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    Wendy Cowell

    Senior Account Manager

    Emap Connect

    United Kingdom
    Bachelor's degree,
    9 years, 9 months

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    Senior Account Manager

    Emap Connect
    April 2010
    To May 2012
    United Kingdom
    Emap Connect - Spring & Autumn Fair Exhibitions: April 10 - Present

    Senior Account Manager
    • Effectively managed customer relationships with pre-defined high value, important customer base over the Spring & Autumn Fairs both nationally and internationally.
    • Created integrated campaigns across Exhibition Space, On-Line and Sponsorship (On site and On Line)
    • Created and implemented feature ideas as an extra revenue stream and provided alternative avenues to key buyers for our clients. This included the marketing and budget planning from the implementation stage.
    • Worked alongside and mentored junior members of staff through client visits and side by side training.
    • Worked closely with Event Director and Managing Director to determine market trends and put in place strategies to capitalize on this.
    • Maintained and Increased Customer retention, and ensured that all accounts have an established customer plan and any risk / growth accounts are flagged and have appropriate management plans in place.

    Account Manager

    BBC Worldwide - Delicious Magazine
    August 2009
    To April 2010
    United Kingdom
    BBC Worldwide - Delicious Magazine: Aug 09 - April 10 (Reason for leaving: Temporary Contract)

    Account Manager
    • Dealing and gaining contacts at all West End London agencies, both planners and buyers for Press and On-Line
    • Creating integrated campaigns over Display, Creative Solutions and On-Line
    • Budgeting & Forecasting revenues from Media and PR agencies
    • Managing the flat plan for the whole of the magazine and also the booking schedule for the Delicious website
    • Acted as deputy Ad Manager, which incorporated reporting forecasted figures back to the board, dealing with flat plan changes etc
    • Built strong relationships with Editorial and Marketing teams on Delicious Magazine for both print and on-line.

    Business Sales Manager

    Bounty (UK) Ltd
    October 2008
    To May 2009
    United Kingdom
    Bounty (UK) Ltd: Oct 08 - May 09 (Reason for leaving: Redundancy)

    Business Sales Manager
    • Creating integrated and creative campaigns which incorporated the 7 different media channels that Bounty work with; Press, On-Line, Experiential, Data, Research, Syndicated Mailings and Bounty Health Network.
    • Built strong relationships with top London agencies and at Marketing Director level at client direct.
    • Increased spend across my core clients through strategic and creative campaigns, and I was responsible for new revenues from non-core clients which were in line with target audience.
    • Working together as part of a creative team across all 7 media channels to generate new ideas for revenue growth whilst sharing best practice.
    • Budgeting and forecasting revenues from all core and non-core clients.

    Account Manager

    Bauer Media
    January 2008
    To October 2008
    United Kingdom
    Bauer Media - Motorcycling: Jan 08 - Oct 08 (Please note that Bauer bought out Emap, so they are not separate companies)
    Account Manager
    • Full responsibility for Dealer Account revenues across market leading Motorcycling magazines and websites.
    • Implement sales/creative strategies for the Dealer Account team to increase revenues and to grow existing customer base.
    • Liaising with Editorial, Marketing and Event teams and relaying overall plans back to the Dealer Account team.
    • Managing the account transition and strategy to online whilst maintaining print revenues.
    • Planning Commercial, Sponsorship and Affiliation deals across the Motor Cycle News brand (What Bike?, motorcyclenews.com, Mobile, Data)
    • Budgeting and Forecasting weekly revenues and volumes

    Account Manager

    Emap Automotive- Motor Cycle News
    March 2005
    To January 2007
    United Kingdom
    Emap Automotive- Motor Cycle News: Mar 05 - Jan 07
    Account Manager
    • Full responsibility for on-page and online Account Revenues across the Motor Cycle News brand
    • Implementing strategies to grow the revenues from the accounts on my core.
    • Liaising with Editorial and Marketing teams.
    • Planning Commercial Deals across the Motor Cycle News brand
    • Exceeding my targets between 20% and 60% consistently throughout my time at Motor Cycle News.

    Senior Sales Executive

    Emap Automotive- Classic Cars Magazine
    March 2003
    To March 2005
    United Kingdom
    Emap Automotive- Classic Cars Magazine: Mar 03 - Mar 05
    Senior Sales Executive
    • Responsible for individual ad revenues for three sections of the magazines (Classified, Dealers & Display)
    • Handling existing accounts and identifying new revenue and business opportunities within the classic car market.
    • Generating creative on and off page ideas and solutions to match customer needs and develop additional revenues.
    • Gaining 4 awards for the amount of new business I brought in and the amount of sales generated.
    • Exceeding my targets between 10% and 40% on a monthly basis.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  1 Years, 10 Months   


    What's your educational background?
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    Bachelor's degree,

    at The Nottingham Trent University
    Nottingham, United Kingdom
    January 2002
    The Nottingham Trent University: 1999 - 2002
    BA (Hons) Communication Studies (2: 1)

    High school or equivalent,

    at The Rutland Sixth Form College
    Oakham, United Kingdom
    January 1999
    The Rutland Sixth Form College: 1997 - 1999
    4 A-Levels, RSA Clait Levels 1 & 2 (A - C)

    High school or equivalent,

    at Bourne Grammar School
    Bourne, United Kingdom
    January 1997
    Bourne Grammar School: 1992 - 1997
    9 GCSE's (A - C)

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    Account Management

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