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    Reem Sabry

    Professional Interpreter ENG / ARA /ENG, Bilingual MC & voice over


    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    Master's degree, Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting (English/Aracbic/English)
    16 years, 11 months

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    Professional Interpreter ENG / ARA /ENG, Bilingual MC & voice over

    December 2012
    To Present
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    Worked as freelance interpreter for different events such as:
    - Promoting peace in Muslim societies forum ( 2016)
    - Microcredit 18th summit in Abu Dhabi 2016
    - Pearl Initiative and UN Global Compact Regional Forum
    - IDEX 2014 - 2015
    - World Future Energy Summit 2015


    at Al Arabiya News - MBC Group
    April 2012
    To April 2016
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    -Working as a reporter in AL Arabiya TV News Channel.
    -News Reporting for television both field and in-house production.
    -Conducting Research, filming, field interviews, editing, scripting and producing graphics.

    Co- Teacher at MATI department

    at American University Of Sharjah
    August 2009
    To December 2012
    United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
    - Helping professors in their researches and grading
    - Teaching Mass Communication and Interpreting courses

    Journalist & Translator

    at BARQ UAE
    January 2012
    To March 2012
    United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
    - Translating, Editing & writing news in Arabic and English for Instant news messages with BARQ UAE through mobiles, New media, twitter and social media websites.
    - Conducting instant interviews on mobile and publishes it through all kind of new Media.

    Segment Producer/ Reporter

    at Baynounah Media Group
    August 2009
    To March 2011
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    - News Reporting for television both field and in-house production.
    - Conducting Research, filming, field interviews, editing and scripting

    Editor/ Journalist assistant director

    at Infinity Magazine
    June 2008
    To April 2009
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    - Editor of the children, society, and fashion and make-up section

    Editor/ Presenter

    at Abu Dhabi Media Company
    January 2007
    To May 2008
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    - Presenting & Editing program and voice over for the morning show

    Promoter & organizer

    at World Trade Center & Abu Dhabi National Exibition
    November 2006
    To May 2007
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    - Worked at Cityscape 2007 as a promoter in Sorouh and ICT.
    - Worked in GITEX 2007 in Roaming, Ahlan Service and 3.5G services.
    - Worked in GITEX 2007 in the VIP section in ETISALAT Stand.
    - Worked in the Sea Trade 2006 in the Media Center and Registration.
    - Worked in GITEX 2006 in media centre and registration matters.
    - Worked at Bride Show as a Market research and organizer.
    - Worked at World Future Energy Summit 2008 as promoter &organizer

    PR Assistant

    at American University Of Sharjah
    February 2005
    To October 2005
    United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
    - Teacher assistant and grader in the statistic department & the PR department.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 8 Months   


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    Master's degree, Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting (English/Aracbic/English)

    at American University Of Sharjah
    United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
    Grade: 3.5
    August 2012
    I have been given A sholarship for my master dgree due to my honor degree and high GPA in my Bachelor of Arts in Mass communication.

    Bachelor's degree, Bachelor of Arts in Mass communication

    at American University Of Sharjah
    United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
    Grade: 3.55
    December 2007
    Bachelor of Arts in Mass communication (B.A.M.C.)Concentration: Advertising and Public Relation. Minor: Translation with 3.55 GPA

    Specialities & Skills

    Market Research

    Mass Communication

    Strong interpersonal, presentations and customer relationship skills.
    Extremely comfortable with assuming team leader responsibilities
    Achieved training course for Open Media Program for News
    Valid UAE driving license
    Eager to learn new concepts and apply them where needed
    Capable of working well in both team and independent environments
    Attained the International Computer Driving License (ICDL


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    Alumni Association at American University Of Sharjah
    Active Member
    December 2007


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    As Associate Dean-College of Arts and Sciences in American University of Sharjah

    By Ibrahim Sadek (MANAGER) on 2011-04-26
    "It is a great pleasure to write a recommendation letter for Reem Sabry. I have known her over a period of four years as an undergraduate student in Mass Communication (Concentration Advertising). I have been her academic advisor during these years and have been actively present in monitoring his growth during these years. She had always exhibited a keen interest in major courses as well as the others. In my capacity as the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, I have known Reem as a diligent and persevering student. Reem is one of the best students at AUS. Her overall performance was extraordinary through out the semesters in all the courses at AUS. Her overall GPA is 3.55 out of 4 and she was on the deans list of honor for scoring a GPA of more than 3.5. Reem was very proficient in English and Arabic. She had no difficulties in understanding her professors and responded well. She spoke English and Arabic fluently and her written assignments demonstrated that her skills were of a high standard. Reem was always willing to participate in extra curricular activities. She participated in many events held at AUS and outside AUS. Reem is a very hard working student and has constantly demonstrated the willingness to overcome any difficulty and attain success. She sets herself extremely high standards and endeavors to achieve the best. All her professors found her to be industrious in all her assignments, projects and presentations. She participated fully in class discussions and debates. We found her to be a very confident young woman who generally enjoyed discussions and made excellent presentations. She was a very friendly student who was always willing to extend help to fellow students. She shared very good relationships with all her professors and fellow students. It was a pleasure to have Reem as a student at AUS. I wish her all the success in her future career and strongly recommend her without any reservation."

    As Professor of Mass Communication in American University of Sharjah

    By Mahboub Hashem (COLLEAGUE) on 2011-04-27
    "April 27, 2011 I am glad to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Miss Reem Hussein Sabry. I have known Reem for about five years. She was my student in several mass communication courses. Therefore, I can say with confidence that Reem is an excellent person to work with. As a student in the past and a colleague now, Reem has demonstrated intelligence, open-mindedness, and a willingness to work very hard in order to excel in whatever she does. She asks significant questions, has good writing skills, and is an effective communicator in general. She attends to others’ needs, participates actively in discussions, and is very considerate. In addition, she works diligently to meet deadlines and invests a considerable amount of time in order to fulfill her assignments. She takes pride in her work and sees her efforts as a reflection of her own integrity and character. Moreover, Reem is a reliable and dependable person which, I believe are rare qualities in most people her age these days. Reem has a good sense of humor and uses it very well in her interaction with others. She is friendly, outgoing, dependable, and sensitive to the needs of her colleagues. She also extends herself willingly to help her peers. Everybody who knows Reem well likes and respects her because she is people oriented and can work very well with her peers. In short, Reem is not afraid to assume new responsibilities, especially in the domain of work and communication. She is a good and well-behaved person overall. I think highly of her and believe that she would do well in any work environment if and whenever she is given a chance. Sincerely, Mahboub Hashem, Ph. D. Department of Mass Communication The American University of Sharjah"