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    Dory Daw


    Strat. Associates SAL

    Doctorate, Corporate Governance for Small & Medium Enterprises
    14 years, 0 months

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    Strat. Associates SAL
    November 2016
    To Present
    Lebanon - Beirut
    -Providing training courses on innovation and strategy
    -Providing consultancies for Stat-Up businesses in management, finance and investments.


    Lebanese Canadian University
    October 2014
    To Present
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Teaching small & medium enterprise course

    MBA Lecturer

    Lebanese Canadian University
    October 2014
    To Present
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Teaching Corporate Governance & Decision Making course for MBA students

    MBA Lecturer

    Lebanese International University
    October 2014
    To Present
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Teaching Strategic Management and Corporate Governance Course for MBA students

    MBA Lecturer

    Sagesse University
    September 2009
    To Present
    Lebanon - Beirut
    -Academic Chairman of Human Resources Management Department for graduate and undergraduate studies in both English and French languages, and member of MBA admission committee. g on applications of new MBA, EMBA and transfer students.

    -MBA Lecturer

    MBA Lecturer

    Leicester School of Management
    August 2012
    To Present
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Teaching MBA students coming from the Gulf region the 'Business Ethics in a Global Context' course.


    Fouad Chehab Academy for Command and General Staff
    May 2016
    To Present
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Teaching officers in the Lebanese Army with different positions: Captains, Majors, Colonels, Generals the 'Organization and Management' course.


    Balamand University
    March 2015
    To Present
    Teaching Business courses in the management discipline.


    Lebanese American University-LAU(AACSB)
    October 2009
    To August 2012
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Teaching at both graduate and undergraduate levels management courses related to Start Up Business and Business Ethics

    MBA Lecturer

    Notre Dame University
    February 2006
    To March 2012
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Teaching management courses at both MBA and BS. levels.

    Relationship Manager

    Byblos Bank
    February 2008
    To September 2011
    Liaising with owners and managers of Start-Up businesses interested in applying for banking credit facility in order to expand their business activities.
    Besides, I was responsible for analyzing the business overall financial (financial ratios, balance sheet, financial statement...) and management situation(SWOT analysis), and forecasting sales volume and cash flow over the next coming 10 years.
    In addition, I was in charge of providing my advices on how to expand the current business and how to enter into new innovative projects.

    Trade Finance Analyst

    Byblos Bank
    January 2007
    To January 2008
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Dealing with corresponding banks mainly located in the United Stated, Europe and China.
    The purpose is to facilitate the Letter of Credit operations requested by our clients.

    Planning In Charge

    Bouygues Construction
    January 2003
    To December 2005
    South Africa
    2003 - 2005:
    -Supervising, organizing and scheduling plans for the production
    -Controlling and following up on the project's tasks and activities

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Doctorate, Corporate Governance for Small & Medium Enterprises

    at Nottingham Business School
    United Kingdom - Manchester
    December 2017
    Doctorate in Business Administration emphasizing on Corporate Governance for Small & medium Enterprises:A comparative analysis with the Anglo-American Model, Nottingham Business School (AACSB accredited, in top 5% of business schools worldwide) ), UK.

    N.B:Viva to be done end of Spring 2017

    Diploma, Diploma

    at Harvard University
    United States - Massachusetts- Cambridge
    January 2017
    Earning the 'Leaders of Learning' certificate which benefit in investigating and understanding different theories of learning and leadership.

    Doctorate, Business Management

    at Notttingham Trent University
    Nottingham, United Kingdom
    May 2014

    Master's degree, Business Administration

    at Lebanese American University-LAU(AACSB accredited, in top 5% of business schools worldwide)
    Lebanon - Beirut
    October 2002
    2000- 2002: Masters of Business Administration at Top 1 Business School in Lebanon at the Lebanese American University, Beirut

    Bachelor's degree, Business Management

    at Lebanese American University-LAU(AACSB)
    June 2000
    1996 - 2000: B.Sc. in Business Management, Lebanese American University, Byblos

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    Rotary Batroun
    January 2014

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    Socializing, travelling, table tennis

    In 2016 I was elected as a faculty council member at Sagesse university getting the highest number of votes. In 1998 I was elected by students a the Lebanese American University to represent them in the students' cabinet.