - Damascus
    Master's degree, Business Administration
    15 years, 11 months

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    Administration & Procurement Manager

    QNB Syria
    October 2012
    To Present
    Syria - Damascus
    1- The Administration Department: Managing all of the general services, such as mail service, cleaning service, hospitalities, fleet management, Archive Management (Electronic and Physical), searching for locations and premises, internal and external correspondences, governmental relations management, utilities management, insurance policies of the bank (Fire, BBB, Third Party, Vehicles), checks printing operation, warehouse management, office equipments and banking equipments maintenance, fixed assets management, all of the bank keys keeping and stamps process, and preparing the departmental budget of the department.

    2- The Procurement Department: Suggesting all of the purchasing plans of the bank (assets, hardware, consumables, managing the purchasing process totally starting from the RFQ, offers opening operation as per the bank policies and the procedures and I am the Head of the committee of this step, Purchase Orders, receiving purchases, keeping purchases in warehouse OR delivering it to the requester party, paying to the vendors by coordination with the Finance Department, preparing the departmental budget and monitor it to set all of the procurement business based on it, otherwise or exceptions should be done after getting an official approval from the Top Management.

    Sales & PR Mgt.

    AMH & Co. for natural stone and granite
    May 2012
    To September 2012
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Setting Sales & PR plans in coordination with the Top Management, Preparing Sales budget and controlling expenses to meet it, and realizing its financial targets & profits. Setting Pricing lists of the product based on the local economic situation in order to maintain the maximum profit margin. Submitting Sales reports to the top management in specific dates and also sudden ones if required. Managing PR and Media from A to Z (Communications Management). Working on all events management of the company (Promotional parties, Business dinner, lunch dinner, business trips….etc). Creating good relationships with the governmental agencies those related to the company business. Keeping eyes on the competitors activities in an honest way. Working on Marketing campaigns, and studying the market to know the clients "Wants and Needs". Making researches on the internet to check up the new products in the international markets.
    Keeping eyes on the exhibitions seasons and dates those related to the company business locally and abroad .Always working on the sales performance and upgrading it to maintain the maximum performance, and so the maximum profit. Working on Customer Satisfaction in all channels especially direct channels.

    Project Management & Premises Manager

    Arab Bank Syria
    March 2011
    To March 2012
    Syria - Damascus
    Project Management and all support issues which related to the bank premises, in addition to the Administration department functions.

    Senior Administration Officer

    Byblos Bank Syria
    February 2006
    To February 2011
    Syria - Damascus
    All Administration Department Functions


    Byblos Bank
    December 2005
    To February 2006
    Lebanon - Beirut
    On Site Training for working in the Administration Department

    External Relations Representative & Site Negotiations & Accquisition Assistant

    MTN Syria
    May 2001
    To December 2005
    Syria - Damascus
    4 Years as External & Governmental Relations, and 1 year as Site Negotiations for hiring sites in order to install GSM stations on

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 3 Months   


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    Master's degree, Business Administration

    at European University
    Grade: 3 out of 4
    November 2011

    Specialties & Skills

    External Relations

    Bank Negotiations

    General Business Administration

    On site Support

    Administrative Support

    All of the Administration Department Functions


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    Training And Certifications

    Managerial Leadership

    Issued in: January 2010 Valid Until: - March 2010

    Excellence In Customer Service

    Issued in: January 2009 Valid Until: - January 2009

    Situational Leadership II for Managers

    Issued in: June 2003 Valid Until: - June 2003

    Business Etiquette of Professional Customer Interaction

    Issued in: July 2002 Valid Until: - July 2002

    The Art of Business Conversation via- Telephone

    Issued in: July 2002 Valid Until: - July 2002

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    Playing Music, Writing Poetry (Arabic)