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    وليد محمد عثمان ابو سديره

    Ex. Secreatary

    Euro Group Company

    Bachelor's degree,
    7 years, 4 months

    Work Experience

    What's your work experience? Your experience is one of the most important sections in a CV.
    List all relevant responsibilities, skills, projects, and achievements against each role.  If you're a fresh grad, you can add any volunteer work or any internship you've done before.
    Add Experience

    Ex. Secreatary

    Euro Group Company
    April 2012
    To August 2012
    Kuwait - Al Farawaniyah
    Receiving all telephone calls& Faxes and Responding in the Customers and office staff in good manner -Arranging meeting for the Owner & General Manger -Arranging schedule monthly-Responsible for preparing all official documents Arabic&English-Arranging all company invoices-Preparing all pepper for (SHOUN)-Arranging all materials permits coming in & go out- Answering the calls and transferring it to the concerned departments- Arranging the work among the different departments in the company-Getting quotations from other companies- very good working on Outlook & emails.

    Exective Secretary

    Saad Al Din Mursi
    April 2009
    To April 2012
    Kuwait - Joint Operations Wafra
    Responsible for preparing all offical documents Arabic & English and submit to JO- Arranging all compny invoices- preparing all paper for SHOUN- Responsible for preparing all JO gatebass- Arranging all Matriales permits coming in & go out from JO- Good knowledge in HR Divison- Arranging the appoimtments for the & chairman & CEO

    Ex. Secreatary

    Al Safat Hotel
    January 1999
    To January 2003
    Responsible for preparing all official documents Arabic&English.-
    Arranging schedule monthly.-Arranging meeting for the Owner & General Manger.-Receiving all telephone calls& Faxes and Responding in the Customers and office staff in good manner

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


    What's your educational background?
    Let employers know more about your education; remember, be clear and concise.

    Bachelor's degree,

    at جامعه جنوب الوادى
    June 1998

    Specialties & Skills

    الفندقة والتعليم






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