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    sheriff shazly

    Consultant Project Manager


    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Diploma, project management
    8 years, 11 months

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    Consultant Project Manager

    February 2014
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Present, introduce and explain project management concept to clients
    Demonstrate and convince clients about how to achieve projects' goals with project management and consultancy services.
    Review and refine Drawings and BOQs, and gain approvals upon them.
    Provide support in tendering phase including assessments and nominating contractors
    Supervise and manage project throughout all implementing stages.
    Communicate with all project's parties including conducting meetings, Prepare reports and handing over the projects.
    Projects closure including final evaluation, final quantities and as-built drawings approvals.

    CCHI 60M SAR
    Bahri 13M SAR
    Yasmin compund 30M SAR

    Project Manager

    March 2013
    To February 2014
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    conduct kickoff meetings with clients.
    Review and check drawings and BOQs and assure integration.
    Building implementation team, coordinate and cooperate with them.
    coordinate with consultants and clients to achieve project's goals.
    utilize all available resource powers to meet the deadlines within budget and approved quality.
    prepare and issue progress invoices upon progress and gain clients.approvals.
    project handing over to clients/consultants.

    Mobili flagship 3M SAR
    Nawah HQ 4M SAR
    Bupa Arabia 6M SAR

    KAFD 1.10 tower finishing Engineer

    November 2012
    To March 2013
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Evaluate and hire subcontractors upon qualifications and prices.
    finishing Materials procurement according to project schedules and dead lines.
    supervise and inspect fit out works.
    follow up with suppliers and subcontractors activities.
    coordinate with consultant handing over and inspection processes according to the polices and procedures.
    review and audit subcontractor' invoices and issue payment requests.

    Crystal tower 300M SAR

    project manager

    July 2011
    To November 2012
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    managing the finishing projects
    follow up with contractors and coordinate with them
    communicate with consultants
    prepare project plans
    take approvals for materials, drawings and delivered works.
    prepare the onsite shop drawings and as built drawings.
    prepare BOQs

    project and maintenance manager

    Najm insurance services company
    March 2010
    To October 2011
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    1- choosing the new company's benches location, develop a design, work on the design package, prepare the B.O.Qs, chose the contractors and invite them to a bid, evaluate the bids, pic the best bed, negotiate with the contractor, to reach the best offer, raise the case to the concerned management (department), followup with the contractor, receive the progress reports, evaluate the contractor's performance, develop a report and raise it to the BSD (business service department ) manager .

    2-prepare a maintenance plan, develop a maintenance requirements list, search for vendors, invite them to propose offers, negotiate with the vendors, pic the best offer prepare a to do list, prepare a basic contract an raise it to the department of legal to be revised, prepare a maintenance schedule with the vendor and followup with them, prepare occasionally report about their services

    3- receive the comments and complaints about a service or a problem, investigate about the reasons, solve the problem, analyze the case, and work on preventing to happen again .

    4- established 12 new branches around the kingdom.
    expansion for the Customer service center .
    expansion for the quality finance and admin departments .

    project engineer

    A to Z design
    June 2008
    To April 2010
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    develop the project plan
    creat the WBS
    estimate the time and the resources
    direct and manage the plan
    control the work execution
    supervise the contractors
    meet the designers and the consultants and arrange the work flow with them
    handover the project

    executive engineer and interior designer

    darwasa designs
    December 2006
    To June 2008
    Saudi Arabia
    Do the BOQ for the project .
    Supervise the projects .
    mange the workflow
    Report to the management .
    Meet the customers .
    describe the work flow to the clients .
    present the project .

    Product designer

    July 2006
    To December 2006
    Egypt - Cairo

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Diploma, project management

    at new horizon
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    December 2009
    the PMP course is dealing with managing project, how to create the schedules, risk mitigation, QC etc....

    Bachelor's degree, Interior and Industrial Design.

    at app.arts
    cairo, Egypt
    June 2007
    interior and industrial design.

    Specialties & Skills

    Ability of reading construction plans

    Ability of executing construction plans and amending them if needed

    Ability of conducting Persuasive negotiation with contractors and owners

    Ability of guiding and supervising workers

    Computer and Internet literate

    Photoshop, Coreldrow, Freehand

    Construction Methods


    Project Plans

    Relationship Development

    Team Management


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    Training And Certifications

    PMP from new horaizon

    Issued in: December 2009 Valid Until: - December 2009


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    As site PM of itcc project in Al-Nafea holding

    "Sheriff is one of the best people I worked with. He is one of the few who look for a thing to do if he has nothing to do. This is an indication of self-improvement and the need to learn new stuff. Hope the best for him"