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    Ulundi Aurora Behrtel

    Senior Associate / Legal consultant

    EK Consulting CC

    South Africa
    Bachelor's degree, Law
    5 years, 3 months

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    Senior Associate / Legal consultant

    EK Consulting CC
    November 2011
    To Present
    South Africa
    Providing legal advice to private health care institutions, health care professionals, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and professional associations in the healthcare sector, on matters such as the handling of complaints, risk management, dealing with medical schemes, and statutory compliance with health legislation (including monitoring and quality control in services)
    Liaison with statutory councils and professional regulators, professional associations, tertiary training institutions and other role players in the health care industry on relevant health policy or legal issues
    Compiling legal opinions and recommendations to clients regarding compliance with legislative and ethical requirements, policies and standard working procedures dealing with health law and ethics
    Assisting clients with disciplinary hearings, labour
    Assisting with the interpretation of statutes, regulations, policies and other documents pertaining to developments and amendments in the health care industry in South Africa
    Drafting of legal documents such as company law documents and contracts, general contracts, addendums, co-operation agreements, and settlement agreements. Assisting with the interpretation of contracts and providing advice on legal remedies in issues regarding breach of contract
    Serving as a member on the SAMA Research Ethics Committee
    Appointed as Chairperson of the SAMED Ethics Committee to consider complaints for alleged violations of the SAMED and MCA Codes
    Providing health law and ethics training to all categories of health care professionals (and non-professional support staff on related topics) by means of workshops, seminars and lectures throughout South Africa. Developing and compiling training documents to be used with the workshops I seminars
    Speaker at several conferences and congresses on various health law and ethics topics

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    Bachelor's degree, Law

    at University of Pretoria
    Pretoria, South Africa
    November 1989
    I completed an undergraduate programme of 3 years for the BLC (B.A. Law) degree and thereafter a two-year LLB postgraduate programme. The curriculum is structured around preliminary, core / intermediate and advanced courses and also elective coursework. The preliminary courses acquaint students with both the background and the foundations of the South African legal system, and with legal thinking and analysis in general. The core subjects are those regularly required for legal practice. The advanced courses comprise further study in these core subjects, deepening and / or broadening the student's knowledge as appropriate. The electives allow students to specialise in a particular area of law, to an extent, by choosing from a range of optional courses. The programme I completed required courses in Latin and Roman Law.

    Specialties & Skills

    Human rights, health law and ethics

    Contract Review

    Legal Advice

    Legal Ethics

    Legal Writing

    Legal Services


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