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    Mohamed Sayed

    Senior Technical Office and Procurement Engineer

    Sraco Comapny

    Saudi Arabia
    Bachelor's degree, • Bachelors` Degree in Architecture (2001-2006)
    11 years, 8 months

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    Senior Technical Office and Procurement Engineer

    Sraco Comapny
    July 2011
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Dammam
    Senior Technical Office and Procurement Engineer, SRACO Company
    - English Language Center Dammam University (31, 377, 380 S.R)
    - Arar Hospital 50 Bed (26, 777, 429 S.R)
    - High institute for Girls -AL HASA .(95, 036, 306 S.R)
    - Boys Vocational Center - Naaria.(45, 927, 371 S.R)
    - Boys Vocational Center- Jobil.(38, 815, 064 S.R)
    - Administrator Building for Ministry of interior (43, 781, 363 S.R)
    - Anak Medical Tower (120, 000, 000 S.R)
    - Labor office \{Jobil - Ras tanoura - Abqek \} (120, 000, 000 S.R)
    - Villas housing accommodation for workers in Mental health hospital (270, 000, 000 S.R) under negotiations

    Tendering and Bidding Engineer
    - Labor office \{Jobil - Ras tanoura - abqek \}
    - Villas housing accommodation for workers in Mental health hospital

    Technical Office engineer

    UFC (Allam Sons Holding united with Palm Hills Company)
    July 2009
    To July 2011
    Egypt - Cairo
    Technical Office Engineer, UFC Company (Palm Hills with Hassan Allam Sons)
    - Village Mall .(275, 310, 000 L.E)
    - Sodic .(122, 270, 000 L.E)
    - Emaar .(200, 000, 000 L.E)

    Tendering and Bidding Engineer
    - Emaar Project.

    Site engineer, Technical Office engineer

    October 2006
    To July 2009
    Egypt - Cairo
    Site Engineer, Sector Company
    - ECCO -call center (2, 500, 000 L.E)
    - NTCC-call center as a (2, 730, 000 L.E)
    - CITY VIEW CLUB HOUSE (12, 125, 000 L.E)

    Technical Office Engineer
    - Nile Sugar Project. (1, 300, 000 L.E)
    - Club One Wadi El Nakhil.(35, 370, 000 L.E)

    Tendering and Bidding Engineer
    - Training Center -City Stars
    - Bar Fly Restaurant - City stars
    - Brass Restaurant- City Stars
    - Samla and Alam el rom Hotel - Marsa Matroh
    - Ibrotil Hotel -Cairo Air port
    - Fun City -Magic Land

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  1 Years, 4 Months   


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    Bachelor's degree, • Bachelors` Degree in Architecture (2001-2006)

    at El minia engineering college
    May 2006
    • Bachelors` Degree in Architecture (2001-2006)

    • Architecture Department, Engineering college, El Minia Univ.

    • Graduation project Architecture college contains all facilities …. Grade (Good)
    Career-Related Coerces:-
    2006  Cemex training course for Projects Management levels one, two and three.
    2005  ARAB contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman)
    2004  ARAB contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman)

    Specialties & Skills

    Project Management



    Project Estimation

    site egineer

    Technical Office egineer



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    Training And Certifications

    Yat Programs For Project Mangment & primavera p6

    Issued in: June 2010 Valid Until: - July 2010


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    As Planning manager in SRACO Company

    Maged Sarwat Monir Saleh
    (PARTNER) on 22-01-2013
    "Eng. Mohamed is a very respectable person, who works honstly facing any work problems, he is a person who is very talented, in the other hand he can work under pressure and with the same spirit. In his department, he is a very helpfull person with great personality, I can witness his great effort in completing and going on his work in the perfect way."