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    shafeek mohamed

    IMEA Trade Manager


    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Bachelor's degree, Computer Scince
    12 years, 6 months

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    IMEA Trade Manager

    October 2013
    To Present
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    - Spread awareness of compliance and international trade rules in the region ( IMEA ).
    - Support the business sector in its efforts to achieve export growth.
    - Carry out the internal audit in the region for the import, export, customs operations and supply chain activities.
    - Cost Containment responsibility using FTA for the countries in the region.
    - Mentor and coach supply chain team in the whole region on the compliance with US and European union regulations.
    - Reviewing the Export documents to make sure that all data related to foreign trade are correct( HS Code, Proof of Origin, Legal Control, and preferential status), and monitor the performance of exports and exporters.
    - Screen the customers against Sanction Party List (SPL).
    - Responsible of Legal classification and Customs classifications for our products.
    - Reviewing Legal Documents which determine the relation between the company and the customers/distributors/vendors.
    - Design Process maps defining business models ( Import/Export).
    - Responsible for all compliance issues in 14 countries and 28 different legal entities.
    - Training 14 foreign trade rep. in the region.

    Regional Supply Planner

    November 2012
    To October 2013
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    - A global supply chain project team member.
    - Preparing the standard operations procedures for the project processes. (inbound, out bound, export documents, invoicing, and reporting processes).
    - Supporting in analyzing the as is situation and to be situation for 8 countries (Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates).
    - FTC (Foreign Trade Control) responsible, blocking or approving deliveries according to OFAC sanctions programs (additional task).

    Supply planner and CP daily operation coordinator

    July 2009
    To November 2012
    Egypt - Cairo
    -following the suppliers KPI’s: product availability, delivery security, container filling rates, and order cancellation.
    - analyze the DC (distribution center) stocks and Act when shortages occur.
    - prioritize the deliveries according to sales demand.
    - leading a project to apply capacity analysis for suppliers in EGYPT, TURKEY, TURKMANISTAN, ROMANIA, SERBIA, BULGARIA, by visiting the supplier understand and draw their process map, identify the bottle neck(s) and find solutions to recover them by production line balancing methodology or securing safety stocks.
    - was acting Administrative manager for our trading area office in Cairo for 6 months, with developing the office operations (efficient usage of office resources).
    - Was Responsible for the fleet in our office for 6 months.
    - accomplished developing increasing the containers filling rate by using third layer or top filler approaches).
    - Leading a project for opening CP (consolidation Point) and co-loading for the suppliers located in Egypt.
    - contacting shipping lines to book containers for our shipments.
    - guiding the suppliers in what kind of documents should be sent to which destination.
    - doing Supplier capacity Vs need analysis and determine supplier with lake of capacity, and making action plan to recover the gap.
    - Replenishing 316 stores around the world.( Europe 231, North America 48, Asia 23, Middle East 8, Australia 5, and Caribbean 1 ).
    - was a member in the Mapping team in Egypt ( mapping for new suppliers to increase the challenge between the suppliers in the region).
    - consulting supplier's production plan and process mapping.
    - coordinating the daily operation of the CP including volume analysis and capacity during transport.

    Production Planning Specialist

    Arab Dairy Products Company
    December 2007
    To July 2009
    - Receive the Export and sales plan.
    - Break it down by MRP (Material Requirement Planning) tool.
    - Prepare the production plan to match the sales and export demands.
    - Send the Purchase Request to the Purchasing department to handle after calculating the real need after deducting the stocks.
    - Follow up the purchasing department and the supplying process.
    - Find solution when production stops for any reasons (ex. machineries break down).
    - Evaluate the production capacity Vs. Need.

    Foreign Purchasing Specialist

    Arab Dairy Products Company
    September 2006
    To December 2007
    Egypt - Cairo
    - International market analysis by finding the desired product with the required quality with the best price and delivery terms.
    - Preparing stock report for all foreign Stock keeping units and take ordering decision from foreign suppliers with considering their lead time.
    - Receiving the documents for every imported shipment, review and prepare them to the customs clearance agent.
    - Follow up the customs clearance agent, and reviewing their invoices.
    - Following the open orders and the supplying process for the suppliers whom are having contracts.

    Purchasing Manager Assistant

    Arab Dairy Products Company
    September 2005
    To September 2006
    Egypt - Cairo
    - Making Survey for new suppliers to increase the challenge by having more offers with better conditions
    - (Price, quality, delivery terms, and capacity available).
    - Preparing stock analysis for all Local stock keeping units and take buying decision when the stock get closer to the replenishment point.
    - Market benchmarking with other factories in the same production field.
    - Responsible for buying by handling purchase requests:
    - Machineries such as packing machines.
    - Packaging materials such as plastics and cartons.
    - Office Supplies such as printers, laptops and copy machines, Local RM such as Palm Oil, and butter.
    - Follow Up other buyers, and make a follow up report to the Local Purchasing Manager.

    Web Developer

    El MAshreq
    September 2004
    To September 2005
    Egypt - Cairo
    -Was Developing Web sites, and e-commerce web sites as www.bazaaar.com it was my project there even the design was my responsibility
    - was Using MySQL, PHP, JAVA, MACROMEDIA FLASH, PHOTOSHOP, and 3D Studio Max

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    Bachelor's degree, Computer Scince

    at Modern Academy In Maadi - Computer Scince
    Egypt - Cairo
    May 2004

    Specialties & Skills

    MS Office

    planning Skills

    presentation skills

    communication skills

    Analytical Skills

    Reporting Skills

    Negotiation Skills

    time management Skills

    Computer Skills


    Production Planning

    Supply Planning

    Demand Planning


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    July 2009


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    As Supply planner in Nile Linen Group

    By Manal Zohny (PARTNER) on 11-07-2011
    "I have worked with Shafeek for a year as a supply planner for Ikea. Shafeek is commited & didcated to his jop and always looking forward to improve himself . he is helping me every day to devlope our business & learning new things. it's a pleasure to work with him."

    As Purchasing Manager in Arab dairy

    By Eman Mahmoud Abou Dinia (MANAGER) on 07-07-2011
    "Shafeek has the following qualities: 1- hard worker 2- punctual 3- has an analytical mind 4- has a leader personality 5- is always prepaed for more also he obtained his experience in supply chain and logistics doing a really hard work in Ikea and arab dairy These qualities has distinguished him between his colleagues."

    As Business Developer in IKEA

    By Shereen Assal (COLLEAGUE) on 07-07-2011
    "I have worked directly with Shafeek for 2 years as his team leader. Shafeek is energetic & enthusiastic person who can very well perform his job. He is committed & dedicated & very eager to develop & learn new things. He had very high positive energy & definitely it is fun & pleasure to work with him. Good Job Shafeek"