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    Sajid Teji

    Sr. Procurement & Logistics Executive

    Dubai Healthcare City

    United Arab Emirates
    Bachelor's degree, Computer Engineering
    9 years, 9 months

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    Sr. Procurement & Logistics Executive

    Dubai Healthcare City
    July 2015
    To Present
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
     Procuring requested items for 4 major entities like Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), Mohammed Bin Rashid University & Hospital (MBRU), Dubai dental College (DDC) & Dubai Bones & Joints Hospital (DBAJ).
     Specialized in procuring items for Information Technology & Facilities Management also helping the dept with Marketing & HR procurement as & when required.
     Ensure procuring of requested items as per SLA timelines, provide administration of cost control negotiation measures to ensure best value outcomes in purchases and ensure procurement of requested items are in line with the policy & procedures.
     Screening profiles or bringing new Local & international suppliers according to their specialization and getting them registered with DHCC for future business.
     Improve communication through conducting regular quarterly meeting with internal/external business partners and maintain records and the delivery of action plans.
     Conducting & reviewing Technical & Financial Evaluation for all the categories of Procurement.
     Define & document through developing the process maps for the Procurement Department.
     Supporting the Procurement team with any kind of issues with regards to Oracle & if needed training the procurement team on Oracle & preparing flows or logical steps of how to work on Oracle modules as having excellent expertise with Oracle having a computer engineering background.
     Develop and provide monthly reports on requisitions, Purchase orders & other activities being carried out with regards to Procurement like negotiation with suppliers, meetings, etc.
     Negotiate with external vendors to secure the most advantageous terms as having excellent command on negotiation skills.
     Collaborate with key persons to ensure the clarity of the specifications and expectations of the company.
     Track and report key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness.
     Anticipate unfavorable events through analysis of data and prepare control strategies.
     Perform risk management regarding supply contracts and agreements.

    Area Logistics Manager

    Fresenius Medical Care
    April 2014
    To May 2015
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
     Managing, coordinating and overseeing logistics activities and day-to-day operations of inbound & outbound traffic for assigned locations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Germany.
     Handling major supply chain issues of our project with the social club of National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia operating under the Ministry of the National Guard.
     Key User with a major SAP Implementation project called inSITE from Germany to handle the Supply Chain & Logistics modules.
     Interface with carriers regarding all air & ground import/export shipment and related activities, movement of material within sites and/or facilities, maintenance of proper/accurate documentation, and communication with various internal departments.
     Receiving, reviewing and processing high volume and/or complex export transactions; including the review and/or verification of shipper import/export documentation.
     Monitors, tracks, and/or verifies inbound & outbound shipments and/or movement schedules of goods from/to 3PL carriers and/or within assigned sites/facilities; including taking applicable corrective action.
     Responsible for making sure that all logistics and distribution activities adhere to environmental legislation and comply with all health and safety requirements.
     Also in charge of ensuring that all staff are adequately trained and skilled to deliver the qualitative service that is expected of them.
     Directing and managing all logistic staff and subordinates & ensuring that all appropriate documentation is kept on file and available for inspection at all times.
     Maximizing earnings by keeping down labour, materials, fixed costs and any other overheads.
     Using the latest tracking software like SAP to document, track and locate stock being delivered.
     Managing and overseeing the selection and/or performance of freight carriers to maximizing the service & security to site and local operations.
     Managing and/or maintaining receiving, warehousing and distribution operations by initiating, coordinating and enforcing program operational policies and procedures.
     Database management & validation using Advance Excel, Advance Filter, Functions & Formulas, Pivot table, Importing & exporting data & validations.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  7 Years, 0 Months   


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    Bachelor's degree, Computer Engineering

    at Mumbai University
    India - Mumbai
    Grade: Distinction
    June 2007
    Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Computers Year: June 2007
    Board: Maharashtra State Board Of Technical Education.

    Diploma, Computer Engineering

    at Mumbai Unversity
    India - Mumbai
    Grade: Distinction
    June 2004
    Diploma in Computer Engineering Year: June 2004
    Board: Maharashtra State Board Of Technical Education.

    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
    Microsoft Certification ID: 9339245

    MCITP - Upgrade to Server 2012
    Microsoft Certification ID: 9339245

    Specialties & Skills

    Leadership Capabilities

    Customer Service

    Team Management

    Logistics Management

    OracleBI Discoverer Plus






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    Training And Certifications

    Balance Score Card Certification

    Issued in: February 2013 Valid Until: - February 2013

    Microsoft Certification ID: 9339245

    Issued in: January 2013 Valid Until: - May 2013

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    Championships in Snooker


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    As HR & Public Relation Manager in Al Hendawy medical center

    waleed fayad
    (CLIENT) on 04-09-2013
    "Sajed is professional and representable in his work I felt that by my self for 4 years since I start dealing with him he is honest and hard worker"