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    Jamileh Sharhani

    RN III nurse

    Kuwait Oil Company

    United Kingdom
    Bachelor's degree,
    17 years, 5 months

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    RN III nurse

    Kuwait Oil Company
    May 1995
    To November 2010
    Kuwait - Al Ahmadi
    2006-2010 AHMADI Hospital Ahmadi Kuwait Registered Nurse 3
     Admitting Patients as walk in or with appointments to the clinic
     Checking the patient/s eye sight
     Referring to check for RF(refraction Error) if necessary
     Administering eye drops as appropriate for treatment or evaluation or post corrective procedures
     Instructing the patient/s whom scheduled for corrective surgery
     Checking all the medicine for expire date
     Sending different procedure sets to central sterilizing unit
     Organising workplace and equipment for efficient working
     Adapting to changing priorities

    1999-2006: CCU- NIOC Hospital Ahwaz Iran Registered Charge Nurse
     Training new staff in job skills and hospital rules & regulations
     Monitoring the patients heart rate and rhythm
     Reporting to the head nurse and the on call doctors
     Liaising with other health professionals
     Supervising in patient medicine therapy
     Team working to achieve targets in a fast moving environment
     Presenting relevant information to colleagues and the patients

    1997-1999 NIOC Hospital Iran General Nurse
     Working on Surgical Ward initially then on the Medical ward
     Observing condition for possible bleeding/Checking vital signs
     Intravenous IV therapy and checking accurate intake & out put
     Caring for the elderly with special needs
     Supporting patients to become ambulant after surgeries
     Bathing & feeding & help in dressing post operation
     Maintaining health & safety standard in all procedures
     Attending local lectures to keep updating my knowledge

    1995-1997 Emam Khomeiny Hospital -Ahwaz -Iran- General Nurse
     Working on the Obstetrics and Gynaecology ward
     Working with instructor for the first 6 months for initial training
     Helping the nurse in giving baths & feeding the newborn babies
     Instructing the mothers about the vaccination program
     Building relationships with co-workers
     Providing support and working faithfully as a team member

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  1 Years, 11 Months   


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    Bachelor's degree,

    at 1990-1994 Faculty of Nursing-Oil industry university Gaining BS
    Ahvaz, Iran
    April 1994
    2011 Power point course ( Enterprise center )
    2011 Basic IT course ( Enterprise center )
    2010 Kuwait Neuron-Ophthalmology Symposium and workshop
    2009 Advanced cardiac Life Support (American Heart association)
    2009 Basic Life Support (American heart association)
    2009 Medical Terminology Course (Training & Career Development
    Within Kuwait Oil Company)
    2004 Attending 14th Congress of Iranian Heart Association in collaboration with British Cardiac Society
    2003 CCU Refresher Course & Cardiac Angiography Course
    2002 Attending 13th Congress of Iranian Heart Association in
    Collaboration with the University of Vienna

    Specialties & Skills