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    Hamad AlRifdan

    Talent Acquisition Supervisor


    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Bachelor's degree, Bachelor in Business Administration
    11 years, 11 months

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    Talent Acquisition Supervisor

    June 2011
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    - Manage, follow-up and distribute work tasks of a five-member recruitment team.
    - Keep good relations with governmental and privatepolarization bodies "within the Kingdom."
    - Enclose the demand of the company for employees of periods of time, " quarter and semi-annual"
    - Set appropriate plans to hirequalified staff.
    - Set plans to expand business.
    - Set suitable plans for Saudization.
    - Preparedaily, weekly, and monthly reports.
    - Interview resigning employees and try to solve the resignations problems.
    - Organize interviews for final selection of applicantsofconcerned departments.
    - Conduct primary interviews to selectqualified staff.
    - Develop employment forms to meetthe company’s policy.
    - Analyze date of applicantsthrough polarization and look for appropriate ways of recruitment.
    - Set integrated programs to maintain all recruitment data.
    - Organize regular visits to remote districts and look for qualified security employees.

    Recruitment Officer

    Deraah Trading Company
    April 2010
    To May 2011
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    - Received resumes sent by fax, email, or applied applicants themselves.
    - Conductedprimary interviews.
    - Organized interviews for concerned departments.
    - Organizedmonthly recruitment mechanism.
    - Prepared documents ofprimary admitted applicants and set dates for final interviews.
    - Been an assistant in the study of Saudization.
    - Increased the percentage of Saudization and provided insurance to reach more than 26%.
    - Increasedthe company polarization sources.
    - Contributedinmaintaining the stability of Saudi employees of the company.
    - Reason to quit: a job offer with an increase of 85% ofcurrent salary.

    Human Resources Officer

    Muwaffaq Al-Rasheed Environmental Consulting Office
    December 2007
    To March 2010
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    - Organized administrative affairs and human resources.
    - Prepared contracts for all project staff.
    - Created, archived and safely saved employees files.
    - Setfull administrative affairs and human resources forms, and applied them to be used within and out side the company.
    - Started primitive program to enter employees’ data electronically and to monitor attendance, absence, vacations, warningsand deduction of salaries.It is also responsible for processing a monthly payroll for about 120 employees and set dates of contracts renewal.
    - Set up a payroll systemand sent it to concerned departmentsto be implemented.
    - Met and interviewedapplicants and organized interviews of concerned departments for final selection.
    - Preparedproject summaries and submitted them to the concerned departments.
    - Reason to quit: finished the project and got a jobofferwith an increase of 20% of the salary.

    Data entry : Human Resources

    Asswaed United Trading Co. Ltd
    September 2006
    To November 2007
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Data entry : Human Resources
    - Organizedand archived personnel files. Updated files from contracts and set dates for renewal.
    - Distributed of salary formore than 250 employees in cash.
    - Monthly entered data of employees using attendance cards.
    - Set up dates forrenewal of vehicles documents and workers visas, and handed them over to specialists.
    - Reason to quit: Insufficient salary and got a job offer with 3500 SR

    Entry Auditor, Data Entry, and File Labeling.

    Department of Statistics
    September 2005
    To August 2006
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    First task: Labelingthe census records and sending them todata entry programto be considered in the census process.
    Second task: reviewingand including data within a comprehensive database of the UK population census.
    Third task: Participation in data entry for economic studies in 2008.
    - Reason for termination:Completion of the census of 1425H

    Secretary of Administration affairs: Trainee

    Al-Rajhi Co. For Stainless Steel & Wrought Iron
    March 2005
    To August 2005
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    - Training on the preparation of payroll in simple ways.
    - Setting up payroll of salaries using Excel.
    - Creating an archive for personnel files and completing files with missing information.
    - Learning how to deal withemployees’ reactions regarding deductions of their basic salaries.
    - Data entry ofsigned contracts of customers.
    - Informing financial departments to begin work and to collect cash from various branches.
    - Reason to quit: a better job offer.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Bachelor's degree, Bachelor in Business Administration

    at King Faisal University
    Saudi Arabia - Alahsa
    Grade: 2.18 out of 5
    May 2015
    BA in (Bachelor in Business Administration)

    Diploma, English

    at University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud
    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Grade: 3.27
    May 2005
    Cumulative average of 5

    Diploma (English Language Education )



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    Training And Certifications

    Preventing Bribery And Corruption

    Issued in: February 2012 Valid Until: - February 2012

    Polarization and recruitment specialist

    Issued in: January 2012 Valid Until: - January 2012

    Management of teams

    Issued in: July 2011 Valid Until: - July 2011

    Skills of persuasion and influence

    Issued in: June 2011 Valid Until: - June 2011

    Time management strategies

    Issued in: June 2011 Valid Until: - June 2011

    Functional Analysis

    Issued in: May 2011 Valid Until: - May 2011

    Effective negotiation skills

    Issued in: May 2011 Valid Until: - May 2011

    Selection and recruitment

    Issued in: April 2011 Valid Until: - April 2011

    Interpersonal skills with others

    Issued in: January 2011 Valid Until: - January 2011

    Human Resources Management

    Issued in: September 2010 Valid Until: - September 2010

    Methods Of Customer Service

    Issued in: August 2010 Valid Until: - August 2010

    Skills of Preparation the administration reports

    Issued in: July 2010 Valid Until: - July 2010

    Secretarial skills of electronic

    Issued in: July 2010 Valid Until: - July 2010

    Standards of obtaining the ISO certification

    Issued in: June 2010 Valid Until: - June 2010

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