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    Saud Al Raisi

    Supply Chain Manager

    MCC - Oman

    Oman - Muscat
    Bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering
    22 years, 11 months

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    Supply Chain Manager

    MCC - Oman
    February 2014
    To Present
    Oman - Muscat
    - Leading and Support three departments (Procurement, Logistics & Warehouses).
    - Deployed demand driven Supply Chain strategy, processes that supports operational and the businesses long range plans.
    - Working closely with business leaders and their teams to achieve operational objectives in cost, quality, delivery and inventory turnover.
    - Develop and challenging resources to improve performance through systems utilization and process improvement.
    - Leading and improving demand planning to align financial, operational and material plan.
    - Leading and improving Material inventory Management best practices including planning, purchasing Methods, Warehouse Management and advanced replenishment methods.
    - Improved distribution and logistics practices and network optimization including trade compliance (Import/Export), Distribution and transportation Management.
    - Responsible for maintaining scorecard of relevant local and international suppliers in the key categories such as quality, delivery and costs.
    - Developed and implemented continuous improvement plans corrective actions as needed.
    - Coach and mentors the team to improve engagement with key stakeholders and established communication channels between the cross functional teams.
    - Organizes and prioritizes work assignment to complete all assignments and tasks on time with quality and demonstrate the ability to anticipate problem areas in advance.
    - Defining resources needs and works within budget and staffing parameters to accomplish objectives for area of responsibility.

    Senior Procurement Support (Qualification Engineer)

    February 2010
    To January 2014
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    - Qualify Suppliers (Vendors, Manufactures & Contractors), who applies for business with ADNOC groups.
    - Reviews requests for registration/prequalification from suppliers and coordinates all tasks in completing the registration/prequalification process.
    - Reviews suppliers' submittal including questionnaire, product catalogues, company profiles, financial data, quality control manuals and other related documents to identify/evaluate products and services offered by the vendors/suppliers. Coordinates technical review of registration/prequalification submittal with users, where necessary.
    - Reviews the pre and post commitment performance reports on suppliers and initiates suitable follow-up measures.
    - Prepares and updates the list of product groups and/or work groups for which the supplier has adequate capabilities to meet ADNOC's requirements. Compiles the formal supplier evaluation report for review/approval by SPQC.
    - Assists the Head of Department in carrying out the coordination and analysis of activities.
    - Ensures that an efficient computer based system (Commercial Directory- MAXIMO) is in operation and participates in the establishment of a reference library for the Division.
    - Participates in SPQC meetings and in site surveys of supplier facilities as required.
    - Act as secretary of SPQC.
    - Oversees the input of supplier data into the database to ensures the computerized registration / prequalification system is efficiently operated, recommending enhancement to the system
    - Coordinates the conduct of product presentations/seminars.
    - Ensures that approved suppliers abide by the rules, regulations and laws of the UAE Government.
    - Prepares management reports on supplier registration/prequalification and performance monitoring activities of the section; issues these reports periodically for management review.
    - Participates in conducting commercial evaluation of tenders in line with ADNOC regulations (Bids Opening).
    - Coordinates with ADNOC Group Companies Registration focal points to ensure that the Unified company registration system is functioning properly.
    - Coordinate with Department of Economic & Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry to ensure the latest policies requirements for Abu Dhabi Local Companies are updated and functioning properly in company registration system.
    - Coordinates MAXIMO business cycle related matters with IT and end users.
    - Certified as Team Member for Unified Pre- qualification Procedure with ADNOC groups.

