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    Yeye Vasquez

    Cost Accounting Supervisor

    CDO Foodsphere, Inc.

    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Bachelor's degree, Accountancy
    3 years, 8 months

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    Cost Accounting Supervisor

    CDO Foodsphere, Inc.
    March 2011
    To April 2013
    Position: Cost Accounting Supervisor
    March, 2011 - April 5, 2013
    Duties and Responsibilities: • Ensures accurate and sound product costing of all manufactured products on time
    • Provides training and guidance/assistance to Cost Accounting Staff/Assistant and ensures consistent implementation of policies and procedures affecting costing.
    • Reviews the accuracy of product costing of all manufactured products and submits such to the Finance Manager.
    • Provides the Finance Manager reports required by the management such as Gross Profit Analysis & Variance Analysis.
    • Checks/Validates cost of raw materials and packaging materials of sold breading line, marine and cheese products monthly.
    • Reviews computation of mis-operations and informs the concerned departments for the cost involved.
    • Ensures that mis-operations which are for charging to employee are properly recorded and deducted.
    • Reviews and endorses the result of time and motion study to production.
    • Assists during the physical inventory count.
    • Coordinates with production departments from time to time.
    • Ensures that SAP CO is optimized as intended.

    Bulihan, Malvar, Batangas, Philippines
    (Manufactures a variety of food products such as groceries and frozen food

    Cost Accounting Assistant

    Foodsphere, Inc.
    August 2009
    To March 2011
    Position: Cost Accounting Assistant 1
    August, 2009 - March, 2011
    Cost Accounting Staff
    November 17, 2008 - August, 2009
    Duties and Responsibilities: • Collates and maintains all necessary daily production reports of all FPM hotdog and breading line products such as raw materials consumption, labor man hours, production output, casing usage and packaging materials usage as raw data to be used in the product costing.
    • Generates monthly manufacturing overhead expenses from SAP System.
    • Translates raw data to arrive at product cost, analyzes the data and explains on a monthly basis, all variances from raw materials consumption, packaging materials usage, recovery, labor and manufacturing overhead.
    • Computes the gross profit per SKU.
    • Handles Costing Run in SAP CO System.
    • Assists during physical inventory count.
    • Computes for the mis-operations and charges to employees.
    • Conducts Time and Motion Study for the salary and quota of piece rate employees.

    Career Service Professional Examination
    March 29, 2009 Batangas City, Philippines

    ✓ SAP Literacy training for the system set-up team
    ✓ Passing an ISO certification process
    ✓ Attending training as Internal Quality Audit Trainee related to passing the ISO certification
    ✓ Solving problem with process technique
    ✓ Designing an effective 5's environment
    ✓ Enhancing English Grammar


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    Bachelor's degree, Accountancy

    at Polytechnic University of the Philippines
    April 2008
    Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in Polytechnic University of the Philippines,
    Sto. Tomas Extension, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Philippines last April, 2008.
    Hardworking with good interpersonal skills and has basic knowledge in SAP System related to costing
    (SAP CO)
    ➢ Four years experience in the field of Product Costing and Cost Variance
    Report and Analysis

    Specialties & Skills


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    Civil Service Commission
    Career Service Professional Examination Passer
    March 2009


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    As Finance & Logistics Head in CDO Foodsphere

    By Danilo San Pedro (MANAGER) on 08-05-2013
    "Yeye is result-oriented and with high level of professionalism. She is highly analysical and can work will less guidance. She can easily adjust to work pressures and had above the normal level in terms of motivating and leading people. She was in fact instrumental in setting-up SAP in CDO Foodsphere."