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    Rajaa Jaber

    HR Officer

    - Unrwa agency

    Diploma, HRBP - Human Resources Business Professional
    13 years, 11 months

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    HR Officer

    - Unrwa agency
    July 2016
    To Present
    Jordan - Amman
     Managing daily operation of HR department.
     Working closely with Dep. Managers, top management, and employees to ensure that all parties get their requirements fast and easy
     Supervising the recruiting and staffing logistics in coordination with Dep. Heads, interviewing candidates, Handling applications, records in HR Database and sends acknowledgement letters to applicants
     Drafting employment contracts and packages
     Maintaining and updating employees records in both electronic and hard copies including personnel information, attendance, training, leaves, vacations, etc,
     Supervising and leading HR staff, coach and mentor them
     helping Dep. Managers with experimental and annual evaluations, by defining the main points to be evaluated based on each job descriptions
     Applying appraisals and salary reviews upon personal evaluations within company’s policies.
     Updating HR policies concerning working conditions, equal opportunities, performing, management, absence management, & disciplinary procedures
     Updating HR plans with Dep. Managers to conserve the organizational structure.
     Liaise with relevant local government and other bodies as necessary to ensure HR procedures and practices comply with all local regulations.
     Assists and audit the preparation and distribution of payroll
     Prepare formal letters for employees (joining date, positions, job descriptions, dismiss letters and visa expiration)
     Specifying training needs, arranging and preparing any related documents and materials for training, following up the outcome and the evaluation of training courses that was reflected on the organization in figures.
     All concerning Social security, Time and attendance records, Leaves and vacations, overtime, income tax, health Insurance, work permits, warnings and disciplines, employees work-ending and resignation financial settlements, banks requirements from employs and vise versa, and all related to labor low.
     Responding to employees inquiries and questions
     Overall management of the office., secretarial tasks, translation, correspondences, coordinating. Procurement, tenders,

    Senior HR Officer

    Gulf Food Products
    May 2015
    To November 2015
    Jordan - Amman
    Senior HR Officer

    Assistant HR Section Head / Senior Administration assistant

    JAFCCO (Jordan Abyad Fertilizers and chemicals
    June 2008
    To February 2014
    Jordan - Amman
    Assistant HR Section Head / Senior Administration assistant

    Senior Administration Assistant

    Sakher International Ltd
    August 2004
    To June 2008
    Jordan - Amman
     Overall management of the office.
     All HR issues for a small staff.
     Coordinate between Dep. To insure smooth flow of Admin. Requirements.
     Maintaining and updating data lists, and filing systems.
     Handling correspondences, in both Arabic and English.
     Work closely with different departments to ensure the proper link and communication between HR and other departments.
     Translating products and items information from Arabic to English and vice versa for a commercial directory web site
     Participating on tenders requested for Iraq under the MOU.
     collecting offers, quotations from all around the world
     preparing tenders documents
     follow up the tenders procedures
     Secretary and data entry
     Data entry

    Commercial Translator

    Asian Falcons
    January 2004
    To August 2004
    Jordan - Amman
    Commercial Translator

    Commercial Coordinator

    Al Abeer International
    September 2000
    To March 2003
    Jordan - Ajloun
    Commercial Coordinator

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


    What's your educational background?
    Let employers know more about your education; remember, be clear and concise.

    Diploma, HRBP - Human Resources Business Professional

    at HRCI - Human Resources certifications institution
    Jordan - Amman
    Grade: 0000 out of 100
    March 2015

    Diploma, Medical labratories

    at Al qudes college
    Jordan - Amman
    Grade: 84 out of 100
    July 1999

    Specialties & Skills

     Ability to work independently

     Handling correspondence

     Excellent managing skills

     Excellent time managing skills

     Very organized and excellent follow up

     Can work even better under pressure .

     Proficiency in MS Office, Excellent Computer Skills

     Good Leadership Skills


    Do you speak more than one language?
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    Training And Certifications

    • Social security and Income tax modified low

    Ashatar training center
    December 2010

    ISO 9001:2008 Introductory Awareness course

    JAFCCO Co.
    January 2010

    • Legal Aspects in HR Management

    Golden Gloss Training Center
    January 2011

    Trade Marks and E-commerce

    Amman Commercial Chamber
    January 2011