    Procurement and Logistics Officer

    April 2005
    To February 2010
    Oman - Muscat
    1) Contracts:
    - Invitation for tendering, Prequalification’s, LOI, LOA.
    - Technical and Commercial tenders opening with MOG.
    - Pricing evaluation and approved tenders from MOG.
    - Contracts registering.
    - Insurances, guarantees and parent guarantees updates.
    2) Procurement and Purchasing:
    - RFQs, controlling and issuing SO/PO/CO, and Call Off for all CMEI products.
    - Register all purchase, rental material/equipment & keeps tracking in purchase data system.
    - Keeps tracking system for all drilling equipment and maintenance at site.
    - Clear invoices for payments and submit the final documents to finance.
    - Update and maintain inventory control management system.
    - Liaise with local and international suppliers in overall process.
    3) Logistics:
    - In charge of the transport issues of light / heavy vehicles and equipment.
    - Provides drilling site requirement for all heavy equipment.
    - Mob / Demobilizations of the equipment.
    - In charge of all office vehicles.
    - Clear or Complete all Custom duties documents such as Statistical import/export and other
    related business with Directorate General of Customs with boarders.
    - Deals with the transport, storage, distribution and warehousing of raw materials.
    - Able to apply logistic principles to the development, evaluation, and improvement of system support and maintenance.
    - Understand & enter logistics data into a management information database.

    Poject Coordinator

    Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C.
    October 1997
    To April 2005
    Oman - Muscat
    - Planning and executing new flowline and well hook-ups.
    - Responsible for flowline replacement under "No leak Policy".
    - Plan and execute well hook-up long term drilling sequence.
    - Pursue use of redundant and Surplus materials for saving budget.
    - Manage and report fllowine budget CAPEX / OPEX (Capital / Operation).
    - Initiate flowline authorization & provide final flowline & hook-up proposal
    - Prepare brief scope for survey with location layout and proposed flowline and overhead line route and issue survey request with bid submission.
    - Expedite and obtain the approvals on survey drawings from other engineers in the section.
    - Prepare bidding package upon approval of survey drawing.
    - Issue materials for timely completion of well hook-ups.
    - Schedule & supervisor flowline and Overhead line installation to meet hook-up target.
    - Monitor rig movement and well hook-up commissioning to meet the target.
    - Report weekly and monthly progress to the management.
    - Arrange all scopes and materials.
    - Long term planning and update of station manifold slots.
    - Construction supervision of contractors.
    - Authorize, Issue and close job orders to contractors and order materials.
    - Projects focal point and supervisor of LLRTP, MSV and Redundant Materials.

    Material controller

    Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C
    October 1993
    To September 1997
    - Develop flow line and well hook-up material requirements.
    - Monitoring the materials shortages and liaisons with supply for timely delivery.
    - Searching and providing the alternatives materials for timely commissioning.
    - Visit flowline construction work to insure Materials delivered at sites.
    - Maintain up to date files for well hook-up standard drawings.
    - Liaisons with contractor and supply department for issuing materials timely.
    - Understand the hook-up piping drawings and the piping class.
    - Maintain up to date movable system for well hook-ups.
    - Understand the project cycle process.
    - Prepare monthly flowline requirements based on short term drilling sequence.
    - Assist interior project engineers for materials ordering and tracking.
    - Write scope of work for flowlines and well hook-ups.
    - Actively involved in identifying the redundant and Surplus materials to make savings.
    - Assist engineering section for materials ordering and tracking.
    - General understanding of the CMEI Structure and process.
    - Supervision in Production Stations shutdown and supervising the Drain line modification job included flushing and welding of the new modified piping.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  1 Years, 0 Months   


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    Bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering

    at Business Technology Concil
    United Kingdom
    July 1993

    Diploma, Electrical Diploma

    at Oman Technical College
    October 1989

    Specialties & Skills

    • Microsoft Office Programs (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access & Project).


    EWMS (Engineering Work Maintenance System).

    PS6 (Project Scheduler System)

    SAP (Service & Procurement).

    WMS (Warehouse Management System).

    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

    Business Development




    Projects Coordination


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    Training And Certifications

    ISO 9001 Quality Audit Management

    July 2013 (20 hours)

    Hobbies and Interests

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    IT and programs in computer, Swimming, Running, Snooker, Traveling & Cooking