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    Husni SEIFI

    Marketing Manager NBD's

    United Foods

    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Bachelor's degree, French Litterature
    17 years, 9 months

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    Marketing Manager NBD's

    United Foods
    May 2015
    To Present
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    • During the first year with UFC, I launched 10 brand new categories and products such as: extra virgin olive oil, olives, pomace olive oil, tahini, hot chili sauce, pasta, frozen pizza, pizza sauce and ice cream.
    • Some of those products were extension of our existing flag ship brand “Aseel”, some were under a whole new brand “Della Terra”, and some were 3rd party distribution
    • During my work in UFC, I managed a new department of creating new categories, brands and products from scratch including but limited to:
    o Design, logo, branding and creative works
    o Sales and marketing strategies for the new businesses
    o Budgeting and marketing plans
    o Managing media agencies
    o Negotiating and finalizing deals with suppliers and manufacturers abroad
    • P&L Ownership
    • Reporting to CEO

    Marketing Manager

    Al Seer Trading Agencies
    December 2012
    To May 2015
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    • Act as Brand/Marketing Manager for the first ever private label brands in the company.
    • Fully responsible about preparing marketing calendar including: Budgeting, Forecasting, A&P and P&L.
    • Create, develop and implement all branding necessary activation in the market.
    • Design and implement all promotion activities along with all creative work, labels, POP and related BTL activities
    • Evaluate process bottlenecks, conduct feasibility studies, propose viable solutions and drive institutionalization of optimized workflows across the organization
    • Seek new business opportunities in line with the organizational growth strategy
    • Provide insights to the management team on emerging trends, industry best practices, competitor analyses that will aid in driving business decisions

    • Conduct relevant market research, competitive intelligence at local level and monitor local trends
    • Reporting directly to CEO

    Marketing Manager

    Pepsico / Joud Co
    February 2009
    To December 2012
    Syria - Damascus
    • Translate/adapt copy, labels, POS to local language, regulations and culture
    • Align field operations to marketing calendar
    • Communicate initiatives to sales force and provide them with required materials
    • Sign off on all promotions as field ready from a corporate client perspective
    • Manage advertising agencies/suppliers (Local production of marketing material)
    • Negotiate and place permanent signage
    • Negotiate and execute events, sponsorships, samplings within guidelines
    • Act as “guardian of brand” to ensure all local execution meets Pepsi-Cola standards
    • Analyze sales data, market share trends, consumer KPIs (key performance indicators) and market situation and recommend action plans.
    • Provide input on program design and performance in market
    • Prepare annual marketing budget
    • Prepare annual marketing calendar
    • Control spending within agreed budget
    • Report directly to GM

    Brand Manager

    Chalhoub Group Syria, IDC International Distribution Company
    January 2008
    To February 2009
    Syria - Damascus
    • Plan, develop, and direct the marketing efforts for particular brands.
    • Establish marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives.
    • Develop annual marketing plan in conjunction with sales department.
    • Design, develop, and execute marketing strategies and direct advertising and promotional activities.
    • Oversee products development, pricing, marketing budgets, and sales objectives.
    • Establish contacts with suppliers and build a strong relationship between suppliers and the company
    • Manage the entire product line life cycle from purchasing to strategic planning to tactical activities.
    • Specify market requirements for current and future products by conducting market research supported by on-going visits to customers and non-customers.
    • Report directly to GM.

    Purchasing Manager

    RMC Ready Mix Concrete
    August 2006
    To January 2008
    Syria - Damascus
    • In charge of local and external purchases
    • Establish contacts with new and recent suppliers all over Syria especially Damascus and Aleppo
    • Decrease the cost of spare parts by 22% within a year
    • Report directly to the General Manager

    Electronics Buyer

    Ramak Duty Free
    March 2005
    To August 2006
    Syria - Damascus
    - Responsible for establishing contacts with global suppliers
    - Constant market scanning and competitor price analysis.
    - Suppliers’ public relations

    back office team leader

    Areeba (Now MTN Telecommunication)
    May 2002
    To March 2005
    Syria - Damascus
    - act as a liaison between the customer care and the technical departments.
    - responsible for solving and following up the unsolved complaints of the customer care department
    - drect reort to the client relashion manager

    call center representative

    Areeba (Now MTN Telecommunication)
    May 2001
    To May 2002
    Syria - Damascus
    Provide quality customer service to the subscriber

    show room supervisor

    Hawa Audio Design
    May 1999
    To May 2001
    Syria - Damascus
    Hawwa Audio Design is the top company in Syria in the sound and light equipement
    i was the sales supervisor (show room manager) of the primary show room in the company

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Bachelor's degree, French Litterature

    at Damascus University
    Syria - Damascus
    June 2002
    On going

    Master's degree, Business Administration

    at University of Northampton
    United Kingdom - Birmingham
    on going process

    Specialties & Skills


    Trade Marketing

    MS Excel

    MS PowerPoint


    MS Project

    MS Outlook

    Marketing communication



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    All kind of Sport especially Cross Fit and Swimming


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    As Division manager- P&G prestige in Paris Gallery LLC

    Wassim Ghazi
    (COLLEAGUE) on 27-06-2012
    "Husni is a highly motivated talent has an extraordinary commitment to his work task, very creative mind and a constructive manager. I strongly recommend Husni to work in a multinational company since his abilities and skills will be an added value to any reputable organization. Husni is also an excellent networker, his ability to connect and bridge relationships is one of his best features, you may be shocked to see his wide network! Wassim"

    As Head Of Events & Sponsorship in korek telecom - Orange

    Bassam Shhadeh
    (CLIENT) on 25-06-2012
    "Husni Is the best Marketing Manager in FMCG field,"

    As Regional HR Manager in AGHS

    By Smitha Kumar (COLLEAGUE) on 26-06-2012
    "Husni is a dedicated individual, results and target oriented, fosters relationships and an excellent team player. I would recommend Husni for any senior marketing role , he fits in any industry ( retail, luxury retail and FMCG, etc…) I highly recommend Husni's profile to top employers. Mida Mistrah"