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    Abdallah Awad (APC Candidate of RICS)

    Senior Quantity Surveyor, Cost Consultant (Civil & Arch)

    Davis Langdon (AECOM)

    Bachelor's degree, B.Sc. Civil Engineering
    15 years, 1 month

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    Senior Quantity Surveyor, Cost Consultant (Civil & Arch)

    Davis Langdon (AECOM)
    July 2014
    To Present
    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    •Cost Consultant (Civil & Arch) for Mataf Expansion, Al Haram Expansion Project located in Makkah-KSA.

    Project is a cost plus project.

    Senior Quantity Surveyor & Engineering Manager

    Al Mukawilon
    October 2011
    To June 2014
    Palestine - West Bank
    My tasks vary but not limited as follows:
    •Managing project’s activities on site.
    •Managing project’s resources and material on site.
    •Preparing project budget breakdown.
    •Preparing project’s material list for procurement department.
    •Monitoring and evaluating the progress of works.
    •Preparing and reviewing of take off quantities.
    •Preparing and reviewing civil shop drawings.
    •Participating of preparation and updating schedule of detailed schedule plan.
    •Preparing monthly interim payments with all supporting documents and drawings.
    •Preparation of variation orders and claims for the project.
    •Managing and monitoring project’s material submittals.
    •Preparing payment form in compliance with FIDIC, Donors and Client's requirements.
    •Preparing purchase orders for the material to be delivered to site after studying the contract documents, drawings and shop drawings.
    •Preparing source of origin contact lists for all material and equipment to be delivered to site within each project.
    •Preparing predicted cash flow and overall budget for the project in order to be able to monitor the financial issues, in addition to all other required arrangements for opening LC for the imported material in coordination with the supplier and financial department.
    •Preparing miscellaneous templates to be used for project quality control manual such as quarterly progress, monthly progress, daily report, payment template …etc.

    Projects Manager + Senior Quantitiy Surveyor + Contract Engineer

    Associated Consulting Engineers
    September 2006
    To June 2014
    Palestine - West Bank
    • Filling more than one position, such as Projects Manager, Senior Quantity Surveyor, Senior Estimator, Procurement Manager, Water Engineer and Scheduler (Planner), Office Manager.
    • Projects Manager for ongoing projects, my tasks vary from managing ongoing projects, monitoring progress of works, preparing monthly and quarterly progress reports, preparing projects budgets, preparing financial and technical proposals.
    • Senior Quantity surveyor for Nablus Water Loss Reduction Phase II, my tasks vary from preparing interim payment templates for local contracts C1, C2, C3, and International contract C4 (Construction Cost of 15 Million EURO), reviewing received quantities & interim payment statements for the four contracts.
    • Water Design Assistance for Nablus Water Loss Reduction Phase II, my tasks varied from converting model from AutoCAD to EPANET and from NEISE to EPANET, from EPANET to AUTOCAD, from GIS shape files to AUTOCAD and so on, in addition to preparing of detail design drawings for main transmission pipelines layouts, profiles, cost estimate, quantities and sub Bill of Quantity, and preparing main transmission pipelines models on EPANET.
    • Office Manager; my tasks included but not limited the coordination with Clients, Employees and stakeholders concerning the running and prospective projects, moreover following up the progress of works and the financial matters for each project, reporting to the owner, in addition to working on getting more projects whenever and wherever it could be possible, preparing technical and financial proposals.
    •Senior Quantity Surveyor; preparing take off quantities for job on hand projects and bids.
    •Procurement Manager; preparing bidding documents, contracts, & drawings.
    •In charge of Advisory Services for Design, Procure & Implement Different Packages under the Arab Fund Project in cooperation with PWA as the Client.

    Senior Quantity Surveyor

    Free Lancer
    September 2010
    To November 2010
    Palestine - West Bank
    •Senior Quantity surveyor for “United for Development Support Services”, in its capacity as the Manager of The Program Support Unit (PSU), my tasks varied from taking off quantities from preliminary design drawings and geotechnical reports, preparing preliminary BOQs and cost estimates for courthouse facilities in Tulkarem, Hebron and a Courts Complex in Ramallah. The construction and detailed design costs for these projects are funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

    Senior Quantity Surveyor+ Purchaser Manager + Office Engineer + Procurement Manager

    El Concorde Hamid Jabr
    June 2005
    To October 2006
    Palestine - West Bank
    Estimator and Quantity Surveyor for El Concorde Hamid Jabr.
    oPlanner Engineer: Updating the schedule of works and preparing the monthly progress report.
    oProject Engineer for Halhul Dura Yatta Water Transmission System Project (€ 8.5 Million) for El Concorde Hamid Jabr Co., my tasks varied from preparing payment interim invoices, participate in preparing of shop drawings, procurement manager, budget controller, coordinator with the subcontractors, follow up the required submittals to be submitted to the consultant and others.
    oProcurement Manager for El Concorde, my tasks varies were as follows:
    oStudying tenders’ documents and drawings.
    oPreparing technical and financial proposals.
    oPurchase Manager.
    oBudget controller for Halhul Dura Yatta water transmission project.
    oQuantity Surveyor and Estimator for tenders & job in hands projects.
    Actually it was the hardest job I have filled so far because of the above mentioned tasks that I was filling by myself, furthermore I worked also as a financial manager for one month to replace his place; since I was the oldest employee in the company and I had the background to respond to any inquiry or needed information.

    Quantity Surveyor and Site Engineer

    September 2004
    To May 2005
    Palestine - West Bank
    oQuantity Surveyor and Site Engineer for MIDMAC CONTRACTING. CO.
    My tasks varied as
    1- Quantity Qurveyor for Al-Ersal School Project, in addition to do all of the civil works, as built drawings and preparing the final interim payment for this project.
    2- Site Engineer for Bank of Palestine Ltd. Project
    Doing site work tasks, checking building alignment, checking levels, preparing as built drawings, preparing payment invoices.

    Quantity Surveyor and Estimator

    Arabian Industrial Co.
    March 2003
    To August 2004
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    oQuantities Surveyor, and Estimator for Arabian Industrial Co.
    My tasks varied as:
    Quantity surveyor and estimator for tenders and job in hand projects.

    Quantity Surveyor

    March 2002
    To March 2003
    Palestine - West Bank
    o Quantity Surveyor for MIDMAC CONTRACTING CO>
    Ramallah Cultural Complex Project (US$ 2.5 Million), Quantity Surveyor and Site Engineer, the project was funded by Japanese, and it was supervised by the UNDP.
    My Tasks Varied As:
    1- Preparing shop drawings.
    2- Quantity Surveyor.
    3- Preparing daily reports.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  0 Years, 2 Months   


    What's your educational background?
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    Bachelor's degree, B.Sc. Civil Engineering

    at Birzeit University
    March 2002
    GPA 3.00

    Specialties & Skills

    Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

    Primavera P3 (42 Hrs Training Course)

    Autocad (2D)

    Quantity Surveying

    Cost Control

    Managerial Experience



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    Engineers Association - Jerusalem Center - Jordan & Palestine
    March 2002
    Saudi Council of Engineers
    Professional Engineer
    July 2014

    Training And Certifications

    Issued in: July 2002 Valid Until: - August 2002

    Certificate from AMIDEAST of "Proposal Writing & Fund Raising Seminar"

    Issued in: January 2011 Valid Until: - January 2011