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    Shahrukh Sheikh

    CBS Operations Executive

    Telenor Pakistan

    Pakistan - Rawalpindi
    Bachelor's degree, Electrical Engineering (Telecom)
    5 years, 3 months

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    CBS Operations Executive

    Telenor Pakistan
    November 2015
    To Present
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    - Plan and implement new technologies and services related to CBS.
    - Ensuring smooth & timely execution of deployment and network optimization activities
    - Configuration, testing and launch of promotions/offers on Huawei CBS and IPCC
    - Tracking the performance of CBS modules and preparation of reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    CBS Planning Executive

    Ufone - Etisalat
    February 2013
    To November 2015
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    - Configuration, testing and launch of products, charging concepts and features on Huawei OCS, CBS, SCG, PCRF Platform as per requirement of marketing teams.
    - Finalize technical design (FRS) of the features and customization required by commercial teams in coordination with vendors
    - Provisioning and data filling of IN/OCS services and promotions (prepaid packages, products and promotions, VPN, F&F, CUG, time based charging, international roaming, buckets, special codes and IN/OCS based VAS etc.)
    - Provisioning of various time, volume, content and policy based charging schemes for prepaid GPRS service (SCG/PCRF)

    Major Projects:
    - OCS to CBS Migration
    - 3G Free Trail Launch
    - 3G Commercial Launch
    - OCS, SCG, PCRF, ISOP, CBS FRS Finalization
    - Beep Call
    - Super Card
    - 2G/3G Voice, Data, SMS Buckets
    - Location Based Charging

    Operations Engineer (OE)

    Nayatel (Pvt.) Ltd
    March 2012
    To March 2013
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    -Providing Level 2 Support to Corporate/SLA Customers
    -Providing technical support for DSL Network.
    -Providing technical support for FTTx (BPON/GPON) Network
    -IP Routed, IP Pools and ACL configurations/troubleshooting.
    -Configurations/Troubleshooting on Live Cisco Routers 7690.
    -Provisioning Value Added Services like Video on Demand (VOD), and IPTV.

    Jr. MCR Operator

    Radio Buraq (Pvt.) Ltd. FM 104.0
    January 2012
    To March 2012
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    -Operate Radio Master Control to support program Dept.
    -Maintain technical quality of network
    -Administration and Maintenance of Main Server Room.
    -Contribute to Projects/Infrastructure


    Alcatel-Lucent Islamabad
    July 2010
    To July 2010
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    VAS Department (Mobilink Project)
    Study and understanding of GSM, GPRS, UMTS and the working of MSC.


    Pakistan Telecom Company Ltd
    June 2010
    To June 2010
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    Complete understanding of working of Optical Fiber, Switching and SSC (Service Support Center) department.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Bachelor's degree, Electrical Engineering (Telecom)

    at U.E.T Taxila (C@SE Campus)
    Pakistan - Islamabad
    Grade: 2.91 out of 4
    July 2011
     Third Prize at SPARK 2011 - Business Plan competition
     Participation Award NERC 2010 (NUST-EME)
     Excellent Performance Award ROBO-SPRINT 2010
     Elected President Arts Society - CASE Elections 2010

    High school or equivalent, Pre-Engineering

    at Fazaia Inter College (P.A.F Base) Chaklala
    Pakistan - Rawalpindi
    Grade: 68.09 out of 100
    May 2007
    (749 / 1100)

    High school or equivalent, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Bio

    at Grammar Public School
    Pakistan - Rawalpindi
    Grade: 78.94 out of 100
    June 2005
    (671 / 850)

    Specialties & Skills

    MS Project 2007

    Microsoft Office 97-2003, 2007, 2010


    Intelligent Networks



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    Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
    Professional Engineer
    October 2011

    Training And Certifications

    Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4

    Issued in: June 2008 Valid Until: - July 2008


    Issued in: May 2008 Valid Until: - July 2008

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    Business, Sports and Skills competitions

    • The Shining Star / Employee of the Quarter (July-Sep) 2012 • Fast Track Promotion (FTP) as Operations Engineer • Third Prize at SPARK 2011 - Business Plan competition • Participation Award NERC 2010 (NUST-EME) • Excellent Performance Award ROBO-SPRINT 2010 • Elected President Arts Society – CASE Elections 2